As a member of the financial sector, a bank, an investment company, an insurance company, a Professional of the Financial Sector (PSF), a support PSF, a consultancy and auditing company, your organizational and operational performance must steadily improve.

The challenge is to do it, complying with increasingly numerous and complex regulations, while at the same time offering new and innovative services.

LIST is working with Luxembourg's key players in FinTech, whether private or public, in two areas which hold particular interest for Luxembourg:

  • creating a smart regulatory environment based on innovative technology which can adapt to new risks in more or less real time and which represents a balanced compromise between regulations and innovation;
  • improving products and services through using big data. The supercomputer project launched by Luxembourg, in partnership with France, Italy and Spain, will contribute, amongst other things, to developing new applications and new services in the financial sector.

Examples of achievements:


A tool which enables companies and organisations to analyse and manage information security risks more easily, more efficiently and more independently.

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Security and telecommunications networks assessment and management software.

Risk management using sectoral models

The approach used for telecommunications regulation has been used to regulate support Professionals of the Financial Sector (PSF). This project has helped validate the risk management approach using sectoral models developed by LIST, which can now be applied to all sectors involved in risk management.


Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

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