Mayamaea petersenii sp. nov., a new diatom from European aerial habitats and a brief appraisal on the morphological diversity of the genus


C. Barragán, L. Ector, and C.E. Wetzel


Algological Studies, vol. 153, pp. 71-87, 2017


With 44 figures and 2 tables Abstract: The analysis of samples taken in different aerial microhabitats in Europe (Germany and Luxembourg) revealed the presence of a new and interesting small-celled naviculoid diatom species. Based on detailed light and scanning electron microscopy, one taxon previously misidentified as Sellaphora saugerresii is here described as Mayamaea petersenii sp. nov. The ecological preferences and a detailed analysis of its frustule ultrastructure lead to propose its generic placement in Mayamaea, followed by a discussion concerning key characters of the genera Sellaphora, Eolimna and Chamaepinnularia.



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