LIST website - News Latest news from Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology website. How are butterflies faring in Luxembourg? New insights into the richness, conservation status and spatial distribution of butterflies in Luxembourg have been published in a comprehensive Atlas. The electrocaloric effect: a cooling breakthrough The electrocaloric effect and its application in refrigeration represent a significant leap forward in sustainable technology. Pioneering sustainable agriculture LIST has recently launched the LIFE project, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing the agri-food system in Europe and beyond. 6G: Pioneering the Future of Wireless Communication 6G promises to deliver unprecedented levels of automation and an expanded range of services that will significantly benefit communities worldwide. Iveco Group partners with List to accelerate innovation The collaboration will be performed through LIST’s Sustainable Composite Materials and Manufacturing Innovation Centre. Kordsa Joins LIST’s Sustainable Composite Materials and Manufacturing Innovation Centre The two entities joined forces to work on developing innovative semi-finished products that meet the sustainability needs of future vehicles. Promoting Fairness in the classroom The FIT Programme aims to promote fairness in STEM education by equipping teachers with practical, intersectional tools to foster inclusive and diverse learning environments. How sustainable are investments funds labelled as such? In a recent study published in Nature Communications Earth and Environment, researchers from LIST shed light on the substantial environmental and social impacts linked to investment funds. Megafloods: Revealing the Past, Protecting the Future As part of our summer campaign showcasing some of the stories from the LIST Annual Report 2023, we are delving into megafloods. Nexus 2050: LIST shaped the future of AI and 6G innovations Discover the technologies presented by LIST at NEXUS 2050 that will shape the future of AI and connectivity. LIST researcher wins prestigious EIC Pathfinder Grant for innovative cooling technology The grant of nearly €2 million will support project that aims to develop advanced polymer-based cooling technologies. LIST Unveils its 2023 Annual Report: A Catalyst for Change LIST released its 2023 Annual Report, highlighting a year of significant achievements and progress in research and innovation. LIST launches pioneering nanosatellite experiment to demonstrate energy harvesting innovation in space The mission entails sending technologies developed at LIST into space for testing with an aim to achieve flight heritage. DowAksa, a leading carbon fibre manufacturer, joins LIST's Sustainable Composite Materials & Manufacturing Innovation Centre The collaboration aims to achieve DowAksa’s sustainability goals by addressing pre-consumer waste and reducing carbon footprint. LIST to help develop gas sensors for everyday products under new Horizon Europe project The project will receive €8 million in funding over four years. LIST hosted EU Commissioner Iliana Ivanova Highlighting the LIST's cutting-edge work in AI, urban regeneration, energy ecosystems, and personalized medicine, researchers showcased four prominent EU projects. Debunking stereotypes with the Gender Game The redesigned Gender Game integrates digital elements to improve interactivity and ease of use, designed to impact positively long-term learning. LIST ranks on “Top 60 Non-profit Research Institutions and Government Agencies Granted U.S. Utility Patents” in 2023 Published by the National Academy of Inventors, the ranking serves as an insight into the global innovation landscape. LIST partners with Luxembourg venture capital firm Ilavska Vuillermoz Capital to advance decarbonization technologies The two entities will leverage each other’s expertise to tackle climate challenges. Climate change could become the main driver of biodiversity decline by the middle of the century Together with fellow researchers from all around the world, Nicolas Titeux has contributed to the largest modelling study of its kind on global trends in biodiversity and ecosystem services published in the prestigious journal, Science. LIST and Goodyear launch second phase of strategic partnership The collaboration aims to deliver solutions focused on digitalization and sustainability. LIST researcher wins European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant The nearly €2.4 million grant will fund research into electricity generation from waste heat. THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS RISES THE DIGITAL TWIN LIST is leading the way in developing pioneering initiatives in the field of digital twins. A Sustainable Campus Transformation in Luxembourg The transformation of the Lycée Michel Lucius by LIST and its partners has been selected as a finalist of the New European Bauhaus Prizes. LIST pioneers AI Regulatory Sandboxes and launches Ethical Bias Leaderboard The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has unveiled its AI Sandbox and ethical bias leaderboard. ELECTRICITY SHARING: AN ECONOMIC AND ECOLOGICAL SOLUTION The Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR) and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) launched the "WeShareEnergy" website. BESSER Version 1 Unleashed: The dawn of the Low-Code generation BESSER version 1 is a tool that will revolutionise software creation. LIST and Expon Capital join forces to attract promising Artificial Intelligence companies Along with Expon Capital, LIST will contribute to the development of a joint strategy aimed at developing partnerships between digital companies and the investment and financial community. Nanoscale twisting of oxides offers new solutions for information storage Published in Nature, a LIST coauthored study discovers new synthetic materials by stacking thin oxide crystal films at an angle to one another. LIST launches its award-winning nano-imaging instrument in the market and signs licensing agreement with German manufacturer Raith The technology that has been a decade in the making will now be available for broader distribution. Moving towards open AI LIST focuses on the application of AI to create economic and societal value in a responsible, reliable, trustworthy and sustainable manner. Cyanowatch project: four photos win awards The Cyanowatch project is a participatory science initiative aimed at improving the monitoring of cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae. Digital twins: towards a common Luxembourg approach LIST Researchers are using digital twin technologies to address complex challenges while contributing to the goal of creating a federated national model. Water Quality and Biodiversity in Europe's Rivers: A Tale of Progress and Challenges In a recent European study published in the prestigious journal Nature Ecology and Evolution, LIST and its partners presented a nuanced perspective on the state of European rivers. A cost-effective and cleaner solution for hydrogen storage LIST participates in new Horizon Europe project set to develop sustainable high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks. LIST researcher wins PETA Science Consortium International award for work in animal-free research The award comes with a prize money worth €35,000. LIST nominated to participate in EU wastewater surveillance joint action The initiative is part of the current EU4Health Programme which aims to effectively manage cross-border health threats. LIST to Lead Horizon EUROPE Funded Research Programme for Sustainable Urban Regeneration LIST is coordinating the four-year Horizon Europe funded research programme, REGENeration of neighbourhoods towards a low-carbon, inclusive, and affordable built environment. When water is “for fighting over”: LIST commentary on crop water use study The commentary article has been published in Nature Water. All you can eat. Humans and their food. LIST is contributing to a captivating exploration of the intricate dynamics that govern our relationship with food as part of the the Lëtzebuerg City Museum's temporary exhibition, "All You Can Eat: Humans and Their Food". In the lab: Driving advances in biochemical industries Housed in the Greentech Innovation Centre, LIST's groundbreaking bioreactor platform mark an important step in the ongoing quest to exploit the potential of bioactive compounds in plants. Discover why. Space Resources Business Accelerator launch The European Space Agency (ESA) mandates the European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESRIC) to conceptualize with a network of partners the world’s first business accelerator dedicated to the lunar economy. United Minds, Shared Success: Shaping a Brilliant Future Together in 2024 Greetings from Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology! LIST doctoral students honoured at the graduation ceremony Two students from LIST’s materials department received the honours for their PhD theses. LIST software enables EU study on health risks from medical radiation The results have been published in Nature Medicine. LIST hosts inaugural Sustainable Composite Materials and Manufacturing (SCMM) Industry Day The event marked a significant milestone in composite materials innovation. LIST hosts inaugural Sustainable Composite Materials and Manufacturing (SCMM) Industry Day The event marked a significant milestone in composite materials innovation. In the lab: Pioneering the Future of Hydrogen with New Materials As the global call for sustainable energy solutions intensifies, so does the urgency to discover and develop materials that can meet the challenges of hydrogen production and extend their applications beyond. Sybilla Lab at LIST stands as a testament to this imperative. Dr Florian Kaiser awarded FNR PEARL Chair for groundbreaking quantum computing project The project is set to receive €4 million in funding for the next five years. Mega floods: Can we be better prepared for the next big one? Study in Nature Geoscience says we can learn from looking back… internationally. Spotlight on PhD graduate Charlotte Stoffels Charlotte Stoffels developed a new methodology using high-resolution chemical imaging techniques allowing the localization of Perfluoroalkylated substances (PFAS) inside cells and tissues. Unleashing the power of Building Information Modelling in sustainable construction Over the last few decades, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has been leading the way in using Building Information Modelling in Luxembourg through its applied activities, its outreach activities and its research and development projects. New cooling mechanism set to revolutionize conventional environmentally harmful refrigeration technologies LIST researchers publish promising results in prestigious Science magazine. Spotlight on PhD graduate Alessandro Montemagno Recently graduated, Alessandro Montemagno conducted his PhD thesis jointly at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and Wageningen University and Research. Towards automated monitoring of microbial water quality Collecting meaningful data for microbial risk assessment in water is paramount and requires representative samples. Given the inherent variability of microbiological water quality in groundwater and surface water, automated monitoring of microbial water quality can provide earlier warning of episodes of contamination. Producing green hydrogen thanks to wave movement The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology developed a proprietary technology providing freedom from the intermittent nature of variable renewable energy. In the lab: Exploring Fungus Resistant Grapevine Cultivars in collaboration with the Institut Viti-Vinicole Researchers of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) are exploring fungus resistant grapevine cultivars at the Institut Viti-Vinicole. Ushering in a new era of stagecraft The world of theatre and live performances is on the brink of a revolutionary transformation, thanks to a four-year collaboration between the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and Waagner and Biro Stage Systems. Pierre Verge honoured as an outstanding mentor at the FNR Awards 2023 Pierre Verge, a Lead Research & Technology Associate at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, has been recognized as an outstanding mentor at the FNR Awards 2023. LIST to coordinate Horizon Europe project on next generation of 6G mobile networks The €4m project will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of wireless communication in Europe. A nanoparticle paves the way for the next generation of tires The year 2022 was marked by significant breakthroughs in science explored by researchers at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). One of them is paving the way for the next generation of tires. Creating a new family of polymer materials A team of researchers of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology created a new family of polymer electrolytes. Assessing the importance of Life Cycle Assessment New Nature article reviews the sustainability measurement tool in providing solutions for the triple planetary crises. Understanding and stopping the spread of fake news All eyes on 2022 sucess stories: LIST researchers used machine-learning techniques to process large quantities of data with the aim of identifying suspicious trends, signals and behaviour, as well as entities that are behaving badly. Spotlight on PhD graduate Antoine Adjaoud Antoine Adjaoud joined the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology to defend his doctoral thesis. Now that he has completed his PhD, Antoine is continuing his research as a postdoctoral researcher in the Materials Research and Technology department. Taking a green step on the red planet Researchers of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) showed that plants can grow on simulated regolith, despite the scarcity of the fundamental element nitrogen. Brightcon 2023: Shining a Light on Life-Cycle Assessment and Open Sustainability The 2023 Brightcon conference, organized by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and Depart de Sentier, shone a spotlight on open sustainability, life-cycle assessment. Getting to the moon with the first ESA-ESRIC Space Resources Challenge Taking a look back at the success stories of 2022, the space department of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology developed the first Space Resources Challenge in collaboration with ESA. Remote detection of the Earth's evapotranspiration for NASA and ESA LIST's "Surface Temperature Initiated Closure" evaporation model has become one of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's official algorithms for generating ECOSTRESS products on the water cycle on a continental scale. Making e-mobility in the electricity network a reality The Luxembourg Institite of Science and Technology (LIST) contributed to the “Flexibility possibilities and user behaviour analysis” (Flex-BeAn) project, focusing on society and network flexibility. LIST introduces new PVD pilot line as a major step forward in material coating technology The 18-metre semi-industrial equipment addresses challenge related to scalability, autonomous manufacturing and technology transfer. Innovative tool to help industries optimize steam and electricity generation from lost heat Heat2Power® is the result of a 3-year research collaboration between LIST and ArcelorMittal Foundation Luxembourg. Co-creating tomorrow's major innovations LIST is a trusted partner for businesses, universities and public institutions, and an accelerator of change for a digital, resilient and sustainable society. It offers solutions in its four areas of research. Creating unique nano-analytical techniques in batteries An international research team led by LIST conducted research to further develop tools and methods of analysis, including machine learning approaches for battery characterisation. Designing a learning solution to detect anomalies in telecommunications networks LIST developed a semi-supervised solution based on deep learning methods to enable the detection of anomalies in the central telecommunications network. ESRIC Start-up Support Programme III As part of the third edition of the ESRIC Start-up Support Programme, discover the five new ventures that will start their pre-incubation journey. LIST signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Health The two entities signed the agreement on 7 September to strengthen their collaboration in the field of environmental health and scientific research. Explaining 5G and demonstrating its potential in Luxembourg LIST conducted the 5G-PLANET project, leading to the creation of concrete, tangible demonstrators, showing the R&D challenges we face and proving the value of using these advanced communication technologies. A step towards Luxembourg’s first quantum computer Taking a look back at the success stories of 2022 at LIST, Florian Kaiser joined the Materials Department to create a new research group dedicated to materials for quantum computing. Ferme du Faascht: a symbol of agricultural innovation supported by LIST Ferme du Faascht stands as a symbol of agricultural innovation and environmental sustainability. As part of the Persephone European research project, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has been looking to increase the synergy between farming and biomethanization at this farm. Creating a dynamic between technology and skills in the labour market Focusing on the achievements of 2022, LIST took part in the UPSKILL project. Cyanobacteria: the Luxembourg Water Management Authority and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology launch a mobile app The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, with the support of the Water Management Administration, has adapted the "Bloomin'Algae" mobile application. A quantum leap forward LIST joins European alliance which seeks to build EU-wide quantum network. New study published in Nature shows restoration of European rivers might have lost momentum The long-term study indicates that the rejuvenation of biodiversity in European freshwater environments has stagnated since the 2010s. Decarbonising the automotive industry with bamboo super fibres Taking a look back at the success stories of 2022, LIST improved the mechanical properties of bamboo fibre composites, with the potential to decarbonise the automotive industry. Breakthrough towards more efficient and cheaper solar cells In revolutionary new research solar power cells cross crucial efficiency threshold. Anticipating the harmful effects of chemicals without resorting to animal testing The launch of Invitrolize, a spinoff dedicated to predicting the impact of chemicals on our health without resorting to animal testing, revolutionized the world of toxicology. LIST and EARTHLAB sign MoU for integrated space applications The two parties aim to strengthen their collaboration in the field of Geo-Information-based applications. LIST plays central role in Luxembourg's defence effort Four research projects conducted by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology have been selected to contribute to Luxembourg's defence effort. LIST launches new facilities in its Greentech innovation centre The new facilities available at the Greentech Innovation Centre will enable LIST to work on higher Technology Readiness Levels in the fields of biorefinery, water treatment and biogas production. LIST Tech Day: Celebrating 5 years of science and technology breakthroughs Since its inception in 2018, the Tech Day by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has provided a unique platform for the research community, corporates, decision-makers, and tech enthusiasts to come together, exchange ideas, and discover groundbreaking technologies. LIST Annual Report 2022: Together for an effective transition The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has published its annual report for the year 2022, which highlights its efforts to continue to foster innovation in Luxembourg and create new solutions that promote the global move towards sustainability. How to Cope with the Future EU AI Act With the rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence technology, the EU recognises the importance of maintaining ethical standards and safeguarding the rights and safety of its citizens. LIST is committed to raising awareness through its scientific research in the field among its partners so as to comply with the future EU AI Act. LIST Tech Day 2023: Exploring the entwined futures of humans and technology With a focus on the interactions between humans and technology, the 5th edition of Tech Day by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) took place on Thursday 15 June 2023 in Belval. More than 350 participants, including 160 companies and institutions, had the opportunity to test out seven flagship technologies and attend the signing of a new partnership agreement with Goodyear. The fabulous destiny of LIST Spin-off OAT Launched in 2013 to market the TAO software developed by LIST, Open Assessment Technologies S.A. (OAT) has just been acquired by Japanese company Uchida Yoko Co. LTD. Dirk Fransaer, Director General ad interim of LIST The former CEO of VITO (B) will take up his new post on Thursday 1 June 2023. LIST co-authored report shows number of European grassland butterflies on the decline Study to be integrated within EU's Nature Restoration Law in an attempt to reverse the trend. LIST strengthens its collaboration with EPITHELIX signing a Cooperation Agreement The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) signed a cooperation agreement with the Swiss company EPITHELIX. Prof Jordi Cabot awarded FNR PEARL Chair to create the first intelligent low-code platform for smart software The €3 million grant will fund BESSER (BEtter Smart Software fastER), a research project aimed at empowering both developers and non-technical individuals to leverage AI advancements and low-code/no-code techniques to boost the development of complex software. Spotlight on PhD student Timon Schild: eyes on the moon and feet on the ground Timon Schild, who is in the second year of his doctorate at ESRIC, is here to guide us to the very heart of tomorrow's space missions. Euro-composites and Gradel join LIST initiative The two Luxembourg-based companies are the first two paying members of the innovation centre dedicated to sustainable composite processes and materials launched by LIST in December. LIST spin-off detects chemical respiratory irritants early in product development INVITROLIZE opened its new lab on 27 April in Belvaux. Pedro Rodriguez receives honorary doctorate from Aalborg University He was honoured for his exceptional research in the field of energy with a focus on market-oriented innovation. Research in bio-based products is gaining momentum Scientists are working to introduce innovative materials to replace products and processes that contain harmful toxins and are challenging to recycle or reuse. In search of a stress buster for plants New study shows effectiveness of silicon-based nanocarrier as a stress reliever in plants. LIST and Luxinnovation sign MoU to develop the Sustainable Composite Materials Centre This agreement aims, among other things, to strengthen business development activities and improve knowledge sharing. An immersion in the Luxemverse Exploring the virtual and augmented representation of Belval. LIST and Spuerkeess Announce New Partnership LIST and Spuerkeess are proud to announce a new collaboration enabling the bank to carry out flood risk assessments considering the impact of different climate change scenarios for its clients. The studies focus solely on Luxembourg and are based on LIST’s regional climate models. New partnership towards reducing reliance on fossil fuels in transportation through vehicle-integrated photovoltaics On 3 March, LIST and Cactus Supermarkets signed a new partnership within the scope of energy transition and decarbonization of the transport sector based on vehicle-integrated photovoltaics, the first collaboration of its kind in Luxembourg. Towards a greener Mars LIST researchers successfully grow ryegrass on Martian soil. Successful European awareness campaign on harmful chemicals Thanks to the Scan4Chem app developed by LIST, citizens from no less than 19 European countries can now check whether everyday goods contain substances of very high concern. A new asset for the smart management of energy grids LIST has inaugurated a new laboratory to enable the operations of complex smart energy systems to be optimized, such as production on an agri-photovoltaic farm in Kehlen. LIST remote sensing tools provide unique environmental and humanitarian aid LIST researchers unveil the vast range of applications for their remote sensing solutions. Towards safer and more sustainable lithium-ion batteries LIST is coordinating a Horizon Europe project worth more than €5 million to develop innovative tools and methods to enable better, safer and recyclable lithium-ion batteries LIST analyses wastewater from Luxembourg airport The Coronastep first report on the analysis of the airport wastewater is reassuring: to date, no new variants (or mutations) of SARS-CoV-2 have been detected. Pedro Rodríguez, Chair of the IEEE Benelux IAS/PELS/IES Joint Chapter He has been appointed Chair of the IEEE Joint Chapter of the Industrial Applications Society, the Power Electronics Society and the Power Engineering Society of the Benelux Section. Open Science for water research For the launch of the new scientific journal Nature Water, researchers Emma and Stan Schymanski contributed an article about the future of water research. The ESRIC’s Start-up Support Programme (SSP) has selected the next five ventures to kick-off their pre-incubation journeys During their three months of pre-incubation, the five ventures will be supported by a team of experts to validate their technical concepts and align them with market opportunities. Circularity and sustainability of the steel industry in Europe A new Horizon Europe project, coordinated by LIST in collaboration with VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH – BFI, is heading towards a more decarbonized and circular steel industry. LIST’s top 10 most read news articles of 2022 Discover or rediscover the 10 stories that attracted the most visits by our readers last year. LIST expertise in a unique international brain cancer risk study A LIST software solution has contributed to the showcasing of increased brain cancer risks among young patients who have undergone CT scans in the largest international study to date in this domain. Building bridges between research and the world of startups On December 20, 2022, LIST and the House of Startups (HoST) powered by Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce signed a five-year collaboration agreement in which they plan to set up a networking programme to increase collaboration between the worlds of research and startups. LIST opens an innovation centre focusing on sustainable composite materials The programme is supported by major names in European transport and partly funded by the Luxembourg Government through the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of the Economy. LIST and FM Global Build New Partnership Climate resilience and industrial process automation and digitalization will be at the heart of this new collaboration. LIST and Rotarex working together to reduce gas pollution Luxembourg company Rotarex is working with LIST to develop high-performance valves for strategic gases with a high level of purity. Soil sustainability: where does Luxembourg stand? LIST experts reveal the current state of Luxembourg's soils, the challenges they face and how a Luxembourg Soil Society could help protect them. New partnership for future construction projects On 25 November, LIST and CFE signed a 5-year partnership agreement designed to address the various challenges in the construction sector. LIST supports eco-innovative surface treatment processes for accelerated discovery of materials for major transitions The Materials Department of the Institute is collaborating with the CEA's transversal materials programme to explore the potential of atmospheric plasma surface treatment technologies for the accelerated discovery of new materials. Biodiversity loss: what are the most important human pressures? Faced with the loss of biodiversity, the results of Nicolas Titeux and his international colleagues published in Sciences Advances unveil the impact of various anthropogenic factors and their hierarchy. LIST and ArcelorMittal Luxembourg present the progress made in their partnership in the field of energy transition. LIST and ArcelorMittal