Water management

As a public administration, a local authority, a water supplier, a water authority, an engineering firm, or any other stakeholder involved in water management, you are requested to provide your citizens, inhabitants and customers with high-quality water. You must also preserve water resources and aquatic environments, while contributing at the same time to the sustainable development of the economy.

LIST's expertise covers the entire surface water cycle including drinking water and wastewater.

Our offer includes the following topics:

  • monitoring extreme weather and hydrologic phenomena
    • forecasting rising water levels and flooding

  • isotopic and hydrochemical characterisation of water
  • chemical pollution of water
  • assessment of microbiological risks
  • water quality indicators and sensors
  • drinking water and wastewater treatment

We deliver a wide range of services to our partners:

  • frequency analysis of extreme weather and hydrologic phenomena
  • hydrologic and hydraulic modelling
  • flood hazard and risk mapping
  • dating of surface and underground water
  • analysis of sources and flows of chemical and microbiological contaminants
  • development of innovative water treatments
  • assessment of water quality using continuous bioindicators and proxies
  • drafting of Water Safety Plans

Furthermore, our partners also have access to the services of our chemical analysis platform, our bio-safety laboratory and our hydro-climatological observatory.

These partners are notably: the Water Management Administration, the Environment Administration, the Administration of Technical Services for Agriculture, the Syndicat Intercommunal de Dépollution des Eaux résiduaires (SIDERO), the Syndicat Intercommunal de Dépollution des Eaux résiduaires du Nord (SEBES), the City of Luxembourg, the Chamber of Agriculture, CONVIS, etc.


Dr Henry-Michel CAUCHIE
Dr Henry-Michel CAUCHIE
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