Our ambition is to implement a smart green vision.

In environment, LIST develops strategies, technologies and tools to better monitor, assess, use and safeguard natural and renewable resources.

The “Environmental Research and Innovation” (ERIN) department of LIST brings together with its teams made of 170 life, environmental, and IT scientists and engineers, the necessary interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to tackle major environmental challenges our society is facing today: climate change mitigation, ecosystem resilience, sustainable energy systems, efficient use of renewable resources, environmental pollution prevention and control, etc.

ERIN’s ambition is to implement a smart green vision, striving for scientific excellence in the understanding of complex environmental and biological systems and their interaction with the technosphere, in order to accelerate innovation towards the sustainable management of natural resources and the transition towards a circular economy.

The portfolio of ERIN’s RDI activities ranges from laboratory and field experiments, environmental model and software development, process control and automation to environmental technologies. The understanding, analysis and evaluation of complex natural and anthropic systems are fostered with advanced tools for big data analytics, visualization and management.
ERIN’s RDI activities embrace four thematic domains:

  • Water security and safety,
  • Plants for biomass, biopolymers and bioenergy,
  • Life cycle sustainability and risk assessment,
  • e-Science for environmental and biological applications.

Furthermore, specific needs and innovation challenges of public authorities and companies, in particular SMEs at national level, are addressed through our Environmental Resource Centre by offering science-based policy and technology support for:

  • Control and prevention of industrial emissions and employment of best available techniques,
  • Chemical substance management (national REACH&CLP Helpdesk >> download the 2015 events calendar),
  • Crop protection in agriculture and viticulture,
  • Environmental (air, soil, water, biodiversity) and climate monitoring and data management.

ERIN also advises governments on determining sustainable policies for the future and provides innovative and high-quality environmental solutions at national and international levels, whereby small and large companies can gain a competitive advantage and create "green" jobs.



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Prof. Dr Lucien HOFFMANN

Director of Environmental Research and Innovation department

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Presentation flyer

Find also the presentation of our "Environmental Research and Innovation" (ERIN) department in the dedicated flyer.





Invitation to participate in the next REACH&CLP conference


On June 7, 2016 in Esch-Belval (LU), REACH&CLP Helpdesk Luxembourg organizes the conference “Suppliers and retailers of chemicals and articles - Best practice to adopt”.

The AGROPTIMIZE spin-off to market the results of a transnational research partnership


Terrestrial diatoms: a potential tool in the study of streamflow generation


Within the FNR-CORE ECSTREAM project, coordinated by LIST, terrestrial diatoms have been successfully used to study streamflow generation.

Microbes, a central role in biomethanation


The LIST coordinated GASPOP project has just ended with significant results and an important discovery concerning microbial communities involved in biomethanation

Hydrological modelling: zoom on Hydrocourse 2016


On April 11-15, 2016, LIST organized the fifth edition of Hydrocourse jointly with the University of Adelaide (AU) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag - CH) in...

International interest for a technology developed at LIST


« Smart City and Region Energy Platform » presented in Stockholm to practitioners, companies and academics

Flood management via satellite observation


LIST’s expertise and technologies in flood management via satellite well represented at international meeting of space agencies

Le MDDI pérennise son engagement avec le LIST


LIST article on the front cover of 'Proteomics'


LIST article has done the front cover of the journal 'Proteomics'.

Life Cycle Assessment of agrosystems: MUSA project Final Workshop


The final workshop of the research project MUSA (Multi agent Simulation for consequential Life Cycle Assessment of Agrosystems) organized by LIST will be held on 9 March 2016 in Belvaux (LU).

The annual Hydrocourse website is now online !


The Short Course on "Model building, inference and hypothesis testing in hydrology" will be held at LIST's premises in Belvaux from 11th April to 15th April 2016.

Successfully defended thesis in environmental technologies


Congratulations to Bruno Printz who has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Influence of copper nutrition on alfalfa cell wall differentiation through a proteomic approach".

Easier access to information on chemicals


The REACH&CLP Helpdesk Luxembourg invites professionals to discover the latest updates of the ECHA's regulatory database on chemicals.

Agriculture and sustainable energy: PhD successfully defended!