Luxembourg have made significant advances since launching their partnership in late 2019. Another step forward towards the development of lunar infrastructure Astroport Space Technologies and FourPoint will collaborate on the construction of a lunar launch and landing pad. The ESRIC Start-up Support Programme announces the first incubated start-up: Four Point (Poland) ESRIC selects first start-up to continue launchpad journey as part of its Start-up Support Programme LIST physicist elected Fellow of American Physical Society Dr Jorge Iñiguez received the award for "Ground-breaking contributions to the computational theory of ferroelectric and multiferroic materials" Towards a circular construction LIST’s goal: to ensure selective deconstruction and reuse of many materials. LIST and IKO Group sign Partnership Agreement together IKO Real Estate and LIST are perfectly matched for this agreement currently planned for a duration of five years. LIST published in well-known Nature journal Less than two years after publication in Science, Emmanuel Defay's team is back with a new, equally prestigious publication in Nature LIST leads project digitalising rural areas across Europe and beyond COMMECT is a Horizon Europe project and a consortium of 20 partners: 12 from European Union countries and 8 from outside the EU Estimating the carbon footprint of Luxembourg residents Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. The team of Claudia Hitaj and Thomas Gibon estimated the carbon footprint of Luxembourg residents and how a number of decarbonisation measures could help reducing our carbon footprint. Anti-fog films for windscreens Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. Discover LIST's contribution to the DOMUS project which aims at reducing the overall energy consumption of future electric vehicles. Better integration of photovoltaic electricity into networks and markets Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year: LIST and Electris have developed a new model to forecast photovoltaic power in a given region. Predicting the performance and failures of variable stiffness materials Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. LIST is currently developing a modelling strategy to predict the mechanical performance of Variable Stiffness Composites. Monitoring tools for improved water management Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. Discover LIST's numerous applied projects to study urgent water management issues. Miniaturised and extremely sensitive gas sensors Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. Find out about the CLASMARTS project and how LIST works on highly miniaturised gas sensors. Contributing to the European visualisation research landscape Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. In the spotlight is the book Visual Analysis of Multilayer Networks by Fintan Mc Gee, together with Mohammad Ghoniem, Benoît Otjacques and international colleagues. Integrating more renewable energy into the electric power system Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. Discover the TESTIFY project which aims at integrating more renewable energy into the electric power system. Designing the tyres of the future: another step towards sustainable mobility Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. Find out about the CORUCOMP project and how LIST works on the next generation of tyres. LIST and Schroeder et Associés sign partnership agreement together This new agreement principally aims to seek out and explore innovative solutions in Luxembourg and internationally Improving the targeted use of fungicides and pesticides Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. Discover the ShIFT (SeptorIa ForecasT) model: a new software tool enabling certain fungal diseases affecting winter wheat to be predicted. EQUANS and LIST join forces with Partnership Framework Agreement The aim of the agreement centres around assessing opportunities addressing innovative solutions in Luxembourg and internationally LIST and SABEU sign collaboration agreement for research not using animals The cooperation agreement will strengthen the scientific collaborations. Detecting health problems using nanotechnology Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. In the spotlight is the NANOSENS project led by Sivashankar Krishnamoorthy. A laboratory for real-time experiments and simulations Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. In 2021, we set up a laboratory capable of performing real-time simulations at the same speed as actual executions. High-quality, noise-free astronomical images Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. In the spotlight is Olivier Parisot who is exploring how Deep Learning approaches can help to produce clear astronomical images. LIST installs Luxembourg’s most powerful electron microscope LIST recently installed an impressive electron microscope that now takes the title of the most powerful microscope of its kind in Luxembourg. A new dimension to the analysis of Earth observation data LIST researchers have developed a new modular analysis tool for remote sensing data within an ESA funded project. 4D printing: a new dimension for polymers Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. LIST is working on shape-memory polymers, a family of polymers that is compatible with 4D printing. Detecting emerging viral pathogens using aptamers Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. In the spotlight is Leslie Ogorzaly who is working on the detection of emerging viral pathogens using aptamers. Successful 5G awareness project now complete, but it’s not the end! LIST’s 5G awareness platform for Luxembourg continues and new support website has been launched 35 success stories to reinvent society The Institute has published its 2021 annual report today, with many success stories: innovative research projects, unique infrastructures and testimonials from our partners. Terrific results for the TERRIFFIC project! LIST’s role within the project was a specialised augmented reality system to visualise radioactive sources. Encevo Launches First Joint Research Projects with University of Luxembourg and LIST The common aim is to unite innovative forces in order to accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy landscape. Towards decarbonisation: LIST teams up with young people LIST reaches out to young people with a tailor-made educational brochure to explain the carbon footprint of the average Luxembourger and how we can lead low-carbon lifestyles. Towards an effective global tree restoration strategy Published in Nature Geoscience, the results of the researchers reveal the not so straightforward impacts of global tree restoration on regional water availability. How is 5G good for business? LIST and TELINDUS join forces to stimulate benefits The agreement was signed live on-stage during LIST’s Tech Day event on Wednesday 15 June. LIST hosts successful fourth edition of Tech Day With its motto “Think outside the box and bring your ambitions to life!” , LIST celebrated its fourth annual Tech Day on Wednesday. Developing tyres of the future with LIST-Goodyear partnership agreement The announcement was made during the LIST Tech Day event on Wednesday 15 June. Eva Kremer, new Chair of LIST Government appoints Eva Kremer as head of the Board of Directors of the institute. Launch of the first National Characterization and Testing Platform in Luxembourg LIST has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with CEBI to establish the first national characterization and testing platform. LIST and LNS sign new partnership agreement LIST and LNS enter a new phase together as an agreement has just been signed. LIST strengthens its collaboration with VITROCELL signing a Cooperation Agreement LIST signed a cooperation agreement with the German company VITROCELL Systems GmbH, a global leader in equipment for in vitro aerosol exposure. Daher and LIST will develop a welding technology for the assembly of aircraft substructures produced with thermoplastic composites The French multinational Daher has established a large partnership with LIST to mature and optimise a welding technology that enables the assembly of primary aircraft substructures produced with thermoplastic composites. #DiversityAtBelval exhibition and social media campaign As part of National Diversity Day, which will take place on 12 May, LIST, Luxinnovation, the public body Inspiring More Sustainability (IMS) and de Widong are launching a campaign to shed light on the diversity that hides behind the walls of the Maison de l’Innovation in Belval, Luxembourg. Towards biosourced ultra-light green materials GRADEL and LIST are joining forces to develop a biosourced resin to create lightweight composite materials that respect the environment. Launch of Space Resources Week fourth edition in Luxembourg For the fourth time, Space Resources Week is being held in Luxembourg from 3 to 5 May 2022: the world's largest conference exclusively dedicated to the exploration and use of space resources. LIST builds on collaboration with SCIEX signing new agreement After 15 years of working together, LIST and SCIEX enter a new phase of close collaboration LIST's expertise at the service of the Solar Impulse Foundation Undertaking to support clean solutions accelerating the transition towards carbon neutrality – this is the vision shared by LIST with the famous explorer Bertrand Piccard. Collaborative interactive table project features in Esch 2022 LIST worked together with Luxembourg University's social science department on ORBIT project ESRIC- ESA Space Resources Challenge: Getting ready for moon prospection ESA and ESRIC challenged European and Canadian engineering teams to develop vehicles capable of prospecting resources within a testbed of the Moon's shadowy polar regions. Five winners are receiving development grants of 75 000€ each to move their rovers forward to the next phase of the contest, to be held in Luxembourg in September 2022. ESRIC unveils the first five start-ups selected as part of the “Start-up Support Programme” Following the first call for applications, the European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESRIC) has selected the five start-ups to participate in the “Start-up Support Programme” (SSP) and begin their pre-incubation in April 2022. LIST laser project awarded €2 million FNR funding An innovative laser technology project submitted by LIST to FNR was recently granted €2 million in funding. LIST and LuxProvide sign agreement for Luxembourg supercomputer venture LIST and LuxProvide are delighted to announce the signature of a new framework agreement LIST represents Luxembourgish in European Language Equality project Fighting the cause for the Luxembourgish language is LIST as the only country representative within the consortium E171: one less poison on our plates At the origin of the ban on the food additive E171 - a study by INRA in collaboration with LIST LIST and Kronospan sign agreement targeting decarbonisation strategy After 10 years of collaboration LIST and Kronospan Luxembourg sign 5-year Partnership Framework Agreement Bowen LIU: "An exceptional research value and culture" Bowen Liu, a PhD student at ITIS, agreed to talk about his work at LIST and share his impressions of Luxembourg. LIST’s top 10 most read news articles of 2021 In 2021, LIST pushed again the frontiers in research for high-impact innovation and helped build a more digitalized, resilient and sustainable society. The government relies on LIST LIST signs its 2022-2025 multi-annual agreement with the Luxembourg State and sees its funding increase by 18 % for this period. Towards better soil sustainability in Luxembourg LIST researchers are joining forces to tackle the main challenges of soil sustainability. LIST produces industry challenging in-situ learning assistant with No-Nail Boxes LIST in partnership with No-Nail Boxes announce launch of an in-situ training solution Francesco Ferrero new Director of IT for Innovative Services department The Boards of Directors appointed with immediate effect Francesco Ferrero as new Director of LIST IT for Innovative Services department. European Innovation Council appoints LIST researcher Luxembourg Ambassador role The project that the EIC has been monitoring headed-up by César Pascual García is known as ElectroMed ESCH2022: The Sound of Data LIST, together with FNR, University of Luxembourg and Rockhal transforms scientific data into music in an innovative and experimental approach. A revolutionary tool to monitor floods LIST has developed one of the key components of a new tool which is expected to contribute to disaster risk reduction worldwide. Results and future of Covid-19 detection in cough project Data collected from 5 different sounds: coughing, counting, a sentence, breathing, and the vowel sound “ahh" LIST creates telecom platform with Luxembourg and Belgium regulators Telecoms sector project launched in LIST with regulative authorities in Luxembourg and Belgium LIST expertise for Luxembourg's climate policy Enrico Benetto, researcher and unit leader at LIST, is appointed member of the Observatoire de la politique climatique. The launch of a technology Infrastructure hosted by LIST LIST AI, Data Analytics & Visualisation Technology Infrastructure ESRIC and Airbus Defence and Space to collaborate on lunar resources extraction technologies This Strategic Partnership will support the development of key European In-Situ Resources Utilisation technologies, accelerating the development of the Moon Economy around Space Resources. ESRIC launches the world’s first start-up support programme dedicated to Space Resources The European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESRIC) Start up Support Programme (SSP) has been presented today by Mathias Link, ESRIC Director, in presence of the Luxembourg’s Ministry for Economy, Franz Fayot and of representatives of the ESA, LSA and LIST. LIST wins two FNR Awards "Outstanding PhD thesis" and "Outstanding scientific achievement": these are the categories in which LIST won two FNR Awards this year. LIST and SRC to create innovative natural cosmetic ingredient The two new partners are pleased to announce their first innovation project with the launch of BIOMICO LIST searches for SARS-CoV-2 variants in wastewater LIST microbiologists start further monitoring of SARS-CoV-2 in Grand Duchy wastewater through a new research project funded by FNR in the framework of its Covid-19 Fast-Track call. WASDI, A SPIN-OFF TO BE FOLLOWED CLOSELY! ESA and LSA invest in a LIST start-up, via the national funding programme LuxIMPULSE. LIST signs the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg This is a strong signal of LIST's willingness to develop a more inclusive culture. LIST’s summer top stories Every summer, LIST presents the highlights of the past year. If you missed our top stories, here's a little catch-up session. DECEPTICON: Detecting manipulative Dark Patterns online DECEPTICON stands for “Deceptive Patterns Online” and tackles what is commonly known as Dark Patterns. LIST hosts successful third Tech Day With its motto “passion for impact” Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology celebrated its third annual Tech Day on Wednesday EU-funded VIRTIGATION combats viral crop destruction in tomato and cucurbit Press release: Every year, viral diseases wreak havoc on tomato and cucurbit crops worldwide, amounting to EUR 3.5 billion in harvest losses in Europe alone. LIST launches educational 5G awareness project LIST is launching a special awareness-raising platform to showcase and explain the technologies behind 5G Disassembling materials and recycling for a second life Imagine being able to separate the different components of materials in order to recycle them and give them a new lease of life LIST joins Ministry of Equality 'Actions Positives' programme Equality Minister Taina Bofferding and LIST have just signed a collaboration agreement to ensure gender equality within the institute. Participate in construction sector supply shortages survey LIST, Luxinnovation and the University of Luxembourg carry out joint survey Luxembourg joins European Blockchain Services Infrastructure Discover how our engineers intend to foster transparency and trust between universities, students and employers, via a blockchain system. SemanticLCA – what if we coupled environment and well-being? Our researchers have been working on a new method capable of reducing the environmental impact of our buildings, while preserving the well-being of its occupants. LIST’s unique plasma process for producing hydrogels What the COATIHN project is exploring has never been done before using plasma processes LIST bets on new energy systems LIST intends to address environmental challenges in the coming years, by developing new intelligent clean energy systems. Probiotics for natural cleaning products Over 50 bacterial strains are being screened by LIST to produce a new generation of natural household cleaning products. SERIMA: A unique regulatory solution in Europe Result of a long-standing collaboration with the ILR, the SERIMA platform is revolutionising risk management. AM 4 AM, a new start-up that may revolutionise the industrial sector! When 3D printing aluminium alloys, manufacturers often face cracking issues. Discover how they could reduce these cracking phenomena and thus improve their energy and material efficiency. Nanoworld up close: STHIM opens new ways to image materials Discover the new imaging technique developed by our researchers in-house. Integrating Luxembourg into the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) The Ministry for Digitalisation, Infrachain, the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) and LIST announced EBSILUX project's launch. From the earth to the sky: LIST scrutinises Luxembourg's floods Luxembourg has been hit by heavy floods in the last few days. In response to the national emergency, LIST environmental researchers are mobilising. France-Luxembourg: Quadripartite Agreement to Focus on Exploration and Space Resources CNES, the Luxembourg Space Agency, the European Space Resources Innovation Centre and Air Liquide signed a Letter of Intent confirming their commitment to develop R&T activities. Annual Report: Driver of change in times of disruption LIST releases its 2020 annual reports full of success stories Edyta Niemczyk, an ambassador for science and research From Poland to Luxembourg, nothing stops Edyta in her quest to share her passion for science. LIST to strengthen OECD Chemicals and Biotechnology Committee Appointed by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, LIST researchers bring their expertise to the OECD. Ensuring 5G security for cross-border vehicles 5G-INSIGHT as the project is called, focuses on securing 5G cross-border communications LIST and Goodyear celebrate their PhD scientists’ success Numerous scientific findings of PhDs involved in the partnership are already integrated at Goodyear in running technology projects and supplier collaborations. LIST research leads to new international book launch "Visual Analysis of Multilayer Networks": Idea of LIST researcher Dr Fintan Mc Gee Circuit Foil and LIST sign €18 million partnership to work on next generation copper foil This partnership will prove to be a strategic positioning for Luxembourg and Europe Rutuja Bhusari, when research becomes an actor of change Driven by her curiosity, Rutuja goes beyond her research and brings science to all. LIST given go-ahead to help test Luxembourg’s supercomputer MeluXina LIST project exploring potential for energy storage and low power electronics with MeluXina LIST's 5G decision support system for Luxembourg LIST helps deployment of 5G supported by Proximus Luxembourg "Green on Red" - Growing plants in Martian-like soil Will we soon be able to grow plants on Mars? Third edition of Space Resources Week in Luxembourg Space Resources Week is the world's largest conference exclusively devoted to the exploration and use of resources in space Ecostress releases 30 terabytes of ecosystem data A NASA-launched project together with European Space Agency and LIST LIST projects selected as part of Luxembourg’s "Stroum beweegt" initiative Five projects from 2 LIST departments accepted as part of Luxembourg electric mobility project COMPOSELECTOR – a high potential innovation LIST H2020 COMPOSELECTOR project was recently identified as a “high potential innovation” by the European Commission. This is new proof of the quality of the projects developed within the institute Launch of Cross-Europe nano-pharmaceutical project ‘Phoenix’ coordinated in Luxembourg at LIST The project is coordinated by Dr Tommaso Serchi at LIST and supported at MyBiotech near Saarbrücken The essential link between research and industry The results of the second BRIDGES call for 2020 from the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) highlight LIST’s role as a Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) in Luxembourg Encevo Group joins forces with LIST and SnT LIST RESEARCH FOR ENSURING SAFE MANNED SPACE MISSIONS LIST researchers have just accomplished the challenge of developing an antibacterial coating that is both effective and non-toxic. An innovative mechano-chemical process for tomorrow’s smart drugs LIST and FREWITT LTD. have joined forces to develop an innovative mechano-chemical process making smart nanocarriers applicable to the pharmaceutical industry. A new LIST technology on the market! Named WASDI, the spin-off was officially created on 23 December LIFE AskREACH: Testing for harmful chemicals in sports and leisure items Reprotoxic plasticisers found in sports items. LIST & GRADEL announce joint Luxembourg lab producing ultra-lightweight structures for major players in space sector Producing ultra-lightweight structures for the aeronautics and space industry Interinstitutional research focuses on ferroic materials LIST and the University of Luxembourg joined forces to create Luxembourg's first interinstitutional research group (IRG): Multifunctional Ferroic Materials. LIST's top 10 most read news articles of 2020 2020 has been rather special yet busy year at LIST. Rediscover the 10 stories that attracted the most visits by our readers Give your voice to help Covid-19 research Help us to fight against Covid-19 pandemic! A new mechanism made by LIST for bone regeneration Alongside their European partners, David Duday and his team have developed a unique and personalized approach to promote bone tissue regeneration. LIAB Award 2020: improving curcumin’s bioaccessibility for therapeutic treatments Dr Ozan N. Ciftci and his discovery of a novel green-based approach to improve curcumin’s bioaccessibility are the winners of the LIAB Award 2020. LIH, LIST and University of Luxembourg sign bilateral cooperation agreements Strengthening research in Luxembourg Towards safer food through personalised weed monitoring Monitoring weeds resistance across Luxembourg in order to ensure a reduced but effective use of chemical products. Unlocking the mysteries of water cycle: LIST awarded at the FNR AWARDS 2020 Laurent Pfister and his team received the FNR's "Outstanding Scientific Publication" award for their work on the age of water. What do these results reveal? How’s it done? Coronastep by step guide What are the steps that need to be taken before final data can be analysed and the graphs produced? Luxembourg teams up with ESA to create a unique "European Space Resources Innovation Centre" to be established in the Grand Duchy Luxembourg just entered a strategic partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) to create ESRIC Mathias Link appointed as interim Director of the European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESRIC) The Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) appointed Mathias Link as the Director ad interim of the European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESRIC). Microscopy research ‘made in Luxembourg’ receives Innovation award from international publication Innovation Award 2020 from international publication Microscopy Today New version of the Scan4Chem app available The Scan4Chem app has been improved with new features and a new version is now available in the Google Play and App Store. A step towards the refrigerators of tomorrow? Researchers from the materials department of LIST have just published an article in the prestigious magazine Science. A rare achievement for a major breakthrough in calorific materials. LIST’s summer top stories Every summer, LIST presents the highlights of the past year. If you missed our top stories, here's a little catch-up session. Visualising the energy potential of a city The Enovos Foundation presented the promising results of the SECuRe research project in the premises of the Fondation de Luxembourg. Towards new materials for hydrogen production With new equipment and a second partnership with 3D-Oxides, LIST positions itself as an international player in the hydrogen sector A LIST model to help companies take advantage of data economy LIST is developing a reference model to facilitate GDPR compliance and entry of businesses into the data economy. Making buildings more efficient and comfortable for occupants POESY is a LIST project researching how to make life in buildings more comfortable. Exploring the origins and fate of lunar water LIST researchers take us on a journey to the Moon through their pioneering projects with ESA and LSA for a better understanding of lunar water. Data challenges of fusing remote sensing with ‘chaos’ of social media Can Twitter and Facebook be merged with satellite imagery to produce more accurate weather maps? LIST expertise in the service of NASA and ESA collaborative missions Kaniska’s passion for always going beyond research boundaries led to a unique project with ESA, which is a bilateral agreement between ESA and NASA. Meet Industry 4.0 challenges thanks to LIST Data Analytics Uzma Iffat, researcher in Data Analytics, tells us more about LIST successful partnership with Ceratizit. LIST joins forces with Space Agency to create European Innovation Centre for Space Resources The Luxembourg Space Agency and LIST join forces to create a "European Innovation Centre for Space Resources" in Luxembourg LIST demonstrates collaborative COVID-19 “Cross-Functional Dashboard” to ministers Luxembourg's Economy and Higher Education and Research Ministers, visited LIST's VisWall on Monday Two composite structure students become LIST success story Two successful PhD students spent three years with LIST working on two thematics related to composite structures Coronavirus in wastewater: SARS-CoV-2 continues to progress SARS-Cov-2 is found in almost all wastewater and a sharp increase in its concentration has been observed in the south of the country. Luxembourg to strengthen its research activities light-weighting composite materials Prof Cláudio Sául Faria Lopes is awarded an FNR PEARL Chair A dashboard overview of Luxembourg’s COVID-19 TaskForce projects Just over two months ago the idea of a cross-functional overview dashboard came about, coordinated by LIST's Benoît Otjacques COVID-19 TaskForce: When research players are one Henry-Michel Cauchie, LIST representative within the TaskForce, reveals his role in national coordination set up in the fight against the pandemic. Monitoring goods supply chains for Luxembourg’s COVID-19 TaskForce LIST's Francesco Ferrero reveals his role and working group goal in Luxembourg's TaskForce fighting Coronavirus Coronavirus in wastewater: LIST remains on alert LIST continues its CORONASTEP study on the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in Luxembourg's wastewater: since 25 June, a clear increase of the coronavirus in wastewater has been observed. LIST in the fight against coronavirus Ensuring research with impact is the driving force behind LIST's scientific excellence. Discover 8 projects supported by the National Research Fund Luxembourg, and led by our experts. LIST’s 40 success stories In our Annual Report, you will find a whole series of success stories of which LIST is proud, including innovative research projects, unique infrastructures, fruitful partnerships, and dedicated support services for researchers. Guarantee optimal recovery from COVID-19 crisis thanks to Machine Learning How do we reconcile economic recovery and the risk of a new pandemic? Jean-Sébastien Sottet reveals the importance of the REBORN project in the identification of adequate deconfinement measures. Plotting COVID-19 evolution with comprehensive graphs Creating graphs is key way of digesting knowledge and obtaining a snap shot of evolution of Coronavirus. This is the focus of HKG4COVID project Making the mountains of COVID-19 research publications accessible The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in mountains of information and research publications available worldwide, so how do you find specific Coronavirus information you need? Polybenzoxazines, a new generation of bio-based plastics On the occasion of the 4th International Symposium on Polybenzoxazines, organized by LIST, Laura Puchot and Pierre Verge answered our 3 questions on the subject. LIST and 3D-Oxides invest in the hydrogen sector LIST and the company 3D-Oxides set up a joint laboratory to accelerate the discovery of new functional materials allowing the development of the Hydrogen sector in Luxembourg. Detecting COVID-19 by cough and voice analysis Muhannad Ismael explains how his team aims to provide health professionals a COVID-19 detection system based on audio signature. NanoHarmony: Research for the safe use of nanomaterials LIST takes part into the European project NanoHarmony aiming at building global standards for development of safe and successful nanomaterials. Detecting and mapping COVID-19 across Luxembourg A major part of the battle against the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic is detection and mapping and that’s exactly the focus at LIST of the TIGER project Monitoring evolution of COVID-19 virus in wastewater Leslie Ogorzaly, coordinator of the CORONASTEP+ project, reveals the value of monitoring the evolution of COVID-19 in Luxembourg wastewater. A tiny sensor with a massive impact LIST and STMicroelectronics work together to develop a technology that should enable us to monitor the presence of volatile organic compounds: pollutants that are all around us and affect our health. 