Biodiversity Monitoring in Luxembourg

From the onset of biodiversity monitoring in Luxembourg around 15 years ago, field data have been collected according to standardized sampling designs and procedures with a view to increase our understanding of biodiversity dynamics across the country.

Acquiring such structured data is essential to report on changes in the conservation status of certain species in the frame of EU directives or regulations, to update red lists at the national level or to produce new distribution atlases. It also opens opportunities for the implementation of novel approaches to process and analyse such data and generate indicators reflecting the state of nature in Luxembourg.

Monitoring programmes have recently been initiated to explore the status of organisms providing key ecosystem services. Alternative technological approaches are increasingly emerging as a solution to improve the detection and survey of species across space and time. Citizens are also increasingly taking part as volunteers in a range of monitoring activities across the country.

The time has come to take stock of progress made in the recent years and to discuss on future opportunities and challenges for biodiversity monitoring in Luxembourg.



  • Previsional programme
8.30 9.00 Welcome coffee  
9:00 9.05 Welcome LIST
9.05 9.20 Opening speech S.Wilmes (MECB)
9.20 9.35 Historical background of biodiversity monitoring in Luxembourg MECB &  LIST
9.35 9.55 On the importance of well-designed sampling stategies and standardised data collection procedures Y. Martin & S. Vray (LIST)
9.55 10.35 KEYNOTE -TBD TBD
10.35 11.05 Break  
11.05 11.25 Luxembourg Pollinator Monitoring Scheme X. Mestdagh & L. Cantù Salazar (LIST)
11.25 11.40 DNA-based approaches for biodiversity monitoring TBD
11.40 11.55 Development of novel technological tools and approaches for amphibian monitoring L. L'Hoste (LIST)
11.55 12.15 Freshwater biodiversity monitoring  AGE & LIST
12.15 12.35 Q&A session  
12.35 14.05 Lunch & posters  
14.05 14.20 Monitoring forest mammals with trail cameras in Luxembourg X. Mestdagh (LIST)
14.20 14.35 TBD TBD
14.35 14.50 TBD TBD
14.50 15.05 TBD TBD
15.05 15.35 Break  
15.35 15.50 TBD TBD
15:50 16.05 TBD TBD
16.05 16.20 Q&A session  
16:20 16.50 Perspectives for the future and upcoming milestones TBD




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Biodiversity Monitoring in Luxembourg

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Date: 18 October 2024

Languages: English

Duration: 1 day

Venue: Neumünster Abbey
28 rue Münster, 2160 Grund Luxembourg

Registration fee: 30,00€ VAT excl. (VAT 3%)



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Nicolas TITEUX
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