On 18 December 2015, Xavier Goux successfully defended his PhD thesis at the ENSAIA, Nancy (FR).

Miscanthus, a promising biomass crop


LIST hosted the annual meeting of the International Society for Miscanthus and Perennial Energy Grasses.

Risk analysis for food safety


Luxembourg welcomed Bernard Url from the European Food Safety Authority.

Moving Towards Smarter Cities


LIST takes part in European Smart & Living City Conference on 1-2 December 2015.

Luxembourg companies and REACH & CLP regulations


Latest developments and challenges related to the implementation of the European regulations REACH and CLP have been presented to the public.

At the heart of the global warming negotiations


LIST's focus on the topic of limiting global temperature increase

Ninth annual conference of REACH & CLP Helpdesk Luxembourg


On 3 December 2015, companies in Luxembourg are invited to learn about developments and future challenges related to the implementation of European REACH and CLP regulations.

70 participants from 26 EU countries attended the NEREUS COST Action Meeting in Luxembourg


On October 29-30, 2015, LIST organised a workshop related to wastewater treatment in partnership with Cyprus university

Congratulations to Christian Köhler for its PhD defense!


With its successfully defended PhD dissertation, Christian Köhler makes a substantial contribution to the understanding of pharmaceutical removal from urban wastewater.

Trendsetter in Plant Disease


LIST paper spotted as a Trending Study by the American Phytopathological Society (APS).

REACH&CLP - Annual Conference 2015


On 3rd December 2015 (12:30 to 5:00 pm), the REACH&CLP Helpdesk Luxembourg holds its annual conference at the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg-Kirchberg.

Des solutions simples pour réduire son empreinte carbone


Des solutions simples permettant aux PME d’utiliser les concepts existants dans le domaine de la mobilité pour réduire leur empreinte carbone a été présentée ce jeudi 22 octobre 2015.

Two LIST researchers presented Earth Observation applications during European Space Expo


Patrick Matgen and Martin Schlerf presented two environmental applications of Earth Observation

Luxembourg research for a smart agriculture presented at EU meeting


LIST presented at the EU28 Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting the research challenges it tackles for a smart agriculture.

Utiliser les concepts existants dans le domaine de la mobilité pour réduire son empreinte carbone


Le 22 octobre 2015, la séance d'information " Réduire son empreinte carbone via les concepts existants dans le domaine de la mobilité " est organisée à la Chambre de Commerce.

Successful General Assembly CLM culminating in the adoption of a new version of the COSMO model


OekoFoire 2015: A look back at the event


LIST's first year of participating in Oekofoire 2015 was a success

LIST PhD student a finalist in American Geophysical Union video contest


A PhD student in hydrology has created a video on the river that inspired her career

LIST researcher awarded at SET Plan conference on strategic energy technology


Alexandre Bertrand was awarded 2nd prize for his poster on integrated optimisation of waste heat

Learn about pesticides and their impact on water resources at LIST’s stand at OekoFoire


This weekend, meet our researchers at OekoFoire 2015

Reducing pesticide use in viticulture


ProVino project highlighted during IVV’s traditional visit to the vineyards

Environment: LIST is recruiting two Group Leaders


LIST is currently recruiting two Group Leaders for its Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN) department.

Biodiversity and potatoes


LIST booth dedicated to biodiversity during traditional Binsfeld "Gromperefest"

Analysis of meteorological data for Summer 2015 published


Biodiversity: European Grassland Butterfly Indicator in decline


LIST researchers contributed to the European Grassland Butterfly Indicator.

Best PhD presentation prize for a LIST researcher


Benoit Othoniel was rewarded during the World Conference on Natural Resources Modelling RMA 2015.

Vers l'agriculture durable avec le LIST


Le LIST a accueilli ce mercredi une délégation du Ministère de l'Agriculture.

Foire de Libramont: Le stand du LIST ne s'est pas désempli


La Foire de Libramont s’est clôturée le 27 juillet 2015 avec un bilan très positif pour le LIST.

Two LIST’s researchers, guest editors in the Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management


Dr Antonino Marvuglia and Dr Enrico Benetto are guest editors of a Special Issue on the theme of “Computational Algorithms for Sustainability Assessment".

