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In the increasingly competitive world of work, where jobs and jobs tasks are changing at a fast pace, it is crucial to have tools that are able to assess competencies (self or others) in an easy and cost-effective manner. Self-assessment are an interesting solution (cost-effective) but sometimes inaccurate when formal assessments seems more valid but much more expensive. Cross Skilltm aims to combine both advantages of these methods.


LIST, with the support of the Foundation for Construction of the Future in Luxembourg (FOCAL), seeks to address the accuracy issue of self-assessment while losing none of the speed and cost benefits self-assessment offers. Cross Skilltm allows for competency assessment questionnaires (self-assessment or assessment by others) to be generated based on any job descriptions or competency profiles. It measures both technical and behavioural competencies.


Compared with formal knowledge tests, very costly to produce and therefore difficult to customise to specific jobs in a single company, Cross Skilltm assessments are easier to create, quicker to take and by extension cost-effective. As the assessments are generated automatically, they can be created in just a few seconds as opposed to several days or even weeks required for formal tests. Finally, on average, it takes just 10 to 15 minutes to assess around twenty different competencies, whereas formal tests may take several hours.

Of the competency self-assessment tools on the market, Cross Skilltm is the only one to generate assessments automatically based on job descriptions using company-specific language.

From a PhD thesis and a follow-up research project, it has been proven (more than 1600 users) that Cross Skilltm is up to 7 times more accurate than other assessment tools. In fact, when you compare self-assessments carried out by two different sources (a self-assessment of an employee and the assessment by its manager for example), the assessments carried out through Cross Skill yield more similar results than those carried out using other tools.


Quicker, cost-effective and more accurate, Cross Skilltm can be used:

  • to assess required or mastered competencies for training;
  • to develop annual appraisal (career management);
  • to facilitate job search (employment counselling);

Whereas self-assessment is the main purpose of Cross Skill, it can also be used for 360 degree assessment in order to obtain direct feedback from an employee’s subordinate, peers and supervisors.

You can order all those consulting services by sending us an email at our contact point (see below).

The Cross Skilltm software for analysing the competencies of your human resources is also available. (A future version of this software will be available as a “Software as a Service” (SaaS)).

We offer also trainings and all materials about competencies assessments to support annual appraisal or job search.

All Cross Skilltm products, services, trainings, and licenses can be ordered by sending an email at

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