LIST WATER LECTURES on Critical Zone sciences #1

Safeguarding science in the era of abundant free Earth Observation data

Use case: flood maps for assisting disaster response
In recent years, the proliferation of free, open-access Earth Observation (satellite) data supported by various application programming interfaces (API) has enabled not only a significant increase in the take-up of remote sensing data by academia but has also given rise to many R&D innovation businesses and led to a substantial growth in market of EO products and services that was traditionally largely dominated by the defence sector.
With the proliferation of EO-based products and services there is an ever-growing need to ensure science is at the base of business innovation, especially if products and services are targeted at customers in the humanitarian and aid development sector.
This presentation will critically discuss the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities of open-access EO data with a view to supporting flood disaster response assistance. The discussion will highlight the importance of giving room to the private sector and innovation in services but will stress the need for transparency of methods and scientific rigour.

Dr. Guy Schumann
RSS-Hydro - Dudelange

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Language: English

Date and schedule: 4th February 2020 15:00 to 17:00

Venue: LIST - 41, rue du Brill L-4422 BELVAUX


Dr Christophe HISSLER
Dr Christophe HISSLER
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