A successful end for the ARBOR project on biomass-based energy


With the final conference held on June 9th, the ARBOR project is coming to a close.

LIST took part in the second edition of the Blast Furnaces Festival!


On July 4th and 5th, 2015, researchers from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) took part in the second edition of the Blast Furnaces Festival in Esch-Belval.

LIST will be at Foire de Libramont


Come and visit our booth dedicated to our biotechnology activities!

Prize awarded to LIST PhD student


Blandine Fauvel has been awarded with the best communication prize of the 7th Water & Health Seminar.

LIST researcher elected Vice-President of International Commission of the Coupled Land Surface – Atmosphere System


Foire Agricole d'Ettelbruck: First participation for LIST was a success


The Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN) department had a stand at the 2015 edition of the agricultural fair.

Focus on plant protection at the 2015 edition of the "Foire Agricole d'Ettelbrück”


On Friday, meet our researchers at the agricultural fair "Foire Agricole d'Ettelbrück".

Visit to the Bettendorf agricultural test fields by the Minister of Agriculture


The results of the SENTINELLE project were presented on 19 June in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture.

EcoTransFaire : l'écorénovation et l'écoconstruction comme levier pour dynamiser la Grande Région


Retour sur l'événement de restitution du projet transfrontalier EcoTransFaire : bilan et défis à venir

International Paris Air Show 2015: Etienne Schneider meets LIST in Paris


Etienne Schneider, Luxembourg Minister of Economy, met with the LIST team at the International Paris Air Show in Paris, France

LIST researcher appointed to Scientific Committee of the COST association


Dr Jenny Renaut has been appointed as a member of the Scientific Committee of the European COST association

ResilieNtWEB coming to a close after three years of successful collaboration with SMEs


The ResilieNtWEB project is closing, after successfully helping SMEs to increase their resilience through support and interactive tools.

INNERS : Significant reduction of energy consumption of wastewater treatment plants


The INNERS research project closes with excellent results.

Discover our activities at the International Paris Air Show


Next week, meet LIST researchers at the International Paris Air Show

Analysis of meteorological data for spring 2015 published


Climate and energy: LIST researchers rise to the challenge


LIST welcomed a delegation from the Chamber of Deputies on two themes

Nouvel étiquetage de danger pour les produits chimiques


Entrée en vigueur du nouvel étiquetage de danger pour les produits chimiques

Air quality forecasting – the cornerstone of a partnership between Airboxlab and LIST


In partnership with the Airboxlab company, researchers from the LIST are using Data Analytics techniques to forecast air quality.

Green Building Solutions Awards 2015, le concours international de solutions pour le climat


Partenaire du média social Construction21 Luxembourg, le LIST vous invite à vous informer sur la 3ème édition du concours.

Une stratégie résiliente pour innover en entreprise


Ce 2 juin 2015, le LIST et les partenaires du projet ResilieNtWEB proposent aux professionnels de découvrir comment s'inspirer, dans leurs activités, des innovations issues de la nature.

International experts community in LCA and sustainable development strategies met in Luxembourg


LIST hosted on the 11th and 12th May 2015 the 9th edition of the Society and Materials Conference.

New video online: "From the field to space, a cartography to better understand floods"


Zoom on a new video published as part of ERIN's water security and safety activities

« Commodo-Incommodo » : Octroi et suivi des autorisations d’exploitation pour les PME industrielles et artisanales


Plus de 120 participants ont pris part à la séance d'information "Commodo-Incommodo".

20 participants attended "Hydrocourse 2015"


Environmental modellers increasingly require practical and robust approaches for model development and evaluation.

Calculate your greenhouse gas emissions and learn about areas for further action


On April 23, 2015, about forty participants had the chance to discover “Betriber & CO2”, a tool developed by LIST.

180 European researchers brought together in Luxembourg around the theme of imaging spectroscopy


From April 14-16, 2015, more than 180 researchers gathered in Luxembourg for the 9th EARSeL workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy.

Great success for LIST at Hannover Messe


Last week, April 13-17, 2015, in Hanover, Germany, six LIST researchers participated in Hannover Messe at the Luxembourg Pavilion organised by the Ministry of Economy.