100% of customers recommend LIST’s Materials Platform Presentation of the results of the 4th customer satisfaction survey of LIST’s Materials Platform. Detecting Covid-19 virus in the early stages What is Viranostic Covid-19 research about? Sivashankar Krishnamoorthy the project's principal investigator explains A "national control tower" monitoring and preventing collapse of essential services The ACTING NoW project, funded by the National Research Fund (FNR), aims to provide the government and Luxembourg companies with a decision-making aid tool. Sustainable finance: LIST contributes to the development of a unified EU classification system The European Union is developing a common classification system to encourage private investment in sustainable growth and contribute to a climate-neutral economy. LIST researcher Enrico Benetto is part of the technical expert group set up to advise the European Commission on the implementation of the Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth. Presence of SARS-COV-2 in waste water: first conclusive results of the CORONASTEP study On Wednesday 18 May, LIST sent its first report to the national task force regarding the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in waste water in Luxembourg (CORONASTEP study). This indirect virus monitoring technique enables early detection of its spread among the population. Mask decontamination: LIST and MPG join forces against covid19 LIST and Molecular Plasma Group (MPG) are teaming up to find a plasma-based method to decontaminate used masks and personal protective equipment in order to reuse them. The project also aims to create masks with antimicrobial/anti-viral coatings. Research Luxembourg – launch of website ‘Research Luxembourg’, the initiative of the main players of Luxembourg public research, has launched its website. In addition to being a platform to promote Luxembourg research to an international audience, the site also featured a dedicated section about the COVID-19 task force. LIST tackles Coronavirus A team from the Environmental Research and Innovation department is tracking the presence of the virus in wastewater. COVID-19 taskforce: launch of national platform, FNR Call in the making As researchers work on numerous new projects to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, Research Luxembourg has launched a national COVID-19 platform to coordinate research projects and collaborations. Towards the transition to a circular economy through Clean Technologies On the occasion of the CleanTech Forum Europe, which will take place for the first time virtually on 18-20 May 2020, Enrico Benetto, head of the Environmental Sustainability Assessment and Circularity unit, answered our three questions on the topic. COVID-19: Research Luxembourg is mobilising Research Luxembourg, a joint initiative of the main players in Luxembourg’s public research sector, is mobilising its knowledge and its human and material resources to help address the challenge of COVID-19. Data science for the tire of the future Within the strategic collaboration between LIST and Goodyear, LIST explores the potential of data all along the life cycle of a tire. A sustainable exploitation of plant resources using biotechnologies On the occasion of the International Conference PlantTech, organized by LIST in 2021, Jean-François Hausman, Gea Guerriero and Sylvain Legay from the Plant Biotechnologies group answered our three questions on the subject. Creating automated maps with robots With our AIML-TILT system, our autonomous robots create maps of large buildings using technologies such as LIDAR and camera, enabling a fast digitalization of large areas at a lower cost. Professional training with augmented reality Radiological incidents, whether caused by acts of terrorism or accidents, pose a significant threat to the public and first responders. Watch our researcher Roderick Mc Call explain how training solutions with augmented reality can provide a safer, quicker, easier and repeatable method of training at a very low cost. A LIST-developed technology goes global LIST-developed flood monitoring technology has been put to practical use in flooding emergencies from Mozambique to Myanmar. Artificial Intelligence for amphibians LIST’s NEWTRAP team developed a newt camera trap using machine learning. The trap automates the production of high-resolution newt observations through Artificial Intelligence, while leaving all living things perfectly unharmed and critically reducing scientific field work. New challenges in the agricultural sector: LIST explores alternatives How to reduce pesticides in Luxembourg's water resources? LIST explores alternative cropping techniques as well as potential substitutes for pesticides in order to assess their environmental impact. On Thursday, 23 January, Romain Schneider, Minister of Agriculture, and Carole Dieschbourg, Minister of the Environment, came to visit LIST and praised the work of our researchers in this field. No time to waste with Polygone! Discover in a video two LIST projects carried out with our partner Polygone: an intelligent waste collection platform (SWAM) and an IT tool to optimize the planning of waste sorting centres (OCTogone). New FNR funding for LIST In December 2019, the FNR announced funding for the CORE, PSP-CLASSIC, BRIDGE, JUMP (Proof of Concept) and INTER programmes. In total, LIST will obtain €5.291 million for 12 projects. This is further proof of the quality of projects submitted by LIST researchers. LIST’s top 10 most-read news of 2019 2019 has been a busy year at LIST. Discover or rediscover the 10 stories that attracted the most visits by our readers. Keep in touch through our customized LIST Newsfeed As 2019 ends, it is time for good resolutions: in 2020 we go paperless, which is why our monthly paper, the Monthly LIST, will disappear and make room for a new format: a digital and fully customisable LIST Newsfeed. Food safety: LIST recognized as EFSA competent organization On 18 December, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published a list of qualified organisations, which can receive grants or subsidies for scientific projects in the food safety area. LIST is now one of them! The non-climate environmental impacts of the decarbonisation of the electricity sector Our researcher Thomas Gibon is co-author of an article published on 19 November in Nature. Entitled "Environmental co-benefits and adverse side-effects of alternative power sector decarbonization strategies", the article deals with the decarbonization of the electricity sector. LIST's Board of directors appointed As from 1 January 2020, for a five-year term, the board of directors is composed of five women and four men. Luxembourg targets the setup of a blockchain hub of excellence Major players team up to develop blockchain expertise in Luxembourg LIST RESEARCHER NICOLAS BOSCHER SECURES PRESTIGIOUS ERC CONSOLIDATOR GRANT Accelerating the LIST Materials roadmap towards hydrogen technologies, LIST researcher Dr Nicolas Boscher was awarded a prestigious ERC Consolidator grant by the European Research Council. Dr Boscher will receive EUR 1.9 M in funding over the next five years for the CLEANH2 project entitled ‘Chemical Engineering of Fused MetalloPorphyrins Thin Films for the Clean Production of Hydrogen’. Launch of LIST’s Viswall On Wednesday 4 December, LIST launched a wall of very high resolution multi-touch screens with a motion tracking system unique in the Greater Region. To find a similar set-up, you would have to go to Paris or Munich. Scientists with a cause What message would you like to send out to the young people taking to the streets to protest against climate change? This is the question we asked two experts from LIST following their participation in the Climate Emergency and Education seminar held on 21-22 November. “The heart and soul of our research” “You are the heart and soul of our research activities; we need you and want you to enjoy your time here.” Those were the opening words from LIST’s CEO Thomas Kallstenius at the LIST PhD Day. LIST launches app to inform consumers on chemicals of high concern With Scan4Chem consumers can use the barcode of a product to obtain information about substances of very high concern (SVHCs) in a product. What will your future look like (thanks to LIST)? Cognitive environments, Industry 4.0, digital twins, personalised medicine and more: welcome to the world of the future, which is being developed in our laboratories at LIST! Discover ten ground-breaking innovations from LIST that could change your life if they are adopted by our industrial partners. Kniwwelino comes to the classroom Programming is child's play: from now on, the brand-new Kniwwelino Classroom Kit is aimed at all Luxembourgian schoolchildren. Luxembourg: A unique place in the world to solve the mysteries of water cycle Jeffrey McDonnell, professor of hydrology at the University of Saskatchewan (CA) and associate director of the Global Institute for Water Security, came to Luxembourg as a visiting researcher for the past ten months in Laurent Pfister’s group and answered our three questions. LIST is about empowerment At the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, LIST will present a selection of three solutions to empower citizens, public authorities and businesses. Empower businesses in their strategies LIST and Polygone Sárl are co-designing, building and testing a smart waste collection platform for businesses. Empower public authorities in their decisions Cities have large amounts of high resolution data at their disposal, and with the Smart City and Region Energy Platform developed by LIST, cities can answer questions such as: What are the renewable opportunities throughout our city? How can renewable energy usage be maximized across the city? Where can solar panels be placed, which rooftops and facades are suitable? How can buildings be renovated to make them more energy-efficient? How much CO2 emissions can be reduced?... Lean & connected construction sites thanks to an application developed by LIST LIST's "AndON" platform makes it possible to connect planning with data on a construction site, and contributes directly to "lean construction" – the work method that involves eliminating all types of waste on construction sites, from storage of materials to acceptance of the work. LIST researcher Fabrice Berroir answered our three questions about this new platform. Water futures in a changing world Nearly 120 experts in water resources research from 21 countries came together from 14 to 18 October on the Belval Innovation Campus, to discuss pressing research needs in the light of global change increasingly impacting our water resources. New partnership agreement between LIST and ArcelorMittal The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology and ArcelorMittal Luxembourg have signed a partnership agreement to improve the leading industrialist’s energy performance. “10 years to win the race against climate change” Luxembourg positions itself as energy frontrunner with new biennial conference A fresh wind is blowing through LIST After a break of more than four years, cryogenic traction tests are once again in operation at LIST, at our laboratories in Foetz. These tests make it possible to investigate the strength of materials in extremely cold environments. Fruitful Belgian state visit for LIST Over the three days of their state visit to the Grand Duchy, The King and Queen of the Belgians explored much of what Luxembourg has to offer. This twice included LIST. How the IoT can enable environmental sustainability On 1-3 October 2019, LIST organized AdHoc-Now, a conference dedicated to Internet of Things (IoT) applications, in the areas of disaster management, precision agriculture and environmental monitoring and management, among others. Science meets Parliament Policymakers and scientists need each other’s help to design solutions to take up the challenges of our time. Under the European Commission's Joint Research Centre’s (JRC) initiative "Science Meets Parliaments", the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), the University of Luxembourg (Faculty of Law, Economics, and Finance), and the Luxembourg Space Agency co-hosted a one-day conference on October 4 2019 at the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies, entitled “Space Solutions for Sustainability on Earth”. Artificial Intelligence & Earth Observation: a win-win situation On 17 September, LIST, together with public and private actors from the space sector, held a one-day conference in Namur on the hot topic of artificial intelligence in earth observation, the first of its kind to take place in Luxembourg and Belgium. "An innovation factory made in Luxembourg" To stay in the race and gain market shares, companies need to keep on innovating. In the Innovation & Technology section published on Paperjam in September 2019, Thomas Schoos, Head of Communication at LIST, explains why it would be a good idea for them all to plan, co-develop and implement innovations with a partner such as LIST. 24 October: Conference on selective deconstruction & reuse As part of its Betriber&Emwelt initiative, LIST invites you to a new information session on the deconstruction and reuse of materials, which will take place on 24 October 2019 from 2pm to 5pm at the Administrative Building (Bâtiment administratif) at Esch-Belval. The science of materials that do not exist In 2018, LIST entered into a partnership with the Semiconductor Research Corporation and Intel, the world's leading semiconductor manufacturer. The aim is to work on magnetoelectric materials with low power consumption, in order to create the third generation (from today) of electronic chips. LIST-Goodyear: an award-winning partnership On the 10th of September 2019, the Multi-Performance Optimisation team of the Data Science for Tires Goodyear-LIST collaborative research project received a best paper award from the Tire Society in the United States. The workplace of the future How to collaborate better at work? Cognitive environments, also called smart spaces, can enhance workers’ performance and experience for multi-user tasks such as design, decision-making and problem solving. A plasma robot for all situations Give the surface of a material new properties thanks to plasma technology. So you think you’re a green traveller? Are electric cars always eco-friendly? LIST’s “CLIMOBIL” online app helps citizens check how efficient electric cars are at reducing our CO2 emissions. Spray less with precision agriculture How to reduce and tailor the application of pesticides or fertilizer to the crop needs? Network and information security: LIST and the Luxembourg Institute of Regulation (ILR) expand their partnership LIST is proud to continue this long-standing partnership aimed at optimising, integrating and improving the regulatory cycle in Luxembourg, particularly in the areas of information security and in line with the national cybersecurity strategy. LIST in the strategic race for cellular batteries Manufacturing batteries is a strategic imperative for Europe, both for the transition towards clean energies and modernisation, as well as for the competitiveness of its industry, in particular the automotive sector. LIST is doing its bit by working on the design of new cellular batteries. First positive results for a lab fit for industry A few months after the inauguration of state-of-the-art facilities for biotechnologies research on the Hautcharage site, results are already very positive, opening the door to new opportunities for LIST, its researchers and partners. enaires. Plasma explained in a comic strip Three PhD candidates from LIST participated in the creation of a comic strip published by the University of Luxembourg: a way to learn how to communicate about their scientific field with enthusiasm and a sense of humour. Blue-green algae proliferation: LIST on the alert Each year, during the summer season, blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria, proliferate in Luxembourg's bathing and recreational waters. Above a certain threshold, they are potentially toxic and any bathing or aquatic activity is prohibited. LIST actively monitors their growth: Luxembourg is currently on pre-alert. However, according to microbiologist Christian Penny, "it won't take long", the blue-green algae will soon be back with us. The npSCOPE instrument is ready for testing Thanks to the new npSCOPE instrument, developed by an international team of researchers coordinated by LIST, the characterization of nanoparticles will become much easier. Drones to the rescue of the environment Fly over the Luxembourg vineyards with LIST’s drone and find out how our researchers detect diseases that are threatening Luxembourg’s viticulture. LIST Quarterly #2/2019 out now! LIST's trimestrial tech knowledge e-newsletter focuses on technology transfer and industrial partnerships, and highlights news and events at LIST of particular interest to private and public companies. What's new? Take a tour of our technologies showcased during the LIST Tech Day Discover 20 of the latest LIST prototypes as well as market-ready technologies gathered around three domains: Smart Industries, Smart Cities and Smart Environment. Ensuring the safety of spacecraft interiors for future human space missions LIST has been recently selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop novel nontoxic and antimicrobial surface treatments for spacecraft interiors. Modern nanotechnology: EuroCVD22-Baltic16 conference a success 280 participants took part in the 5-day international scientific conference “EuroCVD 22-BalticALD 16” organised by LIST on 24-28 June 2019 in Luxembourg Kirchberg at Luxexpo-TheBox. Be actor of the decarbonisation and electrification strategy Save the date for the Energy Transition Dialogue in Luxembourg to be held in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg on 24 October 2019. LIST annual report 2018 is out! The year 2018 was marked by new partnerships as well as the continuation of strategic collaborations with partners from the private and public sectors. Drones, satellites and augmented reality at the Ettelbruck Agricultural Fair The biggest open-air fair in Luxembourg, which takes place from 5-7 July 2019, will provide an opportunity for the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) to present the agriculture of tomorrow. Tomorrow's technologies unveiled at LIST Tech Day 2019 The second edition of the LIST Tech Day, held on Thursday June 20 in Belval, shows that LIST is fully delivering on its mission to drive innovation in Luxembourg and make it an attractive place for international researchers and businesses. LIST presents its template for inventory of materials LIST, in partnership with the Luxembourg Environment Agency, has developed a template for inventory of materials to help those involved in the planning, performance and documentation of deconstruction works comply with their legal obligations. The environmental impacts of our lifestyles On 23 May 2019, LIST organised the talk “So you think you’re green?” at Neimënster Abbaye. More than 110 participants from the general public, companies and civil society organisations attended the seminar. Betriber&Emwelt initiative - LIST joins the House of Entrepreneurship LIST joins the House of Entrepreneurship community with the Betriber&Emwelt initiative, opening the door to more presence and thus to a greater awareness raising among companies at the local level. LIST Quarterly #1/2019 out now! LIST's trimestrial tech knowledge e-newsletter is focused on technology transfer and industrial partnerships and highlights news and events at LIST of particular interest to private and public companies. What's new in the first edition of 2019? LIST takes the initiative to create the smart cities of the future The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology has been a participant in the pan-European initiative, and is involved in various projects in different areas of smart city development. LIST contributes to monitor Mozambique floods with satellite imagery The HASARD® tool, a LIST technology allowing for flood maps to be generated on a global scale using satellite data, has just been upgraded on the European Space Agency’s GPOD platform. A look back at EARTO Annual Conference 2019 As a member of the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO), LIST participated in the EARTO Annual Conference 2019, held on 19-20 March in Espoo (FI) Skilled trade and craft professionals connected to future digital objects At a workshop held at the Institute's premises in Belval on Tuesday 26 March 2019, nine skilled trade and craft professionals from various sectors learnt how to prototype new digital products and services using Kniwwelino. State-of-the-art facilities for biotechnologies research LIST has recently inaugurated on its Hautcharage site new laboratories dedicated to bioreactors and new offices for the research group “Plant biotechnologies”. LIST supports ANISOPRINT in improving 3D printing technology LIST and Anisoprint have committed to developing effective and tailor-made formulations of Carbon-Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) composites for industrial applications of 3D-printed materials. R&D activities in Belgium and Luxembourg - Expertise sharing with GRD Network LIST has welcomed a delegation from GRD Network (Groupe Recherche et Développement) in Belvaux on 13 March 2019. The learning by doing approach in the spotlight of Gender4STEM teaching assistant The European pilot tour of the Gender4Stem teaching assistant has recently started and made a stop in Luxembourg at IFEN on 14 March 2019, at the occasion of the training delivered by the Luxembourg Gender4STEM project team - composed of LIST and Women in Digital Luxembourg. Strain as a lever to enhance future ferroelectric photovoltaics In Science Advances, LIST researchers described a new physical effect related to photovoltaics – the “piezo-photovoltaic” effect – paving the way towards more efficient photovoltaic materials. Towards a Smart Nation with the International Symposium On 5-6 March 2019 the 10th International Symposium entitled "The emergence of the Smart City: stakes, challenges, practices and impacts for public governance" was held at Belval Innovation Campus (Luxembourg), followed by the ADIMAP workshop on March 7th. LIST: Positive outlook after scrutiny from peers On 6 March 2019 at the occasion of a press conference in the presence of international experts-evaluators, the Minister of Higher Education and Research, Claude Meisch, presented the results of the external evaluation of the public research centres (CRP). Integration of IoT and satellite highlighted at the AdHoc-Now 2019 conference The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) organises the 18th International Conference on Ad Hoc Networks and Wireless (AdHoc-Now 2019) that will take place in Luxembourg-Kirchberg at Melia Hotel on 1-3 October 2019. Innovation in construction needs research #RICLUX2019 About 200 people have attended the 3rd meeting of the academic world with the construction sector at the Chambre des Métiers, Luxembourg. The conference « Research, Innovation and Construction » was organised by the OAI in collaboration with LIST,, Luxinnovation and CNCD. This event was a success and the audience is growing each year. When research assists winegrowers LIST recently presented its latest research results in viticulture to the Luxembourg wine grower community Research Luxembourg delegation in Quebec During the last week of February 2019, LIST took part in a “Research Luxembourg” delegation visiting Quebec (CA) with the aim of strengthening the links between both regions in the fields of research and innovation. LIST Cognitive Environments in the spotlight LIST recently welcomed a delegation from the University of Mons (BE) at the Maison de l’Innovation in Luxembourg-Belval with the objective of this one-day workshop was to present LIST activities in IT for Innovative Services (ITIS) with a focus on cognitive environments and to explore collaboration opportunities. Training professionals in IT security for over ten years LIST and the University of Luxembourg have been training IT security management professionals by means of a dedicated Master's degree since 2006. Open Data seeking reusers – focus on mobility and transport in Luxembourg As a partner of the “Building an Ecosystem to Generate Opportunities for Open Data” (BE-GOOD) Interreg North-West Europe project, LIST has recently launched a series of workshops “Open Data seeking reusers” aiming to be a platform strengthening relationships between open data providers and open data reusers, and to stimulate the provision of open data based products and services in Luxembourg. Digital Life, Automated Society: Luxembourg in the spotlight On 7 February 2019, LIST took part in the "Digital Life, Automated Society" conference that focused on societal change in light of the progress of digital technology. LIST supports CERATIZIT with its digital transformation Drawing on the expertise of LIST in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, CERATIZIT is stepping up its transformation towards Industry 4.0. Thomas Kallstenius takes office LIST’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Kallstenius, took up his role at the head of Luxembourg’s biggest Research and Technology Organisation last Friday, February 1st 2019. Artificial Intelligence: LIST supports the creation of a laboratory in Luxembourg LIST actively participates in the creation of a joint Artificial Intelligence (AI) laboratory in Luxembourg. New appointments strengthen LIST research groups Four new research group leaders have recently joined the LIST RDI management team in both environmental and materials innovation. An automatic satellite image processing tool for flood hazard prevention on a global scale LIST and its partners are revealing the method behind the HASARD tool allowing for flood maps to be generated on a global scale using satellite data. Goodyear-LIST: 18 months of partnership and initial results LIST and its industrial partner Goodyear met recently to review the latest developments of their joint collaboration. LIST and ispace Europe on track towards lunar resource prospecting LIST and ispace Europe recently began initial research work on the development, by September 2020, of compact mobile mass spectrometry technology, making it possible to prospect for lunar resources. Nature Based Solutions for re-naturing cities – latest project results As partner of the European research project “Nature Based Solutions for re-naturing cities: knowledge diffusion and decision support platform through new collaborative models” (Nature4Cities), LIST has contributed to the first official successful public deliverables. A successful MASSENA Business Club Day At the first ‘MASSENA Business Club Day 2018’ organized by LIST and the University of Luxembourg, 22 PhD students working on the MASSENA project met and exchanged with industrial players. Close monitoring of pollinators in Luxembourg In a dedicated conference, LIST recently presented its studies and expertise on pollinators whose