LIST WATER LECTURES Seminar Series 2018 #6


As part of the LIST Water Lectures series organised for the spring/ summer session 2018, the next event will take place at 14:00, on 26 June 2018 at LIST premises in Belvaux (LU).

Dr. Simon Stisen from the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland in Copenhagen (Denmark) will be the invited speaker. He will make an oral presentation on « A framework for spatial pattern oriented calibration of distributed hydrological models using satellite observations ».


currently, hydrological models remain focused on comparing simulations to a single spatially aggregated catchment scale observation in the form of river discharge, with the conviction that it provides some inherent insight into the internal hydrological behavior of the river basin. This notion is outdated and limits the use of models for science based and differentiated water management. Therefore, a paradigm shift it required, moving away from the aggregated evaluation of hydrological models towards a spatially distributed approach. Recent advances in fully distributed and grid based model codes, computational power and spatial data availability have prepared the ground for bringing the science forward. However, hydrological model evaluation and calibration severely lack methodologies for incorporating spatial pattern information. A framework for spatial oriented calibration of distributed hydrological models is presented. The framework is based on three key elements: 1) Development of spatial pattern performance metrics, 2) Development of consistent observed spatial patterns of hydrological variables from satellite, and 3) Development of spatial parametrization and regionalization schemes for pattern optimization.

About LIST Water Lectures Seminar series

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The LIST Water Lectures series were launched in January 2017 and covers various aspects of water resources research towards a sustainable river basin management. The series aggregate a group of outstanding experts and scientists in water resources research and related fields. They are funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) and organised by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) in the framework of the Doctoral Training unit in hydrological sciences’ activities.

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