Luxembourg Earth Observation and Integrated Applications Day

Recent Technological Advances

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The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) organised the fifth Luxembourg Earth Observation and Integrated Applications Day, which took place on 13 October at the Domaine Thermal in Mondorf-les-Bains, in the south-east of Luxembourg.

This year's conference focused on the recent advances in Earth observation, among others in the areas of Luxembourg’s role in the Earth observation ecosystem, Digital Twins, and artificial intelligence, with a particular focus on the impact new technologies have had on the market.

An overview of the ESA and Copernicus programmes, the support Luxembourg provides to Earth observation companies, and an insight into recent advances in remote sensing research and applications were provided. Luxembourg start-ups and newcomers were prominently featured: sponsorship packages offered at discounted rates and a dedicated session provided the possibility to present themselves.


The conference aimed to increase awareness among users and service providers within the Greater Region of the potential that space technologies offer in the domain of environmental monitoring and management. Representatives from the private and public sectors, institutional entities, academia and especially start-ups had the opportunity to present their activities in the earth observation domain.


A poster session on the thematic of the event was organised in parallel of the conference.



8.30-12.30 - Morning session

Moderator: Jim Kent

08.30 - Registration and welcome coffee

09.00 - Welcome speech - Dr. Thomas Kallstenius, Chief Executive Officer, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

09.15 - Keynote address - Marc Serres, Chief Executive Officer, Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA)

09.30 - ESA EO programmes at CM22 - Michel Verbauwhede, Earth Observation Coordination, European Space Agency (ESA)

10.00 - "Newcomer" Pitches:

- Dr Albert Abello, Hydrosat
- Guy Schumann, RSS-Hydro
- Qiang Chen, Spacety Luxembourg
- Paolo Campanella, WASDI
- Frankwin van Winsen, WEO

10.30 - Coffee break and poster session

11.15 - The Earth observation market in Europe and in Luxembourg – Sylvain Drilholle, Senior Consultant, Euroconsult

11.45 - Roundtable - Luxembourg’s support and its impact on the Earth observation ecosystem
Moderator: Jim Kent - Panellists: Alessandro Grasso (LSA), Alexander Link (Luxinnovation), Richard Nakath (FNR)

12.30 - Networking lunch

13.30-18.00 - Afternoon session: “Advances in Earth Observation”

13.30 - Introducing the Digital Twin Earth - Hydrology - Francesco Avanzi, CIMA Research Foundation (IT)

14.00 - New possibilities in Earth observation - Melania Guerra, Director of Science Strategy at Planet (D)

14.30 - LIST projects showcase:
- Global Flood Monitoring System - Patrick Matgen, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
- European ECOSTRESS Hub for Mapping Land Surface Temperature and Evapotranspiration at High Spatial Resolution - Tian Hu, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
- Oil spill and VEssels monitoring from multi-tempoRal Satellite Earth observAtion dataSet - Ramona Pelich, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
- Esca- a threatening disease in viticulture and the development of remote sensing based management strategies. The MonESCA project - Miriam Machwitz, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

15.00 - High Performance Computing to increase the speed and computational capacity of EO services - Luis Vela Vela, LuxProvide

15.30 - Coffee break and poster session

16.00 - Keynote: AI for Earth Observation Applications: Opportunities and Challenges - Claudio Persello, University of Twente (NL)

16.30 - Exponentially growing EO data access: DIAS Lessons Learnt and outcome - Diego Pozo Morillas, Airbus DS Geo SAS

16.45 - LSA Data Centre - Dinesh Kumar Babu - Adwaiseo

17.00 - LUXEOsys – Bruno Perrot, LUXEOps Head of Technical & Director, Business Development RHEA System Luxembourg

17.15 - Best poster price (sponsored by Airbus, Lux Provide and Spacety)

17.20 - Closing - Lucien Hoffmann, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

Networking cocktail (end  - 18.15)




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    Luxembourg Earth Observation and Integrated Applications Day

    Registrations are closed

    Practical Infos

    Date: October 13, 2022

    Language: English

    Duration: 1 day

    Venue: Mondorf Parc Hotel | Bâtiment Al Thermen | Avenue des Bains | L-5601 Mondorf-les-Bains

    Registration: free of charge - Registration mandatory prior to October 7, 2022
    As part of LIST's commitment to more sustainable events, we draw your attention to the fact that the meals will be vegetarian only.


    Prof. Dr Lucien HOFFMANN
    Prof. Dr Lucien HOFFMANN

    Director of Environmental Research and Innovation department

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    Further information

    Sponsorship packages

    For this event, we proposed sponsorship packages. Contact:

    Benefit Silver
    600 € (*) (**)
    1250 € (*) (**)
    3000 € (*) (**)
    Logo in the registration area and on the conference webpage with a hyperlink to the company website X X X
    Logo on the conference program X X X
    Prominent acknowledgement in the opening and the closing session X X X
    Exhibition booth including 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 display panel. This booth will be at your disposal on the conference venue, in the Mondorf Parc Hotel (Bâtiment Al Thermen) on 13 October 2022 from 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM   X X
    Association of the sponsor’s name to the best poster price     X
    A three-minute speech allocated at the introduction of the Awards Ceremony (closing session)     X
    Visibility of the sponsor in our social media posts promoting the conference     X
    Recognition in conference press release     X
    Keynote speech in the afternoon session and / or moderation of a panel     X

    (*) All the mentioned prices are VAT excluded.

    (**) Start-ups will be eligible for a 30% discount on all sponsorship packages:
    Silver: 420 € VAT excl.; Gold: 875 € VAT excl; Platinum: 2100 € VAT excl.