Agriculture & Viticulture

As a farmer or winegrower, a cooperative, an administration working for the sector, an agricultural consultant, or an agro-food company, you are constantly asked to meet new needs and increased quality and food safety requirements.

All of this happens in a context of intense competition, climate change, growing consumers' scepticism and increasingly stringent regulations for the protection of resources and the environment.

LIST can help you in the following areas:

  • Crop protection
  • Precision agriculture
  • Food safety & quality
  • Alternative crops
  • Organic farming

We also offer a series of technology services through our platform: analytical chemistry, integrative biology, bioprocessing engineering, high-performance computing, as well as an Observatory for the Climate and the Environment. + Learn more

Finally, benefit from the support of the REACH&CLP Luxembourg Helpdesk, which helps you to use products complying with REACH (registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals) and CLP (classification, labelling and packaging of chemical substances and mixtures) regulations. + Learn more

Our partners: Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Consumer Protection, Agriculture Technical Services Administration (ASTA), Water Management AdministrationInstitut Viti-Vinicole, International Viticulture and Enology Society (IVES)


Prof. Dr Lucien HOFFMANN
Prof. Dr Lucien HOFFMANN

Director of Environmental Research and Innovation department

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