New services based on satellite data

At LIST, we are developing technologies and services based on satellite data for a whole series of applications.

We are currently working on:

  • Precision agriculture: we are providing tools and data to optimise agricultural management, particularly crops, based on earth observation data combined with data obtained from drones and in situ data.
  • Resource management and natural risks: through the integration of air-based and field-based satellite imaging data, we offer solutions in the field of resource management and natural risks, in particular flood management.

Example of achievements:

Flood management via satellites

We have developed a real crisis centre for flood prevention and management via satellites + Learn more







Benefits of our solutions:

  • Interpretation of satellite data in order to extract different types of information
  • Manipulation of dynamic big data from different sources (satellites, on-the-ground reports)
  • Cross-checking of satellite data and ground data (agile cross-checking)
  • Prediction models
  • Simulation scenarios
  • Improved quality of interactions between people
  • Decision support
  • Support for governance

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