decline in Europe is a major ecological and economical issue. When budding developers decipher the codes - Makerfest 2018 LIST took part in the winter edition of Makerfest: LIST researchers were there with a stand dedicated to Kniwwelino which, with its Christmas tree and dazzling diodes, was a great success with children and their teachers. LIST mixed reality lab draws the University of Lorraine’s attention LIST welcomed a delegation from the University of Lorraine in its premises in Belvaux with the objective of presenting LIST’s mixed reality lab as well as demos of technologies developed in the framework of its “Training Augmented Reality Generalised Environment Toolkit” (TARGET) H2020 project. LIST Quarterly #3 out now! LIST's trimestrial tech knowledge e-newsletter started in April 2018, with two separate versions in English and French. It is focused on technology transfer and industrial partnerships and highlights news and events at LIST of particular interest to private and public companies. What's new in the third edition? Betriber & Emwelt : environmental legislation & businesses Around a hundred Luxembourg professionals met to discuss the issue of environmental legislation at the conference held as part of the "Betriber&Emwelt" cycle. Technology Enhanced Assessment Conference 2018 With the aim of advancing the understanding and application of information technology to the assessment process (E-Assessment) through peer-reviewed contributions from the research and practice sector, TEA 2018 was organised by LIST together with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Open University of the Netherlands, and brought together more than 85 participants. Beyond human: LIST spin-offs tackle next generation technologies The human brain has been responsible for remarkable achievements: it has built bridges and railways, unravelled the human genome, written symphonies and timeless novels. However, in terms of efficiency, it has its limitations. The reliance of technological progress on the involvement of humans to achieve its full potential has inevitably restricted its development in a variety of ways. LIST leads the first evaluation of the economic impacts of open data in Luxembourg LIST was mandated by the Luxembourg government to lead the first evaluation of the economic impact of Open Data in Luxembourg for 2018. The Open Government Data (OGD)’s philosophy is to promote transparency, accountability and value creation by making government data available to all. Smart City as main topic of the International Symposium 2019 On 5-7 March 2019 will be held the 10th International Symposium and ADIMAP at Belval Innovation Campus, organised by LIST and LISER, with the cooperation of the Ecole Nationale d’Administration Publique (ENAP) and in partnership with LuxReal asbl. Connected mobility, a key aspect for the installation of 5G in Luxembourg Following recent involvement in a European project focusing on connected mobility, LIST will be making a key contribution to the future deployment of 5G in Luxembourg and in Europe. Exploring mobility data through wireless networks: a lightweight and privacy-friendly solution! LIST's latest advances on sensing systems, information collection and processing, including a mobile application, were presented at an international conference in China. Implementation of REACH&CLP regulations and challenges ahead Updating substance registration dossiers, compliance checks, harmonisation of the reporting of hazardous mixtures, substitution of hazardous substances, declarations on biocides and the consumer's right to know are major challenges that Luxembourg companies face over the next few years. For this, they can count on the support of the REACH&CLP Luxembourg Helpdesk operated by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology. Better flood prediction on a global scale LIST is adding to its research on flood prediction using remote sensing, a project to develop a tool specifically for large at-risk basins around the world. Construction supply chain: when hard work contributes to meet real life challenges LIST is proud to announce that a new project, the creation of the Brussels Construction Consolidation Centre (BCCC), has recently been accepted by the Brussels Government and the Brussels innovation agency InnoVIRIS and it is partly because of the successful results of the H2020 research project “Sustainable Urban Consolidation CentrES for conStruction” (SUCCESS). Optimize the collection of waste produced by professionals A second research project focusing on the optimization of waste management processes currently in place at Polygone is taking shape with LIST. Open data for a smarter society In the framework of its activities in IT for Innovative Services (ITIS), LIST is a partner of Interreg North-West Europe “Building an Ecosystem to Generate Opportunities for Open Data” (BE-GOOD) project. What about the open data context, transnational opportunities and about BE-GOOD mi-term results? Meteorological Bulletin LIST - Autumn 2018 LIST, ASTA and MeteoLux have just published the analysis of the meteorological data collected within the framework of long-term monitoring activities of hydroclimatological variables for Autumn 2018. For the average air temperatures recorded at all stations, autumn 2018 was much too dry. Personalised awareness-raising activities for Researchers Days 2018 Using its own resources or in partnership with Goodyear and the University of Luxembourg, LIST has gathered together thirty researchers to offer five educational activities for Researchers Days 2018. MED-IT Morocco - Luxembourg in the spotlight On 27-28 November 2018, LIST has participated to the annual international conference “MED-IT, One to One” in Skhirat (Morocco) where a parallel Luxembourg delegation has been involved. Indeed, Luxembourg has been the guest country of MED-IT 2018 and in this context the Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy, has set up for the first time a national pavilion during the event. Standardisation of situational awareness systems to strengthen operations in civil protection The workshop SAYO, organized by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), in collaboration with ARTTIC took place on 29-30 November 2018 in Luxembourg city. Life cycle assessment sparks interest at the highest levels of state A year after meeting HRH Grand Duke Henri at the international conference LCM 2017, two LIST employees were granted a private audience at the Grand Ducal Court. Outlining a potential road towards more effective reverse engineering On 30 January - 1 February 2019, LIST will participate in the Ninth International Symposium on the separation and characterization of natural and synthetic macromolecules (SCM-9) presenting results that outline a potential road towards more effective reverse engineering. A Taiwanese delegation visits LIST In conjunction with the 11th edition of the Taiwan-Luxembourg Joint Business Council (TLJBC) platform, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has welcomed a delegation of 24 entrepreneurs and researchers from Taiwan to its technology showroom at the Maison de l’Innovation in Belval. Innovation and Excellence in Cyber-security teaching in Higher Education - SecTech On 23 November 2018, as part of its activities in Information Technologies for Innovative Services (ITIS), LIST participated in the SecTech conference organized by the Institute of Information Security Professionals (ISSP) in London (UK). End of November 2018 - All about the PhD community The end of November 2018 was in a way dedicated to PhDs. Two events celebrating doctoral training in Luxembourg have been held at the Belval innovation campus, LIST PhD Day 2018 followed by the national PhD Welcome Day. Environmental urban sustainability – Elsevier journal special issue LIST is organising a special issue dealing with “Methods and applications for quantitative assessment of renewable and sustainable energy solutions at the urban scale” to be published in the Elsevier journal “Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews” (RSER). Going the route of selective deconstruction The practice of selective deconstruction and the benefits it offers companies and the environment were prominently featured at an event hosted as part of the "Betriber & Emwelt" cycle. Smart city - Innovation dating On 21 November 2018, LIST participated in the event Smart City: Innovation dating, that was organized by the Luxembourg Open Innovation Club (LOIC) at the House of Start-ups in Luxembourg. Luxembourg Internet Days 2018 - How very nice to be NIS On 13-14 November 2018, LIST participated in the annual Luxembourg Internet Days event organized by Lu-Cix at the Chamber of Commerce, Luxembourg-Kirchberg. Blockchain a new paradigm for financial inclusion On 9 November 2018, as part of its activities in IT for Innovative Services (ITIS), LIST together with the Investment Management Advisory sarl (IMA) co-organized the conference “Blockchain a new paradigm for financial inclusion” that was held in Luxembourg-Belval. Energy and Circular Economy at LIST LIST supports energy stakeholders in the challenges they face to make the transition towards circular economy. Towards a complete characterization of nanomaterials LIST and Thermo Fisher Scientific have committed to a better characterization and modification of materials on a very small scale by 2021 thanks to ultra-low energy ion beams. Luxembourg exports its expertise in viticulture and climate change LIST shares its expertise in viticulture and climate change and implements long-term relations with a leading Portuguese university, as well as with renowned European partners Lush hails an innovative 3D in vitro lung model The cosmetics company Lush has rewarded Aline Chary, a researcher at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, for her work in designing a three-dimensional in vitro lung model as part of her PhD thesis. This award emphasizes this model's great potential: within a few years, it could replace the tests on animals currently used in industry to test for the respiratory sensitization of products. Paving the way for the development of new intelligent materials The excellent scientific results obtained in the context of two materials dedicated projects were showcased by a researcher from LIST, Maryline Moreno, in Nice (FR) in October 2018. Ferroic materials in the spotlight in Nature Materials In collaboration with their scientific peers, two LIST researchers specialized in ferroic materials for transducers were able to highlight their latest findings in the renowned Nature Materials international scientific magazine. 400 participants at the BIMLUX 2018 annual conference Focus on BIMLUX, an unmissable annual event which this year brought together no fewer than 400 participants, exhibitors, speakers and co-organisers for a wide-ranging "inventory of new approaches driven by the Building Information Modelling (BIM)". POEM - The Practice of Enterprise modelling On 31 October – 2 November 2018, as part of its activities in IT for Innovative Services (ITIS), LIST participated in the 11th IFIP WG 8.1. working conference on the Practice of Enterprise Modelling (POEM 2018) held in Vienna (AT). LIST’s Building Information Modelling researchers welcome Bilal Succar from BIM Initiative On 12 November 2018, Bilal Succar paid visit to LIST. Bilal is a world-wide expert in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and an active researcher in BIM adoption. LIST at Student Fair 2018 On 8-9 November 2018 participated in the Luxembourg student fair organized by CEDIES at Luxexpo, Luxembourg-Kirchberg. Development of anti-static nanocomposites for the space environment Promising formulations of anti-static nanocomposites have been developed at LIST and tested in prototypes of electrical wire for space applications The daily work of an RTO #7: microbiology LIST has launched a series of short news, each representing a part of the new corporate video to be found on LIST video channel. The seventh issue of “The daily work of an RTO” series is focused on microbiology. The daily work of an RTO #6: remote sensing technologies LIST launches a series of short news, each representing a part of the new corporate video to be found on LIST video channel. The sixth issue of “The daily work of an RTO” series is focused on the remote sensing technologies Remote Sensing and Natural Resources Modelling: a well-packed activity portfolio In October 2018, as part of its activities in Remote Sensing and Natural Resources Modelling, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) participated in a series of events. LIST announces appointment of new CEO Esch/Belval – By unanimous decision, the Board of Directors of LIST has appointed 48-year-old Swedish national Dr Thomas Kallstenius as new CEO. He will take up his functions at Luxembourg’s biggest RTO on 1 February 2019. The daily work of an RTO #5: Next generation of satellites LIST launches a series of short news, each representing a part of the new corporate video to be found on LIST video channel. The fifth issue of “The daily work of an RTO” series is focused on the next generation of satellites. Max Planck Institute for Coal Research pays visit to LIST On 26 October 2018, LIST welcomed a delegation of 36 members from the Max Planck Institute for Coal Research located in Mülheim an der Ruhr (DE). The daily work of an RTO #4: Smart Cities LIST launches a series of short news, each representing a part of the new corporate video to be found on LIST video channel. The fourth issue of “The daily work of an RTO” series is focused on smart cities. At the heart of the Luxembourg IoT Security and Privacy community In the context of the Cybersecurity week 2018, LIST participated in the Internet of Things (IoT) Security and Privacy Day on October 19th, 2018 organized by Excellium S.A. in Luxembourg-Kirchberg. The daily work of an RTO #3: new windshields LIST launches a series of short news, each representing a part of the new corporate video to be found on LIST video channel. The third issue of “The daily work of an RTO” series is focused on new windshields. Biotechnologies - Hasselt University students pay visit to Luxembourg RTO Molecular research as a motor for biotechnological innovation - On 18 October 2018, in the context of its activities in environmental research, LIST welcomed at its premises in Belvaux 37 students from the Hasselt University (BE). A LIST Innovation awarded at FNR AWARDS 2018 A LIST researchers team received an FNR Award 2018 for their ‘Outstanding Research-Driven Innovation” conducted all along the development of the VECTOR500 SIMS, a unique technology First BIMEET training delivered in Luxembourg In the context of its activities related to the “BIM-based EU-wide Standardized Qualification Framework for achieving Energy Efficiency Training” (BIMEET) project, LIST and the House of Training​​​​​​​ organized a training on the use of BIM for energy efficiency in building, on 12 October 2018 in Luxembourg. The daily work of an RTO #2: Smart Tyres LIST launches a series of short news, each representing a part of the new corporate video to be found on LIST video channel. The second issue of “The daily work of an RTO” series is focused on smart tyres. A new technique for solar cells improvement in “Nature Energy” With Swiss and Japanese colleagues, LIST researchers co-authored a paper published in Nature Energy highlighting a new fabrication technique that makes silicon solar cells more efficient. A new labour agreement for LIST employees Two years after the signing of its first Collective Labour Agreement, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has successfully renegociated a union contract for a period of 3 years. Resurrection plants work recognised by peers At the FEBES workshop ReHope, two LIST researchers were awarded for their posters relative to their work about the resurrection plant called Craterostigma plantagineum. Internet of Things or Internet of Hackable Things? In the context of its activities in Information Technologies, LIST works in collaboration with the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD): focus on FNR AFR bilateral project “Post-quantum Remote Device Authentication and Data Analysis Protocols for IoT” (CATALYST). Direct printing of sensors onto spacecraft parts With LuxSpace, LIST is assessing innovative techniques for direct printing of thermal and strain sensors onto spacecraft parts. The daily work of an RTO #1: BIM technology LIST launches a series of short news, each representing a part of the new corporate video to be found on LIST video channel. The first issue of “The daily work of an RTO” series is focused on Building Information Modelling (BIM). LIST Catchment and eco-hydrologists at TERENO 2018 On 8-12 October 2018, as part of its environmental research activities, LIST participated in the 2nd international TERENO conference which took place in Berlin (DE) and was organised by the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ, Leipzig). Biotechnologies: distinction pour un chercheur LIST par la Fondation Marcel Florkin Le LIST est heureux d’annoncer que l’un de ses chercheurs spécialisé dans le domaine des biotechnologies environnementales et industrielles s’est récemment vu décerné le prix biennal Marcel Florkin. Environmental protection: new partnership with the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions Within the framework of its environmental research activities, LIST signed a partnership agreement with the World Alliance, chaired by Bertrand Piccard, and the Department of the Environment of the Luxembourg Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure RTOs, universities and innovation highlighted in Research Policy Research and technology organizations, universities and the innovation activities of firms are the focus of a recent paper published in Research Policy and co-authored by a LIST researcher. Discovering Dangerous Asteroids with Pan-STARRS1 On 27 September 2019, in the framework of its environmental activities and more precisely in the space sector, LIST invited Dr Jedicke from the Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii, for a talk at its premises in Belvaux. LIST joins SENSA pilot team in South Africa In the framework of its research project « Sustainable, Environmental & Safe tourism in protected areas » (SENSA2), researchers from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) participated in SENSA2 pilots taking place in South Africa. Lëtzebuerg kann Zukunft: discovery day of a future economy On 29 September 2018, LIST participated in the Discovery day of a future economy, providing access to its laboratories in Foetz. Focus on MAESTRO concept at Active and Assisted Living Forum 2018 On 24-26 September 2018, LIST has participated in the 10th Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Forum in Bilbao (ES), providing a welcome opportunity to highlight LIST's research project MAESTRO. A research career with LIST With 25 job offers advertised at the 2018 recruitment fair, there are many career opportunities in the research and innovation sector at LIST! A new approach in counting polymer blends In the framework of its materials activities, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) recently brought a successful end to its Ecoblend project, conceptualising a new approach in counting polymer blends. Earth Explorer G-CLASS selected by ESA A team of LIST researchers has been working on the Geosynchronous –Continental Land-Atmosphere Sensing System (G-CLASS) that has been selected as one of the three ESA Earth Explorer ideas. LIST Quarterly #2 out now! LIST's trimestrial tech knowledge e-newsletter started in April 2018, with two separate versions in English and French. It is focused on technology transfer and industrial partnerships and highlights news and events at LIST of particular interest to private and public companies. What's new? The smart city of the future Creating cities fit for the future will not happen by chance - technology will be vital to evaluate and build the best solutions. LIST's goal is to equip policymakers with the tools to help create cities where people can live and work harmoniously. Laboratories and Showroom promoted for "journées portes ouvertes Luxembourg" On Sunday 16 September 2018, over 200 visitors were able to take a behind-the-scenes look at LIST and some of its activities during the Portes Ouvertes Luxembourg event. LIST and MET-LUX intend to develop new transparent and flexible packaging LIST and MET-LUX have agreed to develop, until 2021, a new thin, flexible and transparent gas permeation barrier coated on a polymer foil. Optimization of sorting centres for construction waste LIST and Polygone are designing a technological solution to optimize the management of waste sorting centres for construction sites. LIST spin-off attracts North American investors The investment in OAT, a LIST spin-off marketing a platform first developed in its laboratories, by ACT confirms the success of Luxembourgish research. Astrobiology and Earth Observation: NASA and ESA challenges met for LIST researchers During the summer 2018, NASA and ESA organised the Frontier Development Lab (FDL). In the context of their activities in environmental research, two LIST researchers, Dr Ramona Pelich and Dr Simone Zorzan have been selected to join the programme. Research conducted in Luxembourg vineyards LIST and the Wine Institute jointly conduct research into the pests and diseases affecting Luxembourg vineyards and on how to reduce the use of pesticides. Meteorological Bulletin LIST - Summer 2018 LIST, ASTA and MeteoLux have just published the analysis of the meteorological data collected within the framework of long-term monitoring activities of hydroclimatological variables for summer 2018. Businesses: Your views count for research on SVHCs Luxembourgish businesses manufacturing, trading or importing articles are invited to participate in a questionnaire that has been distributed in 13 European countries. #10/10 In brief: LIST RA17 – Design and improve the components of tomorrow’s rubber tyres Over the summer, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is publishing a series of bite-sized highlights from “New Horizons”, the Institute’s Annual Report 2017: Design and improve the components of tomorrow’s rubber tyres. #9/10 In brief: LIST RA17 – Develop materials for autonomous sensors and energy recuperation Over the summer, LIST is publishing a series of bite-sized highlights from “New Horizons”, the Institute’s Annual Report 2017 : Develop materials for autonomous sensors and energy recuperation #8/10 In brief: LIST RA17 – Build one of the best hydroclimatological observatories in the World Over the summer, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is publishing a series of bite-sized highlights from “New Horizons”, the Institute’s Annual Report 2017: Build one of the best hydroclimatological observatories in the World #7/10 In brief: LIST RA17 – Learn to see Over the summer, LIST is publishing a series of bite-sized highlights from “New Horizons”, the Institute’s Annual Report 2017: learn to see. #6/10 In brief: LIST RA17 – View from above Over the summer, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is publishing a series of bite-sized highlights from “New Horizons”, the Institute’s Annual Report 2017 : View from above. #5/10 In brief: LIST RA17 – All eyes on space Over the summer, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is publishing a series of bite-sized highlights from “New Horizons”, the Institute’s Annual Report 2017. #4/10 In brief: LIST RA17 – A clear view on the road Over the summer, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is publishing a series of bite-sized highlights from “New Horizons”, the Institute’s Annual Report 2017. Laos: Satellite maps compiled in Luxembourg analyse the disaster LIST is at the forefront of an international partnership dedicated to the dissemination of satellite data that was formed following the collapse of a dam in Laos on 23 July 2018. #3/10 In brief: LIST RA17 – Make clean technologies possible Over the summer, LIST is publishing a series of bite-sized highlights from “New Horizons”, the Institute’s Annual Report 2017. Focus of the day: Make clean technologies possible. #2/10 In brief: LIST RA17 – Augmented reality as a form of education Over the summer, LIST is publishing a series of bite-sized highlights from “New Horizons”, the Institute’s Annual Report 2017. Focus of the day: Augmented reality as a form of education. Analysis of the blue algae present at Luxembourg's swimming sites LIST’s expertise in microbiology is being put to good use by the Luxembourg water management administration to analyse the blue algae found at Luxembourg's swimming sites. #1/10 In brief: LIST RA17 – Changing lives through games Over the summer, LIST is publishing a series of bite-sized highlights from “New Horizons”, the Institute’s Annual Report 2017. The Libramont Agriculture Fair 2018 - LIST and Biotechnologies From July 27 to 30, 2018, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) participated in the 84th Libramont Fair in Belgium. The theme of the year was, "Who will feed our cities of tomorrow?". Highlight on LIST’s activities in Remote Sensing and Natural Resources Modelling LIST presented its activities related to Remote Sensing and Natural Resources Modelling at IGARSS 2018, the most important scientific event in the field of Remote Sensing in particular and also Earth Observation. Understand and restrict the impact of extreme meteorological and hydrological events LIST hydroclimatology researchers have examined the extreme precipitation and flooding episodes that took place in the east of Luxembourg in July 2016 and June 2018. Drafting an inventory of building materials in order to improve disassembly In collaboration with the AEV, LIST has drafted an inventory of construction materials, and its guide, for professionals involved in disassembly. Optimisation of smart office workspaces LIST and the European Investment Bank have entered into a one-year partnership to increase the latter's operational resilience using digital participatory decision-making tools. LCM2017 post-event book “Designing Sustainable Technologies, Products and Policies” - A success The 8th International Conference on Life Cycle Management (LCM2017) took place on 3 – 6 September 2017 at the European Convention Center Luxembourg. The post-event LCM2017 handbook was recently published and is already a great success! EDWARDS - Energy optimisation of WAstewateR treatment plants through KPI analysis and Decision Support Systems The project “Energy optimisation of WAstewateR treatment plants through KPI analysis and Decision Support Systems” (EDWARDS) successfully came to its end, with the development of a decision support system able to reduce the energy consumption in Waste Water Treatment Plants. International Symposium 2019 – The emergence of the Smart City: Call is open In the context of its activities in Smart Cities, LIST is pleased to announce that the International Symposium 2019 "Perspectives on the transformation of management and public organizations" will take place on 5-6 March in Luxembourg Public opinion of chemicals – valuable allies for research Luxembourg’s consumers are being urged to share their opinions of chemical substances present in everyday objects by replying to a questionnaire distributed in 13 European countries. A new Director for the Materials department Damien Lenoble, currently Deputy Director of the LIST Materials Research and Technology (MRT) department, is to succeed Jens Kreisel as Director of the department. New data-sets about impact of climate change on agricultural pest insects In the framework of its environmental research project SENTINELLE, LIST has developed new data-sets about the impact of climate change on agricultural pest insects, that was presented at the occasion of ECE 2018 that took place on 2-6 July 2018 in Italy. The new showroom under the spotlight for the Fête des Hauts-Fourneaux On Sunday 8 July 2018, 180 visitors came to discover the new technology showroom for the 'Fête des Hauts-Fourneaux' Bees, the focus of LIST's booth at Ettelbrück fair Research activities related to bee protection in Luxembourg were at the centre stage of the LIST’s stand at the Ettelbrück fair 2018. Luxembourg high schools students research the hydrological cycle Around 300 Luxembourg high schools students presented their research and findings in hydrology that they investigated over the last months with their teachers and LIST researchers. Titanium dioxide deposition on consumer technical products LIST has developed a low temperature titanium dioxide deposition technique using atmospheric plasma that is capable of treating