Learn about the granting and monitoring of SME operating permits


An information session about the procedures for the granting and the monitoring of operating permits for industrial and craft SMEs will be held on May 7th, 2015.

EARSel SIG Imaging Spectroscopy workshop 2015: 180 experts to meet in Luxembourg


LIST and Trier University will jointly host the 9th edition of the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL) Special Interest Group on Imaging Spectroscopy workshop from April...

Valortech project welcomes university students to its bioenergy installation


Representatives of LIST's Valortech project welcomed a group of university students to the Valortech bioenergy installation in Friidhaff, Diekirch.

LIST PhD student taking part in virtual poster conference NANOPOSTER 2015


A LIST PhD student is presenting a poster on the effects of silver nanoparticles on a common freshwater crustacean Gammarus fossarum.

Chemical products and CLP regulations: companies getting ready for the new system


Feedback on the conference “CLP 2015: classification and labelling of mixtures – Communication for safe use of chemicals”

Participation of LIST in the Luxembourg space cluster mission to California


Two LIST collaborators joined the recent Luxembourg space cluster mission to California with the aim of making new strategic contacts in the aerospace, satellite and composite materials sectors.

Meet our researchers at "Hannover Messe"


LIST is part of the Luxembourg Pavilion at the Hannover Messe 2015

The new generation is coming!


Two students supported by LIST honoured in "European Schools Science Symposium" and "Jonk Fuerscher" competition.

A LIST researcher awarded by the Société des Sciences médicales du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg


Dr Christian Penny has been awarded the 2014 best short communication prize.

LIST well represented at the French competition "My thesis explained in 180 seconds"


Blandine Fauvel, PhD student at LIST, awarded with the high-school students prize

CLP 2015 : classification et étiquetage des mélanges


Communication pour une utilisation sûre des produits chimiques

Analysis of meteorological data for the winter 2014/2015 published


In Luxembourg, wildcats and domestic cats also like flirting!


New video on BIODIV project about wildcats in Luxembourg published on LIST YouTube channel!

25 people attended the "Advanced course on detection, quantification and modelling strategies for environmental Engineered NanoMaterials"


Circular economy applied to business sites


The "C2C BIZZ" project's European partners make available to companies and industrial numerous guides and tools for the implementation of the Cradle to Cradle methodology on business site.

"Betriber an Emwelt" : 2015 Information Sessions


A dozen of information sessions on topics related to the environment are proposed in 2015 by LIST, with the Environment Administration, as part of the "Betriber an Emwelt" event series.

“Réseau Benelux d’Expertise Energétique”, new network, new perspectives


LIST, member of the recently launched « Réseau Benelux d’Expertise Energétique »

Informing farmers about the new CLP regulation


Farmers attended workshops on the new European Regulation on the classification, packaging and labelling (CLP) of chemical mixtures.

Preliminary results of MUSA project to be presented


The partners of MUSA project organise workshop to present preliminary results.

Participation in the sectorial mission in Turkey


LIST participated in the seminar dedicated to space technologies and organised within the frame of the official sectorial mission in Turkey.

Discover "C2C BIZZ" project final results


"C2C BIZZ" project's 11 European partners will meet in Luxembourg on 24th February to present the results of this Interreg IVB research project.

Viticulture: progress, risks and opportunities


LIST and REACH&CLP Helpdesk Luxembourg at the 7th edition of the "Lëtzebuerger Wäibaudag"

Average annual temperatures are increasing


LIST experts answer to questions from RTL

150 specialists meet to discuss knowledge extraction and management


From 27 to 30 January 2015, 150 specialists in knowledge extraction and management and representatives of companies from a variety of sectors meet at the Abbaye de Neumünster in Luxembourg-Grund for...

Knowledge Extraction and Management: 150 experts will meet in Luxembourg


LIST welcomes from January 27th to January 30th, 2015, the 15th edition of the international conference on Knowledge Extraction and Management.

