Gender4STEM training for teachers

Gender aware education and teaching

As part of the Gender 4 STEM project, LIST and Women in Digital Luxembourg, along with its European partners, invite secondary-level teachers to participate in a training pilot session. The first session will be on March 14, from 14.00 to 18.00 at IFEN – Institut de Formation de l’Education Nationale- eduPôle.


Nowadays, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines, mainly drives innovation. STEM skills are recognized as being key to rising to current challenges, which are leading to become knowledge-driven economies and societies.

The problem is that girls seem to lack a calling for these disciplines and they are very under-represented on courses in the disciplines in question. One of the reasons why STEM disciplines are unappealing to girls might be the persistent stereotypes. Teachers are not always equipped to manage gender diversity in their classrooms. Educational materials also lack female charactersrole models likely to stir young girls’ interest in these subjects from a young age. In order to spark greater interest in STEM disciplines among girls, the Gender4STEM project aims to create a platform – the Gender4STEM Teaching Assistant – where educational and awareness-raising materials are available for use by secondary-level teachers.

Training aim

  • Raise awareness of teachers about their gender conscious and unconscious biases in educational activities
  • Present the Gender4STEM Teaching Assistant (GTA) and support the use of tools proposed on this platform to counter gender stereotypes in STEM education and give girls more interest in STEM orientations.
  • Support the implementation of a concrete project of campaign based on the GTA proposed tools.

Learning outcomes

By concluding this session participants will learn to:

  • identify the objectives, structure and resources of the Gender4STEM Teaching Assistant Platform
  • compare and contrast teachers’ behavior concerning  gender biases and stereotype in STEM education

By concluding this session participants will be able to:

  • demonstrate a change in approaching gender bias in STEM class
  • apply the tools suggested by GTA to raise girls’ interest in STEM

By concluding this session participants will be keen on:

  • measure their own teaching practice regarding gender issues
  • elaborate a change in approaching gender bias in STEM classe

If interested, please contact Marie Gallais via email.

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