polymeric materials as an optical fibre. NEW HORIZONS: LIST’s Annual Report 2017 is online The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is pleased to announce the publication of its 2017 annual report, entitled ‘New Horizons'. A delegation from Thailand pays visit to Luxembourg RTO On 28 June 2018, Luxembourg Research and Technology Organization (RTO) welcomed a delegation from Thailand (Bangkok region) in its premises on Belval Innovation Campus. Paul Wurth and LIST join Forces on data Analytics On 29 June 2018, Paul Wurth and LIST have strengthened their engagement in order to develop Industry 4.0 value creation by seizing the various opportunities offered by data-driven digital technologies. BIM for the Energy Performance of Buildings In the context of its activities in BIM and especially as part of the BIMEET EU research project, LIST works together with its partners to demonstrate and strengthen the usefulness of BIM to achieve energy-efficient buildings. Protecting water resources and bees from pesticides A series of events in Luxembourg put the emphasis on reducing the risks associated with pesticides. CEBIT 2018: LIST at the heart of digitization world On 11-15 June 2018, LIST participated in the 2018 edition of CEBIT among the largest and most internationally represented IT fair in the world, that took place in Hannover (DE). Makerfest Summer edition 2018 or how to interact around new technologies On 21-22 June, LIST participated in the Makerfest Summer Edition 2018 under the theme "Making great things in space". LIST-Goodyear, a partnership well on track Sealed as Luxembourg’s largest public-private partnership in November 2016, the pairing of LIST and Goodyear's expertise in developing the next generation of tyres is more than meeting expectations. LIST Tech Day 2018: Innovation, Luxembourg-style The crucial importance of collaborative research and industrial partnerships to national economic and business growth in particular was firmly emphasized at the first LIST TECHNOLOGY DAY. LIST at Enghian Digital Arts Center Du 13 au 17 juin 2018 a eu lieu l’événement “Bains numériques – La Fabrique numérique”, biennale internationale des arts numériques qui a célébré sa dixième édition sur le thème “Human Future” à Enghien-lesBains (FR). New projects selected by the Luxembourg National Research Fund LIST is pleased to announce the retention of two of its projects in the 2018 – 1 FNR BRIDGES Call and the selection of one of its LIST postdoc projects in the 2018-1 FNR INDUSTRIAL FELLOWSHIPS Call. "Good environmental business practices" conference On June 12, 2018, the Luxembourg Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts hosted the "Good environmental business practices" conference organized by LIST in partnership with the MDDI and the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts. +1500 companies use GDPR Compliance Support Tool for new EU general data protection scheme In line with the Grand Duchy’s determination to digitise and simplify procedures, teams from LIST, CNPD, Digital Lëtzebuerg and eProseed launched the "GDPR Compliance Support Tool". Inspirational girls and women in STEM On 7 June 2018, LIST, together with IFEN, WIDE and its European partners, organized the training conference “How to increase girl's participation in STEM disciplines? Gender fair teaching good practices". eHandwierk day 2018: Bringing together craftsmen and ICT experts On 6 June 2018, LIST participated in the “eHandwierk Day” organised by the Luxembourg Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts at its premises. Meteorological Bulletin LIST - Spring 2018 LIST, ASTA and MeteoLux have just published the analysis of the meteorological data collected within the framework of long-term monitoring activities of hydroclimatological variables for Spring 2018. Compared with the long-term average, the spring of 2018 in Luxembourg was warmer than usual and there was more rainfall in the east of the country. Research meets practice at the 8th Enterprise Engineering Working Conference From May 28th to June 1st 2018, the 8th Enterprise Engineering Working Conference (EEWC 2018) took place at the Belvaux site of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). Luxembourg at the "Fabrique numérique" The Cultural Mission of Luxembourg in France has just forged a new partnership between Luxembourg and the Digital Arts Centre in Enghien-les-Bains with the primary initiative being participation of LIST at Fabrique Numérique as part of the Biennale Bains Numériques 2018 held in Enghien-les-Bains (FR). Training Conference: How can girls' participation in STEM disciplines be increased? LIST will be holding a training conference in partnership with IFEN, WIDE and its European partners, dedicated to best practices and female European "Role Models" to be followed to increase girls' participation in STEM disciplines (sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics), on 7 June 2018. Quebec's Government Office in Brussels pays visit to LIST On May 30th, 2018, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) welcomed a delegation from Quebec's Government Office in Brussels in its premises at the Maison de l’Innovation. The Royal House of the Netherlands pays visit to Luxembourg His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima paid a state visit to Luxembourg from 23 to 25 May 2018 at the invitation of Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and Duchess of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Disaster risk management: what technological solutions exist? On 23-24 May 2018, at the invitation of the World Bank and within the framework of its environmental research activities, LIST participated in the seminar entitled “Technological solutions for integrated disaster risk management in Morocco” held in Rabat. Legal text analytics or how law meets Artificial Intelligence : opportunities and challenges On 23 May 2018, as part of its activities in Business Analytics and Regulatory Compliance, LIST hosted a keynote on advanced analytics and legal cognitive systems. ICT Spring and Space Forum 2018: FinTech, Digitisation and Space At the 2018 ICT Spring Conference, LIST presented its activities and results in the domains of space, FinTech and digitisation. Latest national microbiology research revealed LIST took part in the scientific discussions on the latest research in microbiology initiated during the second edition of the "Luxembourg Microbiology Day" hosted at its premises. LIST duo set for NASA challenge Two LIST researchers specialised in Environmental Research and Technologies (ERIN) have been selected to take part in the NASA Frontier Development Lab (FDL) this year. LIST Tech Day 2018: Innovation "Made in Luxembourg" At its first LIST Tech Day, the institute is presenting projects ranging from nanotechnology to nail varnish on 21/06/2018. L’effet électrocalorique à l’honneur dans Nature Communications Des résultats de recherche portant sur l’efficacité de l’effet électrocalorique et menée dans le cadre du projet Co-Fermat ont été publiés dans Nature Communications. Biotechnologies and circular economy: when the Finnish and Luxembourgish RTOs meet On 2-3 May 2018, LIST welcomed a delegation of VTT Technical Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT): together with LIST’s researchers, they participated in the LIST-VTT workshop on biotechnologies and circular economy. First edition of LIST Quarterly – Luxembourg’s Tech Knowledge LIST is pleased to announce the launch of the first edition of its digital newsletter : LIST Quarterly – Luxembourg’s Tech Knowledge. Luxembourg in the vanguard of the 21st century space race LIST is committed to deepening its collaboration with high-tech businesses in the Grand Duchy and to further development of its portfolio of space-related patents. LIST TECH DAY 2018 – Towards building new partnerships On 21/06/2018, LIST will organise its first TECHNOLOGY DAY at the Halle des Poches à Fonte (Belval-LU). LIST Tech Day aims at highlighting Luxembourg's growing power of innovation by presenting new technologies and solutions in support of any company that is willing to innovate. Collaboration with young start-up Lenster Smart Technologies successfully completed LIST's scientists worked on improving insurance contracts with Blockchain technology LIST among asteroid science players in Luxembourg Mid-April 2018, LIST came together with Asteroid entrepreneurs and researcher at the second edition of the ASIME conference 2018 (Asteroid Science Intersections with In-Space Mine Engineering). Mixed reality, a current reality On 9-11 April 2018, LIST participated in "Designing Interactive Holographic Environments in Grasshopper Training”. Elie Daher worked together with the other participants on how to create holographic environments using Hololenses and Grasshopper. Inspiring Luxembourg Earth Observation and integrated applications Day 2018  On 19 April 2018, LIST organised the 4th Luxembourg Earth Observation and Integrated Applications Day (LEO Day 2018) in Mondorf-les-Bains (LU), with the support of Copernicus Relays and DARES Technology S.L. Construction: improving the understanding of urban freight distribution LIST recently presented a unique topic at Transport Research Arena 2018 in Austria, introducing the CIVITAS Horizon H2020 project “Sustainable Urban Consolidation CentrES for conStruction” (SUCCESS). Improving risk management in the telecommunications sector The ILR and LIST will for two years be working together on a project for the creation of a national regulatory framework for providers of networks and electronic communication services. Scientist medal 2018 for LIST researcher In March 2018, LIST researcher Dr. Petru Lunca Popa received the renowned Scientist Medal 2018 by the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) in Stockholm. High impact photovoltaic research: LIST as a crucial partner Materials- A research article co-authored by LIST has been published in Nature Communications as the result of a fruitful collaboration with the University of Luxembourg. LIST research: preserving bees and the environment Within the scope of its environmental activities, LIST supports the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Consumer Protection in the application of the Luxembourg agrarian law. In this context, LIST researchers are featured in a newly published video of the Ministry. Collaboration between LIST and the Luxembourg Directorate of Defence on research and innovation The new cooperation agreement between LIST and the Luxembourg Directorate of Defence on research and innovation in the field of defence, aims to conduct research and development projects focusing on “dual-use” technologies with civil and military applications, particularly on the fields of environmental technologies, information and data processing and materials. Bridging the gender gap with Gender4STEM Innovation is mainly driven by Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. LIST recently launched the project Gender aware education and teaching (Gender4STEM) co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, aiming at tackling the low representation of girls in STEM education and subsequently women in STEM careers. Contaminated water: better monitoring for better detection After two years of research, LIST researchers have finalized a methodology to detect incidences of water contamination from micropollutants. REACH, CLP and the Environment: 8 events in 2018 In 2018, LIST is running eight events for Luxembourgish businesses and public authorities affected by environmental and/or chemical product legislation. LIST speaks about Green Space in Urban Areas LIST scientist, Dr. Jürgen Junk, participated as keynote speaker in the second edition of the seminar Green Space in Urban Areas that took place in the "Black Box" of the University of Luxembourg. The Chemistry of Atomic Layer Deposition: a unique technique under the spotlight of BeLux3 LIST together with the HERALD COST action and FNR recently organised the Training School on the Chemistry of Atomic Layer Deposition (BeLux3) in Luxembourg. "Chercheurs a l'ecole": promoting exchange between researchers and society LIST researchers visited several Luxembourg secondary schools in the framework of their participation in the 8th edition of “Chercheurs à l’école” event. Decentralising construction site logistics to outside urban areas The European SUCCESS project underscores the benefits of using Construction Consolidation Centres (CCCs) to manage building sites in urban areas, and offers a range of tools to support their roll-out. State visit: LIST joins the Luxembourgish delegation in France On the occasion of the recent state visit to France, LIST, represented by Prof. Dr. Eric Dubois, participated in the Luxembourgish economic delegation gathering more than 200 officials. From winemaking by-product to dietary supplement LIST and PM international unveil a new project developing a health supplement for a wine by-product: ACTIVITIS Contributing to sustainable well-being: after VALUES project comes ESTIMUM On 15-16 March 2018, LIST welcomed its LCA partners to celebrate the successful ending of the research project VALUES dedicated to Ecosystems Services, and to make the state of the art of the ESTIMUM follow-up project. From Luxembourg to Sweden with LIST micro controller Kniwwelino Within the scope of its BeeCreative4Kids – research project, LIST recently participated in various events: LIST micro controller Kniwwelino travelled from Luxembourg to Sweden! Sustainable, Environmental & Safe tourism in protected areas: focus on SENSA successful on-site results LIST is pleased to present the successful on-site results of the research project « Sustainable, Enrivonmental & Safe tourism in protected areas » (SENSA2). ToF-SIMS or analysing the surface of a sample in detail The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) organized the “8th Meeting of French-speaking ToF-SIMS (IONTOF) users” on 15-16 March 2018. Ready for the next stage LIST has officially launched the recruitment process for a new CEO. The successor to Fernand Reinig will ensure strategic continuity and further develop LIST’s position as an internationally competitive European RTO. LIST participates in the Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting in Texas LIST recently participated in the Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting (SOT2018) in San Antonio (Texas, USA). A prize-winning visit to Tokyo for a LIST researcher LIST remote sensing scientist Ramona Pelich scored a double prize-winning hit at the Young Professional event (Y-ISEF) of the 2nd International Space Exploration Forum in Tokyo on 3 March 2018. Life-cycle environmental impact of products in the construction sector As part of its activities in LCA, LIST organised in its premises the information session « Environmental Product Declaration for the construction products ». Composites and polymers under the spotlight at JEC World 2018 LIST recently participated in JEC World 2018 where composites national activities were showcased on the Luxembourg Pavilion. LUXAIR senior management visits LIST On 21 February 2018, LIST hosted a delegation from Luxair at LIST’s premises at the Belval research and innovation campus in Belval (LU). LIST Meteorological Bulletin Winter 2017/2018 LIST, ASTA and MeteoLux have just published the analysis of the meteorological data collected for winter 2017/18 in Luxembourg: when compared to long-term averages, winter 2017-2018 was somewhat warmer with above-average precipitation. Young entrepreneurs from Turin visiting LIST A delegation from the Federation of Young Entrepreneurs from Turin discovered some of LIST's activities in the fields of digital innovation and materials. FDA project results: Fruit Tree Genetic Diversity in Central Asia Within the framework of its activities in the ERIN research department,LIST and its partners recently presented the results of the FDA – Fruit Tree Genetic Diversity in Central Asia project. Kick off meeting for PhD students in Physics and Materials Science LIST together with the University of Luxembourg officially launched the Doctoral Programme in Physics and Materials Science (DPPM) on 23 February 2018 at La Maison du Savoir in Belval. New LIST spin-off unlocks the secrets of the infinitely small In February 2018, Luxembourg Ion Optical Nano-Systems sàrl, the latest spin-off from LIST, spread its wings. It will harness an innovative world-first technology, developed at the LIST laboratories, which allows the infinitely small to be explored at scales never previously achieved. Training options to put BIM at the heart of the construction sector LIST informed construction professionals of the advantages of BIM in their day-to-day work and the BIM training options available in France, Luxembourg and Belgium. Weeds in the field: an identified threat for crops As part of the EFFO research project, LIST researchers detected the main weeds in an experimental field that appear to have the potential to threaten crops in the near future. The 5th EE Challenge - Where research meets practice On 7-9 February 2018, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) organised the 5th EE Challenge. Climate Innovation Lab – A look back at the “Wake up weekend” As part of its activities in Environmental Research and Innovation, LIST recently took part in the event “Climate Innovation Lab - Wake up weekend” at Neimenster Cultural Center. Pearl project “Coupling in Multifunctional ferroic materials” (CO-FERMAT): Scientific Advisory Board meeting LIST recently welcomed for the fourth time the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the Pearl project “Coupling in Multifunctional ferroic materials” (CO-FERMAT). LIST Research Highlighted in The Business Report LIST was recently featured in a special report about Luxembourg’s Economy. The publication gives prominence to LIST's role in the Luxembourg success story. 10th edition of Luxembourg Viticulture Day LIST recently participated in the 10th edition of the Luxembourg Viticulture Day in Wormeldange organised by the Luxembourgish Fédération Viticole and the Institut Viti-Vinicole and gathered the Luxembourgish community of wine growers. Jorge Sanz speaks about Data Analytics at the Philharmonie On 31 January 2018, Prof. Dr. Jorge Sanz, LIST’s leading expert in business analytics and regulatory technologies, participated as keynote speaker in the conference "Are you ready for Big Data era?" organised by the Bank Edmond de Rothschild at the Philharmonie Luxembourg. npSCOPE: LIST and H2020 project partners to develop a new prototype instrument npSCOPE research and industry project partners are working side-by-side to create a new prototype instrument. National Composite Initiative: LIST pays a visit to San Francisco LIST and its partner Luxinnovation recently organised a business development mission in collaboration with the Luxembourg trade and investment office (LTIO) in San Francisco on 25-26 January 2018 in the frame of the National Composite Initiative. Modelling complex systems thanks to SCALEM® technology As part of the 10th Biannual Emergy conference in Gainesville (USA), LIST’s experts in the field of Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis held the 1st “SCALEM® users’ workshop”. Technologies for the digitisation of craftsmen On 24 January 2018, LIST welcomed the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts and presented several of its technological solutions useful for the digitisation of craftsmen. LIST takes up the challenge of EGC 2018 LIST participated in the EGC 2018 conference during which the article "Solar Radiation Forecast with Machine Learning" was selected and won the Challenge Award. LIST transfers its GECAMed software to ABACUS Consulting & Solutions S.A. On 1 January 2018, 12 years after the initial IT developments, the medical practice management software GECAMed®, developed by LIST, has been transferred to ABACUS Consulting & Solutions S.A. LIST’s strategic approach confirmed by new performance contract The Minister for Higher Education and Research, Marc Hansen, on the one hand, and Georges Bourscheid, chairman of the board of directors, and Fernand Reinig, chief executive officer a.i., on the other hand, recently signed the multi-annual agreement between the State and LIST. Polymer processing: new facility and opportunities As part of its “Polymer Processing Seminar” organized on 11th January 2018, LIST presented its newly established polymer processing facility. The new Rector of the University of Luxembourg pays visit to LIST On 17 January 2018, the management of the LIST had the honour to welcome at the House of Innovation, Stéphane Pallage, the new Rector of the University of Luxembourg. LIST researcher Luc Ector co-edits tribute to Professor René Le Cohu LIST invites you to discover the book “Diatom taxonomy and ecology: From France to the sub-Antarctic islands” co-edited by LIST researcher Luc Ector specialised in Water Security and Safety. LIST's Prof Jens Kreisel flying the flag for Luxembourg at the European Academy of Sciences  Prof. Jens Kreisel, director of the Materials Research and Technology (MRT) department, has recently been elected as fellow of the European Academy of Sciences (EurASc). Transport and logistics: SUCCESS project presented at TRB2018 On 7-11 January 2018, in the framework of its research project SUCCESS, LIST participated in the Transportation Research Board (TRB 2018) 97th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. (USA). €1.44bn for Higher Education and Research for 2018-2021 On 11 January 2018, Luxembourg's Minister for Higher Education and Research, Marc Hansen, presented details of the contract with the University of Luxembourg and the multi-year agreements with LIST, LIH and LISER as well as the FNR, for the years 2018 to 2021. Climate change: the impact on viticulture Researchers at LIST recently presented the results of their work on the impact of climate change on grape growing. Launch of compliance support tool for new general data protection scheme To help them in the task of incorporating the provisions of the general data protection regulation in their internal policy, the CNPD, with support from Digital Luxembourg and in conjunction with LIST, has developed a GDPR Compliance Support Tool. Best wishes for 2018! The whole LIST team wishes you all the best for 2018! LIST’s nanotechnologies presented in Iran At the end of November 2017, LIST participated in two major events in the field of nanomaterials in Western Asia and more precisely in Iran. Decision-making support technologies At the World Efficiency Congress held in Paris from 12 to 14 December 2017, LIST presented its innovative technological solutions not only for cities and agglomerations but also for industrial use. Showcasing LIST technology to Luxembourg University students On 15 December 2017, LIST welcomed students from the University of Luxembourg for a visit of LIST’s technology showroom at the Maison de l’Innovation in Esch-Belval. LIST establishes partnership with Electronic-Shop - Kniwwelino available online In the framework of its research project BeeCreative4Kids, LIST is pleased to announce that Kniwwelino is now available. Helpdesk REACH&CLP : Mise en œuvre et challenges des règlements REACH et CLP 2018 marque certes la dernière échéance du règlement REACH, mais elle n’annonce en rien la fin des réglementations européennes en matière de produits chimiques. Les entreprises luxembourgeoises doivent encore et toujours s’assurer de leur bonne conformité vis-à-vis des règlements REACH et CLP. Le Helpdesk REACH&CLP Luxembourg, un service du Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), dresse en ce sens un bilan des évolutions ayant eu lieu au cours de l’année ainsi que les futurs défis pour l’année à venir. Easing the way toward GRPD A few days after receiving the “RegTech Innovation of the Year” Award together with eProseed, LIST is pleased to announce that on 5 December 2017, its industrial partner eProseed was granted the "IT Development Company of the Year" award by the members of the Luxembourg ICT community. Makerfest 2017: Engage in new technologies & become creative in a world without boundaries! On 11-12 December 2017, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) participated in the Makerfest event that was organised at the Forum Geesseknäppchen in Luxembourg city. Renewed confidence for activities aimed at farmers and winegrowers The Luxembourg Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Consumer Protection is renewing its support for the agriculture, viticulture and consumer protection activities carried out by LIST. EU4PhD researchers without borders LIST participated in the event #EU4PhD "Researchers without borders" that was held on 11-12 December 2017 in Paris (FR). Luxembourg delegation to Japan: LIST highlights its materials and IT activities On 26-30 November 2017, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) participated in a State visit to Tokyo (JP) enabling the institute to present its activities in ICT, Smart Cities and Manufacturing industry. FEDIL Business Day at LIST On 6 December 2017, LIST hosted the event “FEDIL meets LIST”, organised by FEDIL, with the aim to introduce companies to the various services, activities and skills developed at the institute. Impact de la legislation environnementale sur les entreprises Une centaine de professionnels luxembourgeois se sont retrouvés autour de la problématique de la législation environnementale, lors de la conférence organisée le 7 décembre 2017 dans le cadre du cycle « Betriber&Emwelt » par le LIST. LIST PhD Day 2017: PhD students and RTOs, a winning combination On 30 November 2017, LIST held its annual PhD day aiming at bringing PhDs from LIST together and exploring the link between research, innovation and business, underpinning the role of LIST as a RTO. Analysis of meteorological data for Autumn 2017 published LIST and CERATIZIT plan to improve high speed machining technology LIST and CERATIZIT have committed, between now and 2020, to developing physical vapour deposition coatings for the manufacturer's future cutting tools dedicated to the machining trades. LIST awarded “RegTech Innovation of the Year” On 30 November 2017, LIST participated in the ninth Luxembourg Finance Innovation Summit and was honoured to receive, together with eProseedRTC, the “RegTech Innovation of the Year” Award. Transport and logistics: presentation of SUCCESS EU project at H2020RTR conference LIST participated in ERTRAC-EGVIA #H2020RTR Conference in Brussels to present SUCCESS project. Environmental disaster management discussed at the GovSatCom Conference On 21 November 2017, LIST participated in the GovSatCom conference that focused on EU GovSatCom developments, integrated applications, security and ground segment solutions, user perspectives and sharing solutions. Space mining: first FNR funded project for LIST For the first time, the FNR has committed funding to two space related projects contributing to the development of the initiative. LIST is part of the two public research institutions who received funding for collaborative projects with the lunar exploration company ispace. REACH&CLP Annual conference On 14th December 2017, LIST organizes the annual conference of the REACH&CLP Helpdesk Luxembourg to be held at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. LIAB Award 2017: A molecule that fights cancer Paul Spagnuolo, a world leader in neutraceutical research and his discovery of an avocado-based lipid that attacks leukemia stem cells are the winners of LIST’s first International Award in Bioinnovation (LIAB Award 2017). Biodiversity in Luxembourg under the spotlight On Wednesday 22 November 2017, LIST, in collaboration with the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure presented the biodiversity monitoring programmes in Luxembourg as well as the efforts to be made in this sector. Improving the resistance of plants to frost thanks to heavy metals LIST has just launched a new research project that aimed at identifying mechanisms of heavy metal-induced frost resistance of plants. Partnership - From Luxembourg to Tunisia, very promising discusions! From 6 to 9 November 2017, LIST visited Tunisia within the framework of an economic assignment which brought together 24 participants, representing 13 companies in Luxembourg. How Luxembourg reduces pesticides in agriculture Involved in a project dedicated to reducing the risk of groundwater contamination in Luxembourg's water resources thanks to an adapted crop rotation for rapeseed, LIST and its partners present encouraging results for its second experimental year. Analyse du cycle de vie : quand le LIST se rend en Corée du Sud Les activités du LIST relatives à l'analyse du cycle de vie (ACV) ont