“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

IT processes make up an essential part of the infrastructure of most companies, which rely on them as the basis for their everyday operations. It is therefore vital for these processes to operate smoothly and efficiently. But how can the state of these processes be objectively measured? How can organizations identify the weaknesses and the potential opportunities for improvement of their IT processes? The market needed a robust, objective, open and vendor neutral solution for the reliable assessment of processes, whatever the field of activity or type of organization.


Based on the ISO standard for process assessment (ISO/IEC 15504-33000), TIPA® offers a structured approach to determining the capability of processes by measuring to what extent they are performed, managed, established, predictable or continuously optimized.

The TIPA framework helps organizations to get a clear view of their current practices in a particular domain by comparing these practices to the state of the art, so that the current status of the processes can be measured and appropriate suggestions for process improvement made.

Initially developed for the assessment of ITIL® processes, TIPA® can now be used to assess processes of various disciplines including IT Service Management, Information Security Management, or Electronic Record Management. Moreover, TIPA is a modular framework that makes it possible to perform assessments across several of these domains. Thus, by combining different process descriptions, TIPA can be used to assess, in one go, the processes of an integrated management system (based on ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001, and ISO 9001 for example).


TIPA® is a turnkey solution for IT process assessment that:

  • is supported by an exhaustive toolbox that provides templates and tools for every single step of the assessment process
  • relies on a set of ready-to-use public (ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 12207, etc.) and private (ITIL®, PSDC, Cobit 5, etc.) process assessment models
  • provides assessment results that can be benchmarked (including TIPA and ISO/IEC 15504 assessments)
  • is applicable to processes of any domain
  • is a generic framework that can be used to assess any quality characteristic of a process (capability, safety, security…)
  • is vendor neutral
  • is a scalable method (offers 3 classes of assessment)
  • is an open, standards-based process assessment framework

Services offer

TIPA® is aimed at companies and allows you to:

  • compare your processes with the state of the art
  • determine your process capability
  • identify the strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement of processes
  • structure the improvement initiative and set up priorities
  • support the integration of multiple management systems
  • monitor the progress and demonstrate the merits of improvement actions
  • benchmark your processes against those of your partners
  • benchmark your processes against those of your competitors
  • support provider selection according to business goals and customer requirements

Trained and certified TIPA partners provide consulting services. On the dedicated website www.tipaonline.org, you can find the list of the TIPA partners to order TIPA Services.

The certified TIPA partners also provide specialized services to efficiently implement improvement initiatives, such as:

  • organisation administration, management of the quality of your services
  • tailored information, inquiries and research about service quality
  • computer information management for service quality (Databases, Decision Support Systems, Content Management Systems, Document Management Systems, Intranet, Groupware)
  • specific IT solutions development (including installation and maintenance)

To become a certified TIPA partner, trainings and exams can be ordered to TIPA trainers/training organizations  (list available on www.tipaonline.org). Trainings can be completed by ordering the TIPA software, tools and publications  to get an effective support for your consulting services (downloadable or used on-line). To become a TIPA trainer/training organization, the courseware is to sell (see www.tipaonline.org).

All those TIPA Services are distributed under TIPA licenses (see www.tipaonline.org).

Development of new TIPA services (or improvements of TIPA services) can be done by the TIPA scientific and technological research services.

All TIPA services, training, exams, courseware, licenses can also be ordered by sending an email at tipa@list.lu. To become a distributor of TIPA licenses, just send an email.

Services Offer for IT-Powered

Support of Process Analytics Analytics: Nowadays, software is commonly used to give support for performing IT processes. However this is not sufficient. Opendata, Big-data, Analytics, and Deep Learning are examples of techniques more and more used in order to customize and optimize the performance of the processes, or even to deploy adaptive processes.

Uniform data model: When using the TIPA® generic framework with different processes and their different quality characteristics, this results in a uniform model to fill-in with the data collected. This kind of model is well adapted for being used by analytics software applications.

Oriented to the specificities of your business processes: The processes of each company are different because they are shaped by the specific concepts (products and services) and knowledge created by the company. The TIPA framework instantiates its uniform model to each one of your concepts. This improves the performance of your analytics because a strong link is made between each data collected and your concepts and associated knowledge.

Services offered by TIPA consultants:

1. TIPA consultants compile and systemize your data in databases and can provide benchmarks with anonymized data of other companies.

2. TIPA consultants help you to pipe the data collected into your analytics software applications.

3. TIPA consultants can also use their own software teams to design, code and install software tailored to your needs.

How to order: You can find the list of the TIPA partners to order those TIPA services on the dedicated website  www.tipaonline.org. Those services can also be ordered by sending an email at  tipa@list.lu.

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