Construction projects involve a lot of heterogeneous actors working in thigh cooperation. Build-IT is supports this cooperation between actors. Based on workshops with professionals from the Luxembourg construction sector, best practices related to construction site meeting report and document management have been identified. IT services supporting these best practices of collaboration have then been developed.


Build-IT is a solution built and tuned with professionals of the construction sector. It fosters the use of agreed best practices for the exchange of written information between all kinds of stakeholders in any type of construction project.

Two principal modules constitute the Build-IT solution:

  • meeting report management (assistance for the writing and the consultation of the construction site meeting reports)
  • document exchange management (assisting the exchange of documents between the professionals notably based on structured name convention and requests).


  • Support best practices for file exchange and management
  • Support best practices for meeting report writing and diffusion
  • Can be used on mobile computers
  • Privacy management service
  • Interoperability with current tools used in the construction sector
  • Secured solution
  • Open Source

Potential applications

  • Is adequate for any type of construction project
  • Is adequate for the management of all document exchanged during the construction project
  • Is adequate to support meeting report writing and diffusion (such as on-site weekly meetings)
  • Can be a solution for interoperability between heterogeneous solutions used by different actors
  • Cooperation actions can be monitored and tracked to gather information that can be used for performance analysis, or for contractual/legal purposes.
Research domains
  • IT

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Intellectual Property

The software is available under GNU General Public License version 3.


Collaboration Types

Research collaboration


A professionally supported version is currently commercialized by Sogelis (CRTI-weB).



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Dr Arch. Annie GUERRIERO
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