été présentées à des chercheurs et scientifiques de renom en Corée à la fin du mois d'octobre 2017. Progress of the Building Information Modeling in Luxembourg On November 14th, LIST participated in the conference BIMLUX 2017 that aroused interest for more than 250 participants from the Greater Region. LIST at Luxembourg Student Fair 2017 On 9-10 November 2017, LIST participated in the Luxembourg student fair organized by the CEDIES of the Minister of Higher Education and Research at Luxexpo. Data Integration in the Life Sciences: DILS2017 On 14-15 November 2017 was held the Twelfth International Conference on Data Integration in the Life Sciences 2017 (DILS2017) in Luxembourg city. LIST takes center stage at materials summit organized by The Economist On 13-14 November 2017, LIST participated in the Future of Materials Summit organized by The Economist Events in Luxembourg. Environmental legislation: Betriber&Emwelt annual conference On 7 December 2017, LIST jointly with the Environmental Administration organizes the "Betriber & Emwelt" annual conference at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. LIST research features at the 2017 Science Festival From 9 -12 November 2017, LIST participated in the Science Festival at the Abbaye of Neumünster, in Luxembourg city. The Festival, was organized by the National Museum of Natural History and the FNR with the objective of promoting science and technology to the general public and young people. The anti-cancer potential of the avocado highlighted by LIST Paul Spagnuolo, a world leader in bioinnovation research, will be honoured for his work on an avocado-derived lipid with potent anti-leukemia activity with the first LIAB Award. Le LIST se dévoile à la jeunesse luxembourgeoise Grâce aux activités proposées par le Science Club, 12 jeunes scientifiques ont découvert quelques unes des installations et activités du LIST en matériaux et environnement. Les Chambres d'agriculture de France en visite au LIST Le mercredi 25 octobre 2017, le LIST a accueilli une délégation des Chambres d’agriculture France autour de la thématique de l’agriculture de précision. More than 100 young scientists welcomed at the National PhD Day On 26 October 2017, more than 100 first-year young scientists were welcomed with at the second edition of the “National PhD welcome day” took place at the University of Luxembourg at Belval (LU). LIST RESEARCHER DR CHRISTIAN PENNY HONOURED AT FNR AWARDS 2017 Dr Christian Penny, Research and Technology Associate in environmental microbiology at LIST, has been awarded the ‘Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public Award’ at the FNR Awards ceremony 2017. Drone technology supporting environmental applications Fixed-wings, multi-rotor drones and ultra-lightweight hyperspectral cameras, three latest-generation technologies which are useful for environmental applications. Visits of two renowned Chinese Space Centers LIST was pleased to welcome two Chinese delegations, respectively from the Academy of Space Technology and the Chinese National Space Science Center, between October 23rd and 27th 2017 at its premises. Luxembourg, a world-class location for research, development and innovation Step-by-step towards the Champions League: LIST, a workplace for highly talented doctoral candidates. Three team leaders presented their respective research projects to the Luxemburger Wort in an informal discussion. Thyroid hormone: Europe ready to use tests developed by LIST LIST has developed assays, the T-Screen and the ANSA-TTR, for the detection of thyroid hormone (TH) disrupting chemicals. Research on advanced visualisation techniques On 18-20 October 2017, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology welcomed the 2nd annual consortium meeting of the BLIZAAR “Hybrid Visualization of Dynamic Multilayer Graphs” research project. When ICT meets Cultural Heritage In the framework of its activities in IT for Innovative Services (ITIS) as part of the European research project CrossCult, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has organised on 26 October 2017 the seminar "When ICT meets Cultural Heritage" at the Belval Innovation Campus (LU). Data analytics in concrete industrial applications LIST recently showcased its work in data-driven value creation for companies, in a workshop on Industry 4.0 organised by FEDIL and Luxinnovation. Meeting with Solvay representative and French Ambassador On 20 October 2017, LIST was pleased to welcome Dr Sylvie Neveu and Mr. Bruno Perdu (French Ambassador in Luxembourg) at its premises in Belvaux. Using virtual and augmented reality to fight terrorism and crime Version one of the six TARGET project augmented and virtual reality training scenarios have now been tested at end-user security partner sites in France, Germany, UK, Spain and Slovakia. October days for sustainable development On 19-20 October 2017, LIST supported the October Days for Sustainable Development, organised by EIB and the University of Luxembourg. MAESTRO and CrossCult presented at AAL forum 2017 On 2-4 October 2017, LIST participated in the 9th Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Forum in Coimbra (PT), providing a welcome opportunity to highlight two LIST's research projects: CrossCult and Maestro. University of Lorraine & LIST: inter-institute exchange event An inter-institute exchange event between LIST and the University of Lorraine recently took place at LIST's premises. Nettle fibres, a potential plant biotechnology With the CABERNET biotechnology project, LIST researchers are looking closely at the composition of nettle fibres for potential future biotechnological applications. Déconstruire un bâtiment efficacement Une soixantaine de professionnels luxembourgeois se sont retrouvés autour de la problématique de la déconstruction, lors d’une conférence organisée le 11 octobre 2017 dans le cadre du cycle « Betriber&Emwelt » par le Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). Data protection: a compliance-testing tool At the first RegTech Summit held on 12 October 2017, LIST, Digital Luxembourg and eProseedRTC supported the National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD) in launching a tool to enable organisations to evaluate the extent of their compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). EARTO Innovation Awards 2017 The European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO) organised the EARTO Innovation Awards 2017 held on 11 October at the BELVue Museum in Brussels (BE). In this context, the Innovation Awards brochure 2017 - including a tool developed at LIST - was presented to EARTO members. A paper co-signed by LIST in Nature Magazine A LIST’s researcher, Jorge Íñiguez, is co-author of a paper published in the October 2017 issue of the Nature Materials publication. 20th edition of the Technology Enhanced Assessment Conference On 5-6 October 2017, LIST together with the Universitat Oberta De Catalunya (UOC) organised the 2017 International Technology Enhanced Assessment Conference (TEA 2017) in Barcelona (ES). Luxembourg’s Parliament delegation pays visit to LIST On 6 October 2017, LIST welcomed a delegation from the Parliament of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in its showroom at the Belval research and innovation campus. French Management Review Inaugural showcase In the framework of its research activities on the use of new digital technologies for innovation, LIST took part in the Inaugural Showcase of the French Management Review. Sustainable urban logistics: tools demonstration With the SUCCESS project, LIST presents solutions to improve construction logistics in urban areas for European mobility and smart cities actors. Towards a closer collaboration between LIST and Geisenheim University On 28 September 2017, as part of its activities in Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN), LIST welcomed the President of Geisenheim University (DE), Professor Hans-Reiner Schultz. LIST MEETS TALENTED CANDIDATES AT UNICAREERS.LU FAIR On 29 September 2017,The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Techology (LIST) participated at the 4th edition of the fair, one of the biggest recruitment events in Luxembourg. When Poland meets Luxembourg RTO On 28 September 2017, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) hosted a delegation from Poland at its premises in Belvaux. First LIST - Goodyear “On boarding” seminar All of the Goodyear - LIST players involved in the joint programme have recetly met for the first time on for the “First On-boarding Seminar” held at the Goodyear premises in Colmar-Berg. Alzette Belval, towards a new cross-border smart city? LIST took part in a conference entitled "Alzette Belval, towards a new cross-border smart city?", held at the University of Luxembourg, Belval (LU). Goodyear-LIST, an active collaboration LIST hosted its industrial partner Goodyear S.A. for a meeting which aimed presenting the Goodyear programme, and more specifically its Materials strand, to Goodyear's new Global Materials Director. LIST and the Nice Côte d’Azur metropolitan area seek to work more closely together LIST hosted a delegation from Nice on 18 September 2017 from 1 to 4 pm. Perséphone project presented to Francine Closener at "Journées portes ouvertes" On Saturday 16 September 2017 LIST participated at the 2017 edition of the event "Journées portes ouvertes" as a partner of Naturgas Kielen to present its project Perséphone Environmental Informatics at the heart of discussions For 3 days, LIST brought together more than 140 ICT experts working on environmental issues at the international EnviroInfo 2017 conference. BIM technology to enhance energy efficiency of buildings LIST is coordinating BIMEET, a new European project bringing together 9 partners around BIM technology as a key digital support for the energy efficiency of the built environment. IRMA and HARVEY : USA used flood maps made in Luxembourg LIST generates flood maps in real time based on the latest-generation satellite images used by the US authorities to manage the flooding caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Analysis of meteorological data for Summer 2017 published Moving towards a more sustainable society thanks to life cycle assessment Members of the international community who believe that life cycle assessment (LCA) can be an effective tool in the transition to a more sustainable society met for three days in Luxembourg. Management environnemental, éco-design et évaluation des produits : outils et instruments innovants Plus de 50 entreprises luxembourgeoises ont pu découvrir les derniers outils permettant d’améliorer la gestion des impacts de leurs activités sur l’environnement, lors d’une conférence organisée le 5 septembre 2017 dans le cadre du cycle « Betriber&Emwelt » par le Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). LIST's Research Activities at Gromperefest On 3 September 2017, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) presented its research activities to the public around the potato plants at the 2017 edition of the "Gromperefest" in Binsfeld, Luxembourg. LIST’s BeeFirst project: presentation of the latest results On 22 August 2017, LIST took part in a press conference on the subject of Bee Health, organized by the Luxembourg Ministry of Agriculture at an apiary owned Paul Jungels in Brandenbourg (LU). Scientist medal 2017 for LIST researcher On 23 August 2017, LIST researcher Bianca Rita Pistillo will receive the renowned Scientist Medal 2017 by the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) in Stockholm. Thermal imaging and floods: an article acclaimed by Barbara Glaser, a PhD student at LIST, is one of the two winners of the first science journalism contest "Science for everyone!” organized by Présence d’algues bleues dans le lac de la Haute-Sûre : Interdiction de baignade sur la plage « Rommwiss » Dans le cadre de la surveillance régulière de la qualité des eaux de baignade une prolifération de cyanobactéries, appelées « algues bleues » dans le langage courant, a été constatée dans le lac de la Haute-Sûre à hauteur de la plage « Rommwiss ». LIST welcomes FNR ATTRACT Fellow Stan Schymanski The German researcher arrived at LIST on August 1st to work on the « Water and vegetation in a changing environment » (WAVE) project. LIST puts circular economy to the forefront at the Libramont fair During this important fair, LIST highlighted its activities in the fields of bioprocess engineering, particularly biomethanization. A new cooperation within initiative On 24 July 2017, LIST participated in the press conference organized by the Luxembourg Government and announcing a new cooperation - within the initiative - with Luxembourg-based Kleos Space S.à.rl. Environmental management and product design & evaluation: innovative tools and instruments On 5 September 2017 at the European Convention Centre (LU) will take place the "Betriber&Emwelt conference: EMAS and EU Ecolabel". Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard is coming to Luxembourg LIST is very pleased to announce that Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard will participate in LCM 2017 at the European Convention Center in Kirchberg. LIST Annual Report 2016: Supporting Industrial and Societal Innovation LIST recently announced the publication of its annual report 2016. The milestones laid down in 2016 let us envision LIST’s future in an optimistic manner. Construction : lancement du guide d'application BIM et Publication du 'Guide d'application BIM luxembourgeois' et lancement de la plate-forme Rolf Tarrach Prize 2017 for Mads Weber, who conducted his PhD at LIST It is the first time this prestigious prize is awarded to a LIST PhD researcher. His work was supervised by MRT Director Prof. Kreisel. The award also praises the excellent research done at LIST. “Kniwwelino” microcontroller unveiled at Makerfest 2017 On 4 July 2017, LIST participated in the Makerfest event at the Lycée Technique d’Esch-sur-Alzette, supporting kids in becoming digitally literate and promoting creativity, talent and business spirit in the area of new ICT. LIST hosts workshop on multifunctional ferroic oxides The aim of this workshop organised by Prof Dr Jens Kreisel was to identify future promising research avenues in the field of multifunctional ferroic oxides. LIST opens its showroom to the public during the Fête des Hauts-Fourneaux Our staff had the opportunity to welcome visitors and provide them with explanations regarding our demonstrators, thus putting our expertise into the spotlight. His Royal Highness The Grand Duke and three Ministers hail LIST’s impact on environmental challenges LIST participated in the Ettelbruck fair 2017 and showcased its expertise in environmental issues at the biggest event regarding agriculture and the green industry in the country. LIST and Cardiff University co-chaired a session on Building Energy and Smart Cities On June 27th, as part of ICE conference, Prof. Yacine Rezgui (Cardiff University, UK) together with Dr. Sylvain Kubicki (LIST) co-chaired a special session. Inauguration of joint labs between PM-International and LIST This joint infrastructure will facilitate the extraction and transformation of plant-derived molecules. LIST opens up its research platform in a substantial way to an industrial partner. Tangible interaction at the heart of ETIS summer school 2017 On 19-23 June 2017, LIST hosted the 3rd European Tangible Interaction Studio (ETIS) that took place in the Greater Region of Luxembourg, and was organised by LIST and Saarland University. Ministers of Agriculture and Environment visit Bettendorf agricultural fields This traditional visit was a timely occasion for LIST to explain how its researchers's work can positively impact quality of life in Luxembourg, notably through the SENTINELLE project. LIST is in the air at le Bourget During this highly attended and prestigious event, LIST presented its smart space solutions, notably services based on satellite data, and high performance materials used in space. The EnviroInfo Conference will be held in Luxembourg in September 2017 The EnviroInfo 2017 is the 31st edition of the long standing and established international and interdisciplinary conference series on leading environmental information and communication technologies. Information session on the impact of the new Omnibus law on classified installations and launch of the Commodo/CLP Toolkit On 14 June 2017, 90 participants, composed of safety and environmental experts met in Belval to learn more about the impact of the new law on administrative simplifications. CrossCult - from concept to reality As an active partner of the CrossCult H2020 project, LIST participated in the consortium general meeting in Madrid at the premises of its industrial partner GVAM on 12-14 June 2017. LIST welcomes renowned Prof. Ivan Parkin from university College London LIST recently welcomed the renowned Prof. Ivan Parkin for a visit to the Central Materials Laboratory unit. LIST publishes Spring Weather Bulletin The spring of 2017 in Luxembourg was warmer and much drier compared to the long-term average. Improving cities’ sustainability through game: MUV project just started LIST is currently discussing with the city of Dudelange to explore a cooperation around MUV. This project aims at changing commuting habits through a game that mixes digital and physical experiences. A delegation from Oman pays visit to LIST Potential fields of cooperation include collaborative decision making, water flooding control, water desalinisation for drinking production, and Building Information Modelling. Conference “Obligations of companies participating in the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)” On 13 June 2017, LIST and FEDIL held a conference “Obligations of companies participating in the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)” at the premises of the FEDIL. LIST announces new Financial Innovation Centre Luxembourg’s new FITS Centre comes to fill a significant gap in applied research and innovation for the Financial Services industry in Luxembourg and related ecosystems, including the ICT sector. Recognize - remedy - re-engage: the results of the Erasmus+ project LIST and Marie-Consolatrice Private School recently presented the results of the Erasmus+ research project RE-ENGAGE. Beyond Smart Cities, Welcome to Resilient Cities. Positive perspectives or Nightmare? LIST’s expertise has been called upon to write an article as part of the 2017 Edition of the Sozial Almanach for the Fondation CARITAS Luxembourg Fostering digital skills- LIST at the national coalition launch event LIST took part in the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Lëtzebuerg Launch Event to showcase its expertise in the digital skill assessment and training. Session d'information : la loi Omnibus et ses conséquences Une séance d’information, renseignant sur les nouveautés induites par la loi et les démarches en résultant, se tiendra le mercredi 14 juin 2017 au Bâtiment Administratif de Belval, de 15h à 17h. LIST signs collaboration agreement with the IBLA With this signing, LIST shows its commitment to improving quality of life in Luxembourg. Environmental challenges are an integral part of the positive impact the Institute can have as an RTO. LIST participation in the CleanTech Forum Our researchers there established promising contacts with companies in the fields of chemicals, renewable resources and public administrations, building on our ERIN and MRT departments’ expertise. Information session « Comment mettre en place un système de veille réglementaire ? » On 18 May 2017, experts from industry and public organisations met at LIST to discuss approaches and challenges when monitoring ever evolving environmental legislation. 8th International Conference on Life Cycle Management LCM2017 will take place on 3rd – 6th September 2017 in Luxembourg. Publication of a good practices guide for construction A guide on best practices to improve the logistics of construction sites was recently published in the framework of the H2020 SUCCESS project. Visite du spécialiste de l'intelligence artificielle Jean-Gabriel Ganascia Au cours de sa visite, des membres des unités e-Science et LISRA du département ERIN lui ont présenté plus spécifiquement leurs activités. Première journée luxembourgeoise de la microbiologie La microbiologie est un secteur en plein développement, au Luxembourg comme ailleurs. Les bactéries, les virus ou les champignons microscopiques sont en effet continuellement en interaction avec les humains. LIST research highlighted by the Scientific American Magazine LIST's research has been hailed in the special report "Luxembourg’s Innovation Is Out of This World" that was recently published by Scientific American Magazine. LIST participation in the Transport and Logistic Fair in Munich LIST's presence was part of a larger national stand of Luxembourg, jointly organized by the Ministry of Economy and the Chamber of Commerce. Iranian Delegation pays visit to LIST This visit gave the opportunity to discuss potential collaborations between LIST and Iranian organizations on topics of interest. LIST launches new partnership with Tunisia The project aims at the optimization of a new generation of water desalination systems. LIST therefore starts an useful and promising cooperation with Tunisia. LIST showcases its expertise in ICT and space applications at ICT Spring LIST participated at ICT Spring 2017 to showcase its expertise in the ICT field and space applications LIST rewards students at Morpheus Cup 2017 LIST sponsored three category prices: Circular Economy, Data Analytics and Nanomaterials at the Morpheus Cup 2017 LIST JOINS US SPACE MINING ECONOMIC MISSION LIST joined a Luxembourg delegation led by Mr. Etienne Schneider, deputy Prime Minister, the Grand Duchy’s prince and princess on the Luxembourg Economic Mission to the US. LIST’s EU project offers dedicated training for urban couriers The Urban Courier (UBAC) project developed a dedicated training course for urban couriers at a European level. LIST and Circuit Foil want to enhance copper resistance to lightning LIST and Circuit Foil signed a three-year partnership agreement to develop a new generation of copper that could be used for the manufacture of lightning-resistant composite aircraft. LIST WELCOMES RENOWNED PROF HOSONO FROM JAPAN LIST welcomed the renowned Profesor Hideo Hosono, for a visit to the laboratories of the Nanomaterials/Nanotechnologies unit at LIST’s premises at Belvaux. Call for papers on Environmental Informatics LIST invites experts on Environemental ICT to discuss the state of the art in research and application of Environmental Informatics, and how the discipline can help to improve our societies. Launch of the Persephone project The main objective of the project is to position biomethanisation in the bioeconomy and the circular economy. LIST represented at BuildingSMART in Barcelona LIST participated in the BuildingSMART International Summit in Barcelona. 120 researchers brought together in Luxembourg around the topic of oxide based electronics On April 3-5 2017, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) hosted the Spring Meeting of the COST action "Towards oxide-based electronics" (TO-BE), in Luxembourg (LU). LIST's Director of Programmes elected to the EARTO Board Aziz Zenasni's election as a Member to the EARTO Board stands as further evidence of LIST’s recognition among its fellow European RTOs. LIST and FNR welcome Singapore delegation to strengthen partnership on 3d composite printing LIST welcomed a Singapore delegation from the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP) at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to strengthen the partnership on 3D printable composite materials. Appel à partenariat pour l'exploitation des outils de régulation conçus par le LIST avec des régulateurs luxembourgeois LIST and Carlex want to create the windshield of the future Smart windshields could help meet future EU vehicle emissions regulations. LCM 2017: Registration is now open! LIST in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg and ArcelorMittal is organizing the 8th edition of the "Life Cycle Management" conference (LCM2017). LIST researchers go to schools to inspire the future generation LIST participated in Chercheurs à l’école 2017 to encourage students to become the next generation of scientists. LIST contributes to develop sustainable building LIST is doing research to use hemp in the building sector. The results could make this area, the second in Luxembourg considering its size, more sustainable and innovative. An important step in the collaboration between University of Louvain and LIST The signing of this agreement stands as further evidence of the scientific excellence of the research done at LIST, the prestigious UCL being recognized as one of the very best research institutions in Belgium. A look back at the Colloquium of natural heritage, biodiversity and evolution LIST participated in the annual meeting of scientific collaborator – Colloquium of natural heritage, biodiversity and evolution, organised by the “natur musée” on the 18th of March 2017 at the Neumünster Abbey Cultural Center. LIST Welcomes Portuguese Delegation LIST welcomed a Portuguese delegation to discuss future synergies and potential collaborations in the domains of circular economy and urban ecology. Technology transfer: recently published patents at LIST Two patent applications filed by LIST at the Luxembourgish Patent Office were subsequently submitted at WIPO and have recently been published in the domains of materials and environment. LIST announces change in working relationship with Philippe Dubois (LIST would like to announce that it will be working with Philippe Dubois, Scientific Director of the NCC-L, in a different way in the future. LIST PARTNERS WITH PM-INTERNATIONAL TO REWARD OUTSTANDING RESEARCH ON FOOD INNOVATION LIST’s LIAB Award, sponsored by PM- International, honours ground-breaking research in domains such as bioavailability or nutrients, nutrient transport and nutrient effectiveness on a cellular level. SES and LIST to develop innovative Satellite-based business solutions Cooperation between SES and Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) will focus on developing innovative satellite-based business solutions. 