Fairness in Teaching - Closure Event


How can we pave the path towards fair and intersectional education?

Delve into the heart of the matter with the co-funded Erasmus + Fairness In Teaching (FIT) project!

Join us on June 19th, 2024, as we embark on a journey to explore innovative solutions and strategies.

  • Dive into the immersive world of the FIT training and glean invaluable insights firsthand!
  • Brace yourself for an array of dynamic and inclusive pedagogical tools that promise to change your teaching approach. From the captivating Gender Game to the enlightening privilege STEM walk, the possibilities are endless!


More about the FIT project

The FIT project aims to develop an advanced approach to improving fair teaching practices. It provides professionals in education with tools they can use to make their teaching fairer in everyday practices, like:

  • Specific pedagogical materials in primary or secondary education: exercises, guidelines, games, quizzes, videos, etc.
  • A questionnaire to assess how fair teaching practices when meeting stereotyped situations in education
  • A training to raise awareness on intersectional biases in education and to improve fairness in teaching

Be part of the change! Visit https://www.fairnessinteaching-project.eu/ to learn more and join the movement towards fairer education for all.



(Provisional programme)

  • 16.00 - Welcome
  • 16.15 - Embark on our journey with an Introduction and Keynote speaker
  • 16.45 - Discover the transformative FIT toolbox
  • 17.00 - Engage in a lively round table discussion: Hear feedback from EU teachers who've undergone the FIT training
  • 17.45-19.00 - Explore Pedagogical tools booths followed by a cocktail reception





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Fairness in Teaching - Closure Event

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Practical Infos

Date and schedule: 19 June 2024 - 16.00-19.00

Location: SKIP building | 6 Av. des Hauts-Fourneaux | L-4362 Esch-Belval

Language: English

Venue: Skip Pavilion | 6 Av. des Hauts-Fourneaux | L-4362 Esch-Belval Esch-sur-Alzette

Registration fee: The registration is free of charge, but mandatory.


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