Upcoming changes in the classification, packaging and labelling of chemical products: winegrowers keep themselves informed


REACH&CLP Helpdesk runs several workshops for users of plant protection products

The journal Animal highlights a LIST publication


A scientific article of LIST's "Environmental Research and Innovation" department has been highlighted as "article of the month" by the journal Animal

Study on the impact of land use on recent bee colony losses presented at LIST


Bee keepers and collaborators of veterinary and agricultural administrations of Luxembourg met at LIST to join a presentation of results from the project BeeFirst.

Scientific visit in the domain of water management


LIST welcomes two Tunisian scientific visitors on the topic of the re-use of waste water in industry and agriculture

Nanoparticles explained to the younger public


LIST co-produced an animated film about the effects of nanoparticles on the environment and health




Surveillance programme for the species in the “Habitat” directive in Luxembourg (2013- 2015)


Developing a collaborative platform for the annotation of multimedia archives


Investigating the molecular basis of the heterogeneous cell wall composition in hemp stems


Validation of the SAR-based CCI water bodies product


Optimising growing conditions for organically grown legume varieties.


Developing an operational approach for the consequential LCA of mobility scenarios


Developing an integrated geospatial approach for dynamic Life Cycle Assessment of housing stock retrofit at the urban scale


Environmental assessment of Dynamic Processes - considering time dependency in Life Cycle Assessment


Development of a decision support system to guide wastewater treatment plant managers and operators on energy optimisation potential


Investigating the behaviour of engineered nanomaterials in the urban water cycle

Factory of the Future

Demonstration of the production of wood panels with near zero environmental footprint

FieldSpec PoC

Exploring the potential of a new generation of small-sized mass spectrometers for field-based isotope detection at high frequencies

Fruit Diversity in Central Asia

Evaluating the genetic and nutritional diversity of wild populations of apples, apricots and walnuts in Central Asia


Enabling the naming and classification, and hazard and environmental impact assessment of the next generation of nanomaterials.


Improving the efficiency of the anaerobic digestion process through better understanding of the microbes involved


Deriving ecosystem health indicators for wetland vegetation by producing high resolution evapotranspiration maps


Intercalibration of the new multi-metric I2M2 index for evaluation of the quality of water in Luxembourg watercourses on the basis of macroinvertebrate communities.


Investigating the alteration of energy and water fluxes and interacting biogeochemical cycles at ecohydrological interfaces that connect ecosystems across environmental domains.


Setting up a collaborative multimedia platform about the period of 1945-1960 in the Greater Region


Developing knowledge for the prediction of nanomaterial toxicity


Determining the impact of biogas production from maize in Luxembourg using multi agent simulation from an environmental assessment point of view to take into account behavioural, [...]


Understanding the mechanisms of nanomaterial toxicity on freshwater invertebrates.


Tackling the challenges linked to wastewater reuse to establish new treatment criteria


noPills : for a better management of pharmaceutical residues in water


Developing a network of experts on technology-critical trace elements


Applying optimization-based integrated process modelling LCA to potable water production


Optimisation methodology minimising costs and environmental impacts by heat recovery and energy technology selection at regional and national scales.


Investigating the degradation of lignocellulose by termites for bioenergy production


Assistant d’optimisation des ventes en ligne à partir d’informations publiquement disponibles Supporting online sales optimization using publicly available data


Developing new methods of crop water stress detection through remote sensing and physiological measurements


Monitoring the Luxembourg Sandstone aquifer on a long-term basis, to improve understanding of the water and pollutant transfer process


Evaluating non-chemical methods for suppressing or delaying fungal epidemics in vineyards.


Developing a generalised catchment-wide approach to uncertainty assessment for Water Framework Directive implementation studies


Investigating grid integration measures to increase capacity for high shares of fluctuating renewable energy sources in urban electrical grids.


Exploring mixture toxicity of herbicides in rivers and its treatment by ecotoxicological models

Sentinelle III

Warning and advisory platform for the main pests and diseases in the major crops in Luxembourg


Tackling issues related to watershed management focused on catchment functions of water collection, mixing, storage and release


Investigating the impact of the vineyard terroir on the typicity of Luxembourgish Riesling wines


Developing a bio-electrochemical system to recover nutrients from urine at source


VALUing Ecosystem Services for environmental assessment


Designing biosensors for the quantification and characterization of specific waterborne viruses.