16th meeting of the Working Group on Health Based Guidance Values (HBGVs) In the framework of its activities in the field of toxicology, LIST organised in collaboration with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the 16th meeting of the Working Group on health based guidance values (HBGVs) for Mycotoxins. LIST technology on the moon The ispace project aims to bring an innovative mass spectrometer developed by LIST to the surface of the Moon. It will explore elemental compositions of the lunar ice and regolith. ANALYSIS OF METEOROLOGICAL DATA FOR WINTER 2016-2017 PUBLISHED The analysis of the meteorological data collected during this winter has just been published. Connecting Europe. Get-on-board! From the e-SENS pilots to reality On 2-3 March 2017, as the coordinator of the European project “Electronic Simple European Network Services” (e-SENS) for Luxembourg, LIST participated in the conference dedicated to digital public services in Europe. LIST HOSTS THE 11TH INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON VALUE MODELING AND BUSINESS ONTOLOGIES During two days, the presentations and discussions covered topics around value co-creation, big data, auditing and blockchain. LIST and ESA join forces to revolutionize the launch phases of spacecraft Under the framework agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA), LIST is studying the integration of graphene on commercial copper foil in order to demonstrate the feasibility of the concept of flexible supercapacitors of low weight. Semenov Medal officially awarded to Philippe Dubois On Friday, 24 February, the Russian Embassy in Luxembourg officially awarded National Composite Center-Luxembourg director Philippe Dubois the Semenov Medal. LIST contributes to the development of European rural areas NARA aims at diminishing European rural zones' depopulation, by providing training to young farmers. Visit of Prof. David Hannah for the FNR-funded WATER LECTURES series LIST has launched an FNR-funded Water Lectures Series to cover various research aspects linked to water resources management. “TOOP” A NEW EUROPEAN PROJECT TOWARDS A BETTER EU DIGITAL SINGLE MARKET The European Commission TOOP project will contribute towards increasing the efficiency of the Digital Single Market. Moving towards a sustainable and interconnected economy As a RTO, LIST actively supports the Ministry of the Economy, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and IMS Luxembourg in their process of co-constructing a new sustainable economic model. Building Information Modelling at LIST: welcome to 4DCollab project LIST presents its new project 4DCollab and announces the approval of another project focused on Building Information Modelling (BIM) LIST encourages students to take part in Morpheus Cup LIST has confirmed its presence at the third edition of the European Universities & Graduate Schools Championship “Morpheus Cup”, and will be sponsoring three new prizes. LIST wins FoodTech Award for WikiFood® LIST was awarded the FoodTech Award for WikiFood® at the Food Summit 2017. WikiFood is a collaborative platform guiding consumers to find products specific to their dietary needs and preferences. LIST participates in the 9th Luxembourgish Viticulture Day LIST Technology identifies adverse effects on food additive E171 on the immune system LIST contributed its unique expertise in toxicological analysis in the framework of a study on the food additive E171 led by Inra. npSCOPE, A New European Project The npSCOPE project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 and coordinated by LIST had its kick-off meeting at the LIST' premises in Belvaux, Luxembourg. International in vitro toxicology experts meet in Luxembourg LIST highlighted its expertise in the field of environmental health when it hosted the second edition of the “Applied In Vitro Toxicology course”. Malta Shows Strong Interest in LIST's De-watering technologies LIST has developed cutting edge de-watering technologies that trigger a strong interest in particular from the Republic of Malta. An alumni network coming soon The former PhD and PostDocs of LIST, CRP Henri Tudor and CRP-Gabriel Lippmann are invited to join the LIST’s Alumni network currently being created. Training materials for a safe use of agrochemicals Trainers of Luxembourgish pesticide users have now a training framework, two books and hundred of illustrative slides, all developed by LIST experts. LIST at Makerfest 2016 On 19-20 December 2016, LIST participated in the first Makerfest event that was organised at the Forum Geesseknäppchen in Luxembourg city. Best wishes for 2017! The whole LIST team wishes you all the best for 2017! Unique microscope allows unprecedented insight in nanoscale properties of perovskite solar cells LIST scientists in collaboration with colleagues from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, have for the first time studied the nanoscale elemental distribution of mixed perovskites which is particularly relevant for the photovoltaic efficiency and reproducibility. The discovery was possible thanks to a unique instrument developed by LIST scientists. LIST / DefisMed collaboration: on the way to sustainable development in the territories LIST formalises a new cooperation in the field of sustainable development in the territories with DefisMed, a French association working for a positive tourist transition. Fernand Reinig confirmed to manage LIST At its meeting on the 9th of December, 2016, the Board of Directors of LIST confirmed its decision taken on the 11th of October regarding the succession to the role of CEO following the departure of Gabriel Crean. Règlements REACH et CLP, un enjeu pour les entreprises luxembourgeoises Les entreprises luxembourgeoises doivent sans cesse s’assurer de leur bonne mise en conformité vis-à-vis des règlements REACH et CLP en matière de produits chimiques. Le Helpdesk REACH&CLP Luxembourg, un service du LIST a dressé un bilan des dernières évolutions et les défis pour l’année à venir. Research Awareness: Success at Researchers Days Tangible natural interfaces, augmented reality technologies and discussion of new materials, among the main activities presented at the 5th Researchers Days. Analysis of meteorological data for Autumn 2016 published LIST celebrates 200 years of metrology in Luxembourg Luxembourg celebrated 200 years of legal metrology on 1 December 2016 at Beval Innovation Campus. A look back at LIST's participation in the event. A national welcome to the young scientists More than one hundred young researchers were welcomed at the first edition of the National PhD Welcome Day. Législation environnementale à l'honneur pour "Betriber & Emwelt" Ce 1er décembre, la Chambre de Commerce a accueilli la 1ère conférence annuelle "Betriber & Emwelt" organisée par le LIST en collaboration avec le MDDI et la FEDIL – Business Federation Luxembourg. LIST: bringing expertise to companies for their certification strategies LIST recently had the opportunity to collaborate and innovate with Labgroup that is working on its certification strategy together with the certification body PECB Europe. UPCOMING CONFERENCE: “IMPLEMENTATION OF THE REACH & CLP REGULATIONS AND FUTURE CHALLENGES” Companies wishing to become aware of the future developments and challenges related to European REACH and CLP regulations are invited to the annual conference of the REACH & CLP Luxembourg Helpdesk. Smart & Living City : an essential approach for the cities of tomorrow LIST highlighted some of its key initiatives at the Smart & Living City conference held at Technoport on November 24th. GovSatCom conference for European Defence and Security On 23 November 2016, LIST together with SES, the Ministry of Economy, Luxinnovation and the University of Luxembourg, supported GovSat in the organisation of the GovSatCom conference that took place at the SES headquarters in Betzdorf (LU). Luxembourg-made technology makes its way to the stars With the support of FNR, LIST has taken on a brand new 24-month collaboration project with NASA's Ames Research Center in order to adapt a Luxembourg-made technology to space applications. LIST at Researchers Days 2016 On 2 and 3 December 2016, LIST will animate 2 workshops and a scientific café at the 5th Researchers Days, which will take place for the first time in the heart of the Esch / Belval district. "Betriber & Emwelt" : première conférence annuelle Le 1er décembre 2016, les entreprises luxembourgeoises intéressées par la législation environnementale sont invitées à participer à une conférence et un déjeuner de networking dédiés. Innovative material testing with large scale research instruments As part of the research project “Mechanical recycling of polylactide for new applications” (DuraPLA), LIST expert in structural analysis of material conduction visited Elettra Research Centre in Italy and Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland to perform synchrotron testing. The environment: climate change, the Paris agreement and next steps LIST represented Luxembourg in Bangkok, Thailand, at the 44th Session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and attended the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP 22) in Marrakesh, Morocco. Identifying a better crop rotation system for rapeseed LIST and its partners present encouraging first results only one year into a project dedicated to reducing pesticides in Luxembourg’s waters thanks to an improved crop rotation for rapeseed. Addressing the challenges of data science in the 21st century On 7-8 November 2016, LIST took part in the European Data Science Conference organised by the European Association for Data Science in Luxembourg. Goodyear and LIST announce €41M R&D initiative on smart and sustainable mobility in Luxembourg Goodyear and LIST announce significant R&D investment focusing on sustainable mobility and next generation materials. LIST lays foundations for 3D composite printing partnership with Singapore On 15/11/2016, LIST formalised the collaboration effort with the Singapore Center for 3D Printing (SC3DP) of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Materials and the environment to the fore at Entrepreneur's Day On Tuesday 8 November 2016, LIST took part in the Entrepreneur's Day organised jointly by the Chamber of Trade, the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of the Economy. Report on LIST at Mediterranean Economic Week LIST attended the Mediterranean Economic Week (SEM), held in Marseille (FR) from 2 to 4 November 2016. The pooling of LIST’s expertise in space applications LIST took part in a variety of events offering interesting opportunities to highlight its expertise in space technology and to generate new collaborations with both the private and public sector. LIST presenting its activities at the Entrepreneurs Day On 8 November 2016, at the Chamber of Trade Luxembourg, meet face-to-face with LIST experts at the Entrepreneurs' Day. European biodiversity under the microscope A new European report on the diversity and abundance of butterflies on a European scale – in which Luxembourg participated, in particular through LIST – has just been published by the European Environment Agency. A step forward for doctoral training On 26 October 2016, in the presence of the Minister for Higher Education and Research, Marc Hansen, heads of the University of Luxembourg and four Luxembourgish research institutions signed a collaboration agreement for joint doctoral training. Smart cities – an integrated approach for the smart energy challenge With the mission of feeding business and society with innovation, LIST works with specialised experts with the aim of helping to make our cities smarter. Materials characterisation has pride of place LIST devoted a day to the presentation of its materials characterisation expertise. An opportunity for its partners to discover, or rediscover, the range of possibilities offered in Luxembourg. The electrochemical battery – a new key for recovering urine nutrients at source LIST contributed its expertise to the ValueFromUrine project, in which an innovative bioelectrochemical system was developed for recovering the phosphorus and nitrogen contained in urine. LIST develops a collaborative annotation platform A collaborative annotation platform for 3M data was developed as part of the European CAMOMILE project, financed in Luxembourg by the National Research Fund. Cyanobacterial blooms in the water of the Haute-Sûre reservoir: current situation The regular analyses conducted by LIST have revealed sometimes extraordinarily high toxin levels in the water of the lake and biomass at recreation areas. LIST at EARTO Policy Event 2016 As a member of EARTO, LIST participated in the third edition of the EARTO Policy Event organised on 12 October 2016, in Brussels (BE). Change in LIST management Esch-Belval - The Board of LIST announced today the departure of the Chief Executive Officer, Prof. Dr. Gabriel Crean. LIST helps to create a kiosk for the Tudor Museum From 23 October 2016 at the Tudor Museum in Rosport, a new exhibition will open which was created in collaboration with LIST researchers. A prestigious award for the Director of the National Composites Center - Luxembourg LIST is pleased to announce that Philippe Dubois, the Director NCC-L has recently received the highest award of the Russian AM Prokhorov Academy of Engineering Sciences. LIST signs strategic collaboration agreement with health and beauty product leader PM International AG For the five coming years, LIST and PM International will collaborate on innovative bio-based supplements for health, fitness, wellness and beauty product lines. The circular economy comes to OekoFoire 2016 At OekoFoire 2016, LIST and the Ministry of the Economy shared a stand dedicated entirely to the circular economy in Luxembourg. LIST meets European talent London and Luxembourg: two European capitals full of talent who can contribute to the sustained growth of LIST's activities. Doors open event a success! On the occasion of the 11th edition of the Luxembourg Enterprises Open Days, LIST opened its doors to the public, on Sunday, 18 September 2016. Retour sur l'édition 2016 du colloque sur les diatomées au LIST Dans le cadre de ses activités de recherche environnementale, le LIST a organisé, en étroite collaboration avec l’Association des Diatomistes de Langue Française (ADLaF), la 35ème édition du Colloque de l’Association. Awarding excellence in research: LIST promotes the 2016 FNR Awards Ceremony LIST is pleased to announce that one of its key partners the National Research Fund (FNR) will organise its annual awards ceremony on October 14 at the Halle des poches à fonte in Esch/Belval (LU). LIST supports the International Workshop on Asteroid Mining LIST is proud to sponsor the International workshop on Asteroid Mining in Luxembourg-City taking place on 21-22 September 2016. L'économie circulaire à l'honneur pour l'OekoFoire 2016 Les 23, 24 et 25 septembre 2016, rendez-vous à l'OekoFoire sur le stand commun du LIST et du Ministère de l'Economie pour en savoir plus sur l'économie circulaire au Luxembourg. Photovoltaic energy: promising research results for PV-Forecast & launch of SeCURE project LIST and the Enovos Foundation present the promising results of "PV-Forecast" research projet and officially launch their new project based on « smart energy cities ». Le LIST vous ouvre ses portes A l’occasion des journées « Top Portes Ouvertes », le LIST ouvre les portes de ses laboratoires de recherche et de son showroom technologique ce dimanche 18 septembre 2016. Recruitment: From London to Luxembourg With more than 80 open positions, of which 75% of researchers, and several dozens of new job opportunities ahead, LIST go meet talents. Best demo award of "Mensch und Computer" 2016: second place for TULIP LIST researchers rated second at the best demo award of the conference Mensch und Computer 2016. LIST expands its European footprint LIST has recently won four new major European projects as part of Horizon 2020 and is therefore reinforcing its position at the very heart of European research and is intensifying the impact of its activities and the scale of its partnerships. Research activities presented at the Gromperefest 2016 On September 4th 2016, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology presented its research activities at the Gromperefest (Potato Fair) in Binsfeld (Luxembourg). Analysis of meteorological data for Summer 2016 published EXPERTISE ON CYANOBACTERIA, OR BLUE-GREEN ALGAE, AT LIST Focus on the recent mass outbreaks of cyanobacteria, also called blue-green algae, in the water of the Haute-Sûre reservoir. Soon back to work for "Betriber & Emwelt" The information sessions organised in the framework of the "Betriber & Emwelt" and “Helpdesk REACH & CLP Luxembourg” activities start on 27 September 2016. LIST Recruitment News The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is looking for new profiles LIST’s first Annual Report available online The first annual report of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology is available online for download! LIST & the National Composites Centre UK sign a collaboration innovation agreement A collaborative innovation agreement was recently signed between the NCC – UK and LIST. Developing & deploying Intelligent Transport Systems in Europe: LIST joins ERTICO – ITS Europe LIST recently became a member of the ERTICO – ITS Europe Partnership, with the objective to contribute to the development and the deployment of ITS in Europe. CROSS SKILL: computer-assisted self-assessment made in Luxembourg The Focal Scan research project led by LIST is reaching completion, an opportunity to look back to the beginning but also to present you its results as well as the project impact! Microbiology: a budding researcher creates a stir with her LIST-supported project! LIST congratulates Camilla Hurst, a young Luxembourg student from the European School on winning the Charpak medal during her participation at the Expo-Sciences Europe in Toulouse (FR). LIST is conducting research on rainfall and extreme flooding At LIST, research is conducted to better understand and limit the impact of extreme weather and hydrological events. Feedback on LIST's participation at the Libramont Fair On 22-26 July, LIST was represented by its Environmental Research and Innovation Department (ERIN) at the Libramont Fair. Zoom on "Climate & Energy: Industry-Quo vadis?" conference & LIST participation On July 7, 2016, LIST participated in the conference "Climate & Energy: Industry - Quo vadis?" organised by the Business Club Luxemburg at the Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Berlin (DE). Des solutions innovantes pour l'espace Le LIST a présenté son offre pour le secteur de l'espace lors du Toulouse Space Show. Residential buildings of Esch-sur-Alzette under scrutiny LIST recently presented the results of two case studies about energy consumption and environmental impacts of residential buildings in the town of Esch-sur-Alzette. A look back at the Bettendorf agricultural field trials annual presentation On June 17, 2016, LIST's researchers contributed to the annual presentation of the field trials carried out at the central agricultural experimental station in Bettendorf. Environmental research – focus on two H2020 projects won by LIST LIST is pleased to announce that two projects were recently accepted as part of Horizon 2020: ‘Nature4Cities’ and ‘SPOTVIEW’. Participation réussie à la Foire Agricole d'Ettelbrück Le LIST a participé du 1er au 3 juillet à la Foire Agricole d'Ettelbruck Fête des Hauts Fourneaux, a real success 170 people discovered the LIST Technology Showroom, opened for the first time to the general public LIST / MIT, a fruitful collaboration leading to a new class of functional materials LIST has been working in partnership with the MITon SENSI research project. As a concrete and innovative result, a new class of hyper-thin, dense and defect-free metal-organic covalent network (MOCN) coatings has been developed. Launch of the Luxembourg Society for Microbiology The field of microbiology, which studies micro-organisms (or microbes), is currently undergoing a true renaissance. For instance, a panoply of chronic diseases having recently been linked to changes in the microbial communities that inhabit for example the human gastrointestinal tract. The Luxembourg Society for Microbiology, recently founded, gathers all actors in the field of Microbiology in Luxembourg, aiming at enhancing the existing capabilities in Luxembourg as well as the international visibility. Trainers in continuing education and training are on the road to certification CERTI4TRAIN, a European project coordinated by LIST, has recently presented its trainer certification scheme in continuing education and training (CVET). LIST and the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing have begun a new partnership on 3D composite printing A high-level Luxembourg-Singapore partnership marks yet another step towards the start of research activities and the implementation of 3D printing technology (additive manufacturing) on Luxembourg soil. LIST results published in Nature LIST is pleased to announce that the results of one of its projects have just been published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature. Zoom on Smart City Energy platform, a LIST technology promoted overseas The Smart City Energy platform is receiving strong and growing interest abroad. We developed the technology in order to support cities in the development of innovative strategies and opportunities for sustainable energies transitions. REACH&CLP regulations: chemical suppliers and retailers also concerned Around 60 participants took part in the "Fournisseurs et revendeurs – Les bonnes pratiques à adopter" conference held on Tuesday 7 June 2016 by the Helpdesk REACH&CLP Luxembourg. Nano particles: knowledge development at the heart of NANION The project NANION – Nanomaterial toxicity – The role of surface properties and released ions for uptake and effects – recently successfully came to an end and the publication of results is still ongoing. Open data as a trigger of economic growth LIST deploys its expertise within the European project BE-GOOD that focused on growth opportunities arising from open data ROQUETTE partners with the LIST LIST has started a research collaboration with the French group with an international dimension, Roquette. Renewable Energy - LIST hosted a M.Sc. course with Johns Hopkins University LIST hosted the first edition of a professional Master course on Renewable Energy and Proactive Climate Change. Transforming the Paris agreement into action LIST's focus on the topic of global climate change is back in the European spotlight CrossCult, a new European project LIST coordinates the European project CrossCult involving partners from ten countries on the issue of digital cultural heritage. LIST and VTT sign Memorandum of Understanding LIST and VTT have signed a Memorandum of Understanding reinforcing their collaboration. Invitation to participate in the next REACH&CLP conference On June 7, 2016 in Esch-Belval (LU), REACH&CLP Helpdesk Luxembourg organizes the conference “Suppliers and retailers of chemicals and articles - Best practice to adopt”. The AGROPTIMIZE spin-off to market the results of a transnational research partnership Terrestrial diatoms: a potential tool in the study of streamflow generation Within the FNR-CORE ECSTREAM project, coordinated by LIST, terrestrial diatoms have been successfully used to study streamflow generation. Strengthen cooperation projects with Morocco A delegation of Morocco was recently welcomed at LIST Let's not be philanthropists, protect our innovations! Luxembourg Intellectual Property Day 2016 was dedicated to public research. Microbes, a central role in biomethanation The LIST coordinated GASPOP project has just ended with significant results and an important discovery concerning microbial communities involved in biomethanation A look back at EARTO Annual Conference 2016 The EARTO Annual Conference 2016 was held on 18-19 April in The Hague, hosted by EARTO member TNO. Producing new sustainable composite materials out of renewable resources World-renowned material scientist Prof Philippe Dubois is awarded an FNR PEARL Chair Hydrological modelling: zoom on Hydrocourse 2016 On April 11-15, 2016, LIST organized the fifth edition of Hydrocourse jointly with the University of Adelaide (AU) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag - CH) in Belvaux (LU). Journée luxembourgeoise de la propriété intellectuelle - 9ème édition Le LIST vous invite à la 9ème édition de la Journée luxembourgeoise de la propriété intellectuelle organisée le 26 avril 2016 é la Maison du Savoir, Belval. Towards more coordinated patient management LIST introduces GECAMed and e-SENS at Med@Tel. International interest for a technology developed at LIST « Smart City and Region Energy Platform » presented in Stockholm to practitioners, companies and academics Flood management via satellite observation LIST’s expertise and technologies in flood management via satellite well represented at international meeting of space agencies Le MDDI pérennise son engagement avec le LIST LIST researcher awarded for paper on personality compatibility in crowd teams On February 27–March 2, 2016, LIST participated in the 19th ACM conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2016) held in San Francisco, USA. LIST article on the front cover of 'Proteomics' LIST article has done the front cover of the journal 'Proteomics'. Life Cycle Assessment of agrosystems: MUSA project Final Workshop The final workshop of the research project MUSA (Multi agent Simulation for consequential Life Cycle Assessment of Agrosystems) organized by LIST will be held on 9 March 2016 in Belvaux (LU). A look back at The European Data Forum 2015: video now online! The video recording of 2015 European Data Forum (EDF) that took place on November 16-17 is now available online. Developing a tangible user interface application On 1st April, create your own tangible user interface (TUI) applications using TULIP, a framework developed at LIST to allow for rapid application development. Building Information Modeling (BIM): seminar in Belgium On 15 February 2016, LIST participated in a seminar entitled “Building Information Modeling – Between Practice and Research”, organized by LNA- Faculty of Architecture (BE). The annual Hydrocourse website is now online ! The Short Course on "Model building, inference and hypothesis testing in hydrology" will be held at LIST's premises in Belvaux from 11th April to 15th April 2016. Recognize - remedy – re-engage: focus on the Erasmus+ project As part of the Erasmus+ project RECOGNIZE – REMEDY – RE-ENGAGE, LIST organized a training week in Madrid from 25 to 29 January 2016. The 1st Conference on Helium Ion Microscopy website is now online! The First International Conference on Helium Ion Microscopy and Emerging Focused Ion Beam Technologies will take place in Luxembourg City on June 8-10, 2016. Life Cycle Sustainability: zoom on OASIS project In the framework of the OASIS project, LIST organized a workshop open to the general public, with participants both from industry and research organizations, on 28 January 2016 in Belvaux. Successfully defended thesis in environmental technologies Congratulations to Bruno Printz who has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Influence of copper nutrition on alfalfa cell wall differentiation through a proteomic approach". Easier access to information on chemicals The REACH&CLP Helpdesk Luxembourg invites professionals to discover the latest updates of the ECHA's regulatory database on chemicals. Luxembourg launches Supercomputing Project European Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger and Luxembourgish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy Etienne Schneider have announced the next steps of the project on HPC and Big Data Enabled Applications. Agriculture and sustainable energy: PhD successfully defended! On 18 December 2015, Xavier Goux successfully defended his PhD thesis at the ENSAIA, Nancy (FR). Miscanthus, a promising biomass crop LIST hosted the annual meeting of the International Society for Miscanthus and Perennial Energy Grasses. LIST will host the National Composite Centre - Luxembourg" (NCC-L) Marc Hansen and Francine Closener presented at a press conference the future "National Composite Centre - Luxembourg". e-Sens project: Cross-border Patient Summary and ePrescription now one step closer to implementation LIST and the Agence eSanté participated in tests to prepare the Luxembourg for the future cross-border exchanges of patient summary and electronic prescription data. A tool to change the course of your career An innovative approach to information security in the healthcare sector Risk analysis for food safety Luxembourg welcomed Bernard Url from the European Food Safety Authority. Moving Towards Smarter Cities LIST takes part in European Smart & Living City Conference on 1-2 December 2015. Luxembourg companies and REACH & CLP regulations Latest developments and challenges related to the implementation of the European regulations REACH and CLP have been presented to the public. At the heart of the global warming negotiations LIST's focus on the topic of limiting global temperature increase Analysis of meteorological data for Autumn 2015 published The end of the HEEL project: from practical experience to national perspectives LIST cordially invites you to attend the final conference of the HEEL (HEalth modELing) research project on 10 December 2015. Austrian Ambassador visits LIST His Excellency Gregor Schusterschitz took great interest in LIST’s activities LIST present at Manufuture Over 800 participants, including LIST representatives, attended the most important event in the European manufacturing industry calendar. European Data Forum 2015 a great success! The event, co-organized by LIST, attracted over 700 data professionals Ninth annual conference of REACH & CLP Helpdesk Luxembourg On 3 December 2015, companies in Luxembourg are invited to learn about developments and future challenges related to the implementation of European REACH and CLP regulations. A European Commissioner visits LIST Andrus Ansip, Vice President of the Digital Single Market for the European Commission, visited the House of Innovation Exploiting Data Integration in a European Digital Single Market! The 2015 European Data Forum, an annual event focusing on Europe’s Data Economy is taking place in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. More than 900 industry leaders, researchers, and policy makers are meeting to discuss the challenges and opportunities of data-driven innovation along this year’s theme: Exploiting Data Integration. LIST is proud to be one of this conference's local organizers. Qualité de vie au travail et technologies mobiles Une matinée de conférences sur les effets liés à l'usage intensif des technologies mobiles sur la qualité de vie au travail se tiendra à Belval le 8 décembre 2015. Come and meet our researchers at the Science Festival! The Science Festival opened today and runs until 15 November. Project focused on health monitoring for seniors kicks off 70 participants from 26 EU countries