Improving the performance of materials used in space

At LIST, we pool our skills in nanomaterials & nanotechnology, as well as in composite materials for a whole series of applied research projects with the space industry with the aim of improving materials used in the space in terms of (multi-)functionality, lightness or durability. + Learn more

We also offer a whole series of materials characterisation and testing services. + Learn more

Finally, we have also developed expertise in digital simulation useful to the sector. + Learn more

Examples of achievements:

EASIMECA project: assessment of an innovative microtensile test for the characterisation of freestanding nanostructured thin films

NANOSENSE project: development of a real-time, qualitative and quantitative miniaturised chemical sensor, enabling the monitoring of molecular contamination on payload surfaces

BLACKCOAT project: development of a coating technology for manufacturing "black" surfaces in the visible and infrared spectral range. This technology is used on the baffles of high-performance optical instruments in order to meet the expectations of stakeholders in the space industry

COSMIC project: development of an anti-static ETFE-based nanocomposite

COSSMAS project: development of software for the digital analysis of composite space structures

ConductivEpoxy project: improving the thermal conductivity of epoxy resin

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