As an industrial business or supplier, you probably have many challenges to overcome:

  • the creation and development of new and sustainable business opportunities;
  • the understanding of mechanisms/phenomena responsible for failure in your polymeric and (nano)composite materials;
  • the production and in depth characterization of novel grades of high performance materials based on thermoplastic, thermosetting and elastomeric matrices, particularly built on bio-based starting building blocks;
  • the design, synthesis, (reactive) processing and durability of high performance and multi-functional polymer-based (nano)composites;
  • the possibility to host industrial (semi-)pilot lines, particularly in the frame of the National Composite Center-Luxembourg (NCC-L) integrated at LIST.

LIST can adequately support you regarding every of these aspects and help you take a decisive step forward, in areas related to: automotive, public transportation, aeronautic, electronic, construction, textile, sport, packaging, biomedical, etc.

We also offer a variety of services: reactive processing, reactive extrusion, out of autoclave processing, controlled polymerization reactions, surface treatment and functionalization by plasma technology, molecular characterization, physicochemical characterization, determination of the thermal and mechanical properties, durability studies, barrier property, rheology of polymers/polymer blends and (nano)filled polymers, multi-scale morphological characterization, fire/flame resistance behavior, modeling and simulation.

Some examples of realisations: bio-based thermosetting resins (lignin and nanocellulose-based materials), compatilbiized polymer blends and related nano composite materials, finite element modeling of structural composite for aeronautic applications, high performance flame-resistant coatings and fabrics, etc.


Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

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