attended the NEREUS COST Action Meeting in Luxembourg On October 29-30, 2015, LIST organised a workshop related to wastewater treatment in partnership with Cyprus university Congratulations to Christian Köhler for its PhD defense! With its successfully defended PhD dissertation, Christian Köhler makes a substantial contribution to the understanding of pharmaceutical removal from urban wastewater. SYSBIONAMA project results published in Nature The project analyses microbial communities with advanced molecular biology technologies to develop predictive models to control and thus direct microbial ecosystems towards desired outcomes. LIST has signed a partnership agreement with the eSanté Agency for its GECAMed software A new milestone in the compliance of the open source medical office management software GECAMed has been reached. Trendsetter in Plant Disease LIST paper spotted as a Trending Study by the American Phytopathological Society (APS). REACH&CLP - Annual Conference 2015 On 3rd December 2015 (12:30 to 5:00 pm), the REACH&CLP Helpdesk Luxembourg holds its annual conference at the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg-Kirchberg. Des solutions simples pour réduire son empreinte carbone Des solutions simples permettant aux PME d’utiliser les concepts existants dans le domaine de la mobilité pour réduire leur empreinte carbone a été présentée ce jeudi 22 octobre 2015. Two LIST researchers presented Earth Observation applications during European Space Expo Patrick Matgen and Martin Schlerf presented two environmental applications of Earth Observation Luxembourg research for a smart agriculture presented at EU meeting LIST presented at the EU28 Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting the research challenges it tackles for a smart agriculture. Enhanced cooperation between Luxembourg and Japan In the framework of the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the FNR and RIKEN Japan, LIST joined the delegation that accompanied the FNR to Japan. Réduire la consommation d'eau et optimiser le traitement des eaux usées dans les métiers de l'alimentation Une session d'information pour les artisans du secteur de l'alimentation sur la réduction de la consommation d'eau et l'optimisation du traitement des eaux usées a été co-organisée par le LIST ce 15 octobre 2015. LIST researcher wins award for paper on cooperative public transport at 2015 ITS World Congress Marcin Seredynski received the reward for his paper written as part of MOBITRAFF Utiliser les concepts existants dans le domaine de la mobilité pour réduire son empreinte carbone Le 22 octobre 2015, la séance d'information " Réduire son empreinte carbone via les concepts existants dans le domaine de la mobilité " est organisée à la Chambre de Commerce. LIST researchers invited to present collaborative tool for sustainable mobility scenarios at meeting of EU Transport ministers LIST's tangible table attracted attention for its mapping and collaborative decision making applications LIST technology receives Patient Experience Award at Luxembourg Healthcare Summit 2015 The team behind WikiFood was recognized for their work in supporting patients Work of LIST researchers featured on well-read nanotechnology news portal Work by researchers in the Advanced Instrumentation for Ion Nano-Analytics (AINA) group was featured on a popular nanotechnology blog Successful General Assembly CLM culminating in the adoption of a new version of the COSMO model OekoFoire 2015: A look back at the event LIST's first year of participating in Oekofoire 2015 was a success LIST PhD student a finalist in American Geophysical Union video contest A PhD student in hydrology has created a video on the river that inspired her career LIST researcher awarded at SET Plan conference on strategic energy technology Alexandre Bertrand was awarded 2nd prize for his poster on integrated optimisation of waste heat Construction: LIST is off to a flying start this September in the field of BIM Discover all of LIST's recent activity in Building Information Modelling (BIM) Visit of the Grand Duke! To mark the inauguration of the Belval site, the Grand Duke, accompanied by several ministers, including the Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, visited the Maison de l’Innovation where they discovered LIST’s brand new Technological Showroom. “Bridging the gap between science and technology” Gabriel Crean, Chief Executive Officer du Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, a présenté à la presse ce mardi matin sa stratégie pour faire briller le LIST au niveau européen. Learn about pesticides and their impact on water resources at LIST’s stand at OekoFoire This weekend, meet our researchers at OekoFoire 2015 Reducing pesticide use in viticulture ProVino project highlighted during IVV’s traditional visit to the vineyards Environment: LIST is recruiting two Group Leaders LIST is currently recruiting two Group Leaders for its Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN) department. Biodiversity and potatoes LIST booth dedicated to biodiversity during traditional Binsfeld "Gromperefest" LIST's participation in the World Forum Convergences 2015 LIST is participating in the Convergences World Forum organised from September 7-9, 2015 in Paris. Analysis of meteorological data for Summer 2015 published Biodiversity: European Grassland Butterfly Indicator in decline LIST researchers contributed to the European Grassland Butterfly Indicator. LIST's researcher to contribute to the editing of two international journals As a result of its activities in Materials and expertise in the field of biobased polymer and nanocomposite materials, LIST will contribute to the editing of two international journals. SUCCESS to participate in the 2015 CIVITAS Forum The SUCCESS project will join a booth alongside other projects focused on urban freight. Demonstrating intermodal containerised transport in North-West Europe An informative film on intermodal transport trials set up by LIST researchers and conducted last January as part of the European Interreg IVB Weastflows project is now online. Zoom on the topic: Building Information Modeling – 3D Coordination at LIST LIST’s experts conduct research and experiments on BIM and 3D Coordination. A new tool and customised demonstrations for efficient supply chain logistics A tracking and tracing tool for supply chains, for which LIST offers demonstrations in Luxembourg, has been developed by the Ecologistics partners. Best PhD presentation prize for a LIST researcher Benoit Othoniel was rewarded during the World Conference on Natural Resources Modelling RMA 2015. Vers l'agriculture durable avec le LIST Le LIST a accueilli ce mercredi une délégation du Ministère de l'Agriculture. Foire de Libramont: Le stand du LIST ne s'est pas désempli La Foire de Libramont s’est clôturée le 27 juillet 2015 avec un bilan très positif pour le LIST. Two LIST’s researchers, guest editors in the Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management Dr Antonino Marvuglia and Dr Enrico Benetto are guest editors of a Special Issue on the theme of “Computational Algorithms for Sustainability Assessment". La solution de non-répudiation européenne e-SENS testée avec succès lors du IHE Connectathon 2015 Une solution développée dans le cadre du projet européen e-SENS testée par le consortium luxembourgeois lors du IHE-Connectahon 2015 A successful end for the ARBOR project on biomass-based energy With the final conference held on June 9th, the ARBOR project is coming to a close. LIST has moved to the House of Innovation! Discover our new headquarters at the Belval Innovation Campus LIST took part in the second edition of the Blast Furnaces Festival! On July 4th and 5th, 2015, researchers from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) took part in the second edition of the Blast Furnaces Festival in Esch-Belval. LIST will be at Foire de Libramont Come and visit our booth dedicated to our biotechnology activities! Retour sur le BIM-Forum Luxembourg La société Drees & Sommer, en partenariat avec le LIST, a organisé une rencontre sur le thème du Building Information Modeling (BIM). Prize awarded to LIST PhD student Blandine Fauvel has been awarded with the best communication prize of the 7th Water & Health Seminar. LIST researcher elected Vice-President of International Commission of the Coupled Land Surface – Atmosphere System Foire Agricole d'Ettelbruck: First participation for LIST was a success The Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN) department had a stand at the 2015 edition of the agricultural fair. A LIST innovation in the spotlight The international multimedia news agency Thomson Reuters paid a visit to LIST’s materials laboratory to discover one of its innovations. Ecologistics comes to a successful close with the demonstration of a tracking and tracing solution for efficient supply chain logistics The Ecologistics project closed with the final conference held on June 5th, 2015. Focus on plant protection at the 2015 edition of the "Foire Agricole d'Ettelbrück” On Friday, meet our researchers at the agricultural fair "Foire Agricole d'Ettelbrück". Retour sur la conférence finale du projet LaMiLo Des experts de la logistique, des décideurs et des universitaires ont été invités à débattre des solutions qui rendront les livraisons du dernier kilomètre, plus efficace et durable lors de la conférence finale du projet LaMiLo qui a eu lieu le 24 Juin 2015 à Bruxelles, Belgique. Nanomaterials and Composites : eyes on Dresden LIST joined a trade mission to Dresden, Germany to discover the key players in the field of materials. FullComp project launches with aim of developing training in composite materials New Horizon 2020 project FullComp to provide multidisciplinary training for the composite materials sector Visit to the Bettendorf agricultural test fields by the Minister of Agriculture The results of the SENTINELLE project were presented on 19 June in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture. EcoTransFaire : l'écorénovation et l'écoconstruction comme levier pour dynamiser la Grande Région Retour sur l'événement de restitution du projet transfrontalier EcoTransFaire : bilan et défis à venir International Paris Air Show 2015: Etienne Schneider meets LIST in Paris Etienne Schneider, Luxembourg Minister of Economy, met with the LIST team at the International Paris Air Show in Paris, France LIST researcher appointed to Scientific Committee of the COST association Dr Jenny Renaut has been appointed as a member of the Scientific Committee of the European COST association ResilieNtWEB coming to a close after three years of successful collaboration with SMEs The ResilieNtWEB project is closing, after successfully helping SMEs to increase their resilience through support and interactive tools. INNERS : Significant reduction of energy consumption of wastewater treatment plants The INNERS research project closes with excellent results. Discover our activities at the International Paris Air Show Next week, meet LIST researchers at the International Paris Air Show 8th professional master's degree for information systems security specialists Registrations are now open for the 2015/2017 cohort for Master in Information Systems Security Management Analysis of meteorological data for spring 2015 published Climate and energy: LIST researchers rise to the challenge LIST welcomed a delegation from the Chamber of Deputies on two themes Nouvel étiquetage de danger pour les produits chimiques Entrée en vigueur du nouvel étiquetage de danger pour les produits chimiques 16th professional master's degree “MIAGE” for IT specialists Registrations are now open for the 2015/2017 cohort for Master MIAGE, Specialisation in IT and Innovation Air quality forecasting – the cornerstone of a partnership between Airboxlab and LIST In partnership with the Airboxlab company, researchers from the LIST are using Data Analytics techniques to forecast air quality. Green Building Solutions Awards 2015, le concours international de solutions pour le climat Partenaire du média social Construction21 Luxembourg, le LIST vous invite à vous informer sur la 3ème édition du concours. Retour sur la Journée de l’Education dédiée à la Sécurité de l'Information (ISED 2015) Retour sur la première édition de la Journée de l'Education dédiée à la Sécurité de l'Information organisée le 22 mai 2015 au campus Kirchberg. Innovative solutions to improve the logistics management of urban construction sites On 26 and 27 May, the kick-off meeting of the European research project SUCCESS was held in Luxembourg, with LIST as project coordinator. LIST researchers collaborating with the Tudor Museum LIST researchers will co-develop a new exhibition at the Tudor Museum 80 entrepreneurs at LIST! The institute took an active part in the Business Meets Research organized by Luxinnovation Une stratégie résiliente pour innover en entreprise Ce 2 juin 2015, le LIST et les partenaires du projet ResilieNtWEB proposent aux professionnels de découvrir comment s'inspirer, dans leurs activités, des innovations issues de la nature. International experts community in LCA and sustainable development strategies met in Luxembourg LIST hosted on the 11th and 12th May 2015 the 9th edition of the Society and Materials Conference. LIST co-hosting the first annual Information Security Education Day LIST will co-host the first annual Information Security Education Day to share new knowledge on key topics in security and privacy 5th professional master's degree for logistics specialists Registrations are now open for the 2015/2017 cohort for the Master in Supply Chain Management LIST PhD student awarded at E-MRS 2015 Spring Meeting Guillaume Nataf, a PhD student in the Materials Research and Technology (MRT) department, received a Graduate Student Award at the E-MRS 2015 Spring Meeting New video online: "From the field to space, a cartography to better understand floods" Zoom on a new video published as part of ERIN's water security and safety activities LIST spin-off Open Assessment Technologies winner of two major industry awards for open source TAO® solution The open source assessment solution TAO® from LIST spin-off Open Assessment Technologies S.A. has recently won two major awards in the field of education technology New video online: "From research to business: the TAO® success story" Zoom on LIST activities in the field of technology-based assessment and the TAO® success story. Interest from Morocco in the technologies developed at LIST LIST participated at the Logismed trade show held in Casablanca from 12 to 14 May. "Green Innovation Award" for Naturhome SA Congratulations to the winners! 10th professional master's degree for quality specialists Registrations are now open for the 2015/2017 cohort for the Master in Quality Management A look back at EARTO & EIRMA Annual Conference 2015 Pictures, videos, press coverage and presentations are available on the website conference. Strong LIST presence at E-MRS 2015 Spring Meeting MRT researchers will take part in the 2015 E-MRS Spring Meeting from May 11-15, 2015 Transport Logistic 2015: François Bausch meets LIST in Munich On May 6, 2015, François Bausch, Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, met LIST at the "transport logistic 2015" trade fair in Munich, Germany. GECAMed, first Luxembourgish software to obtain IHE conformity The interoperability of GECAMed with other solutions available for professionals in the healthcare sector is demonstrated. Transfert de technologies vers le secteur de la logistique marocain Les technologies développées par le LIST pour le secteur de la logistique présentes au salon Logismed de Casablanca. « Commodo-Incommodo » : Octroi et suivi des autorisations d’exploitation pour les PME industrielles et artisanales Plus de 120 participants ont pris part à la séance d'information "Commodo-Incommodo". Discover LIST four professional masters degrees Registrations are now open for the 2015/2017 cohort for the four professional masters degrees offered by LIST. Director of the ITIS department a keynote speaker at IEEE RCIS 2015 conference Prof. Eric Dubois will be a keynote speaker at the IEEE 9th International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS). eHealth the focus at Med-e-Tel From April 22-24, 2015, LIST researchers took part in the 13th edition of Med-e-Tel. The who’s who of European research gathered in Luxembourg The annual conference of the European Association of Research and Technology Organizations is currently underway in Luxembourg City. For the first time, the conference has been co-organized in association with the European Industrial Research Management Association. A key focus of the event is the issue of infrastructure sharing, an area in which Luxembourg is already active. Meet LIST researchers at transport logistic 2015 LIST will be part of one of the two Luxembourg Pavilions at transport logistic 2015 20 participants attended "Hydrocourse 2015" Environmental modellers increasingly require practical and robust approaches for model development and evaluation. Deliveries in the Luxembourg City’s Gare district put under the microscope The results of a study carried out last year on freight transport in Luxembourg City’s Gare district have just been published. Calculate your greenhouse gas emissions and learn about areas for further action On April 23, 2015, about forty participants had the chance to discover “Betriber & CO2”, a tool developed by LIST. 180 European researchers brought together in Luxembourg around the theme of imaging spectroscopy From April 14-16, 2015, more than 180 researchers gathered in Luxembourg for the 9th EARSeL workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy. Great success for LIST at Hannover Messe Last week, April 13-17, 2015, in Hanover, Germany, six LIST researchers participated in Hannover Messe at the Luxembourg Pavilion organised by the Ministry of Economy. Learn about the granting and monitoring of SME operating permits An information session about the procedures for the granting and the monitoring of operating permits for industrial and craft SMEs will be held on May 7th, 2015. LIST a strong player in Luxembourg’s Horizon2020 success with six projects accepted Six LIST projects have been accepted in the Horizon2020 programme so far. Discover LIST's activities at Med-e-Tel LIST participates in the 13th edition of Med-e-Tel 8th Luxembourg Intellectual Property Day The 8th Luxembourg Intellectual Property Day will be held on Monday April 27, 2015. EARSel SIG Imaging Spectroscopy workshop 2015: 180 experts to meet in Luxembourg LIST and Trier University will jointly host the 9th edition of the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL) Special Interest Group on Imaging Spectroscopy workshop from April 14-16, 2015. Success in the USA for LIST’s spin-off OAT and its Open Source assessment platform TAO® TAO, an assessment platform developed by LIST spin-off OAT, has been chosen by PARCC for a large-scale assessment programme in the USA. Valortech project welcomes university students to its bioenergy installation Representatives of LIST's Valortech project welcomed a group of university students to the Valortech bioenergy installation in Friidhaff, Diekirch. LIST PhD student taking part in virtual poster conference NANOPOSTER 2015 A LIST PhD student is presenting a poster on the effects of silver nanoparticles on a common freshwater crustacean Gammarus fossarum. Chemical products and CLP regulations: companies getting ready for the new system Feedback on the conference “CLP 2015: classification and labelling of mixtures – Communication for safe use of chemicals” Participation of LIST in the Luxembourg space cluster mission to California Two LIST collaborators joined the recent Luxembourg space cluster mission to California with the aim of making new strategic contacts in the aerospace, satellite and composite materials sectors. Meet our researchers at "Hannover Messe" LIST is part of the Luxembourg Pavilion at the Hannover Messe 2015 A look back at LIST's Masters Open Day On April 2, 2015, LIST opened its doors to the public to present LIST Masters, organised in partnership with the universities of the Greater Region. Les polymères à l'honneur: visitez le site Internet de GFP'15! Découvrez le site web dédié au 44ème colloque national du Groupe Français d’études et d’applications des Polymères (GFP). Tangible User Interface for logistics in Morocco The LIST and the Cluster for Logistics hosted a Moroccan delegation on 23 and 24 March in the context of a project to use a technology demonstrator for collaborative decision making in areas such as logistics or management of extreme weather events. The new generation is coming! Two students supported by LIST honoured in "European Schools Science Symposium" and "Jonk Fuerscher" competition. LIST & Sandvik Machining Solutions have started a collaborative project in the field of nano-composite coatings for tooling systems A LIST researcher awarded by the Société des Sciences médicales du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg Dr Christian Penny has been awarded the 2014 best short communication prize. LIST well represented at the French competition "My thesis explained in 180 seconds" Blandine Fauvel, PhD student at LIST, awarded with the high-school students prize STORK 2.0 launches 4 real-life pilots STORK 2.0 announces the launch of the real-life pilots eLearning Qualifications, eBanking, Public Services for Business and eHealth Zoom on a top story: “e-SENS: digitising government services across Europe“ As the coordinator of the European project e-SENS for Luxembourg, LIST invites you to read a recently published article. Portes ouvertes des Masters professionnels Découvrez les Masters professionnels du LIST organisés en partenariat avec les universités de la Grande Région, dédiés à la qualité, à la logistique, à l’informatique et l’innovation, et à la sécurité des systèmes d’information. Zoom on P4ITS network : expertise sharing LIST, a partner of the EU co-funded network P4ITS - Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) for ITS. CLP 2015 : classification et étiquetage des mélanges Communication pour une utilisation sûre des produits chimiques Conference on materials research Yesterday's conference "Les Jeudis des Sciences" was dedicated to materials. A paper co-signed by LIST in Nature Physics A LIST’s researcher is co-author of a paper published in the March 2015 issue of the prestigious monthly scientific journal Nature Physics. Analysis of meteorological data for the winter 2014/2015 published In Luxembourg, wildcats and domestic cats also like flirting! New video on BIODIV project about wildcats in Luxembourg published on LIST YouTube channel! 25 people attended the "Advanced course on detection, quantification and modelling strategies for environmental Engineered NanoMaterials" Visit of a delegation from Toyota Motor Corporation On March 4, 2015, the LIST hosted a delegation from Toyota Motor Corporation. The new face of Luxembourg research and innovation Gabriel Crean, Chief Executive Officer of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, was presented Thursday at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. He will aim to bring the LIST to European level. LIST researcher awarded by Chinese Government Dr Fan Xu gets the 2014 Chinese government award: “Outstanding self-financed PhD thesis abroad”. Circular economy applied to business sites The "C2C BIZZ" project's European partners make available to companies and industrial numerous guides and tools for the implementation of the Cradle to Cradle methodology on business site. Sectoral Mission in Turkey: from space technologies to automotive LIST participated in the "Automotive" delegation in the framework of the official sectoral mission in Turkey. "Betriber an Emwelt" : 2015 Information Sessions A dozen of information sessions on topics related to the environment are proposed in 2015 by LIST, with the Environment Administration, as part of the "Betriber an Emwelt" event series. “Réseau Benelux d’Expertise Energétique”, new network, new perspectives LIST, member of the recently launched « Réseau Benelux d’Expertise Energétique » Informing farmers about the new CLP regulation Farmers attended workshops on the new European Regulation on the classification, packaging and labelling (CLP) of chemical mixtures. Preliminary results of MUSA project to be presented The partners of MUSA project organise workshop to present preliminary results. Participation in the sectorial mission in Turkey LIST participated in the seminar dedicated to space technologies and organised within the frame of the official sectorial mission in Turkey. Discover "C2C BIZZ" project final results "C2C BIZZ" project's 11 European partners will meet in Luxembourg on 24th February to present the results of this Interreg IVB research project. La Wallonie s'intéresse au LIST Présentation du LIST et ses activités à Paul Magnette, Ministre-président de la Région Wallonne, en visite à Luxembourg. Transfert de technologie: mission réussie au Maroc! Dans le cadre d'une convention de collaboration avec le Ministère des Affaires Etrangères du Luxembourg, le LIST encourage le transfert de technologies au Maroc. Viticulture: progress, risks and opportunities LIST and REACH&CLP Helpdesk Luxembourg at the 7th edition of the "Lëtzebuerger Wäibaudag" Average annual temperatures are increasing LIST experts answer to questions from RTL Doors Open at LIST professional Masters Discover our professional Masters in quality, logistics, IT & innovation, and security of information systems! Presentation of the results of the european project Weastflows The outcomes of four years of work with 22 partners in Transport and Logistics in the North West Europe Corridor. 150 specialists meet to discuss knowledge extraction and management From 27 to 30 January 2015, 150 specialists in knowledge extraction and management and representatives of companies from a variety of sectors meet at the Abbaye de Neumünster in Luxembourg-Grund for the 15th International Conference on Knowledge Extraction and Management. Knowledge Extraction and Management: 150 experts will meet in Luxembourg LIST welcomes from January 27th to January 30th, 2015, the 15th edition of the international conference on Knowledge Extraction and Management. Upcoming changes in the classification, packaging and labelling of chemical products: winegrowers keep themselves informed REACH&CLP Helpdesk runs several workshops for users of plant protection products The journal Animal highlights a LIST publication A scientific article of LIST's "Environmental Research and Innovation" department has been highlighted as "article of the month" by the journal Animal Study on the impact of land use on recent bee colony losses presented at LIST Bee keepers and collaborators of veterinary and agricultural administrations of Luxembourg met at LIST to join a presentation of results from the project BeeFirst. Scientific visit in the domain of water management LIST welcomes two Tunisian scientific visitors on the topic of the re-use of waste water in industry and agriculture The first Board of Directors of the LIST The Board of Directors of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) met for the first time on Wednesday, January 14, 2015, nearly a month after being appointed by the Government upon proposal of the Minister responsible for research in the public sector. Nanoparticles explained to the younger public LIST co-produced an animated film about the effects of nanoparticles on the environment and health Happy new year! The law published on 29/12 The law of 3 December 2014 that focuses on the organization of public research centres and deciding the creation of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has been published on 29 December in the Memorial. It shall come into force on 1 January 2015. A renowned CEO Professor Gabriel Crean, current Vice President of CEAtech, will assume the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) on 1 April 2015. His nomination was retained Wednesday 14 December 2014 during the Board of Directors’ meeting of the CRPs Gabriel Lippmann and Henri Tudor. As required by the law, it must still be formally approved at the new LIST Board of Directors’ meeting on 14 January 2015. LIST's Board of directors appointed The Government has appointed the Board of directors of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) upon the proposal by the Minister responsible for Research in the public sector. Un nouvel instrument à haut potentiel Le futur Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology s’équipe d’un nouvel instrument de pointe unique dans la Grande Région. Il confirme ainsi son partenariat avec la société Zeiss, qui mise sur le know-how "made in Luxembourg"