Online session "SDS and Chemicals Risk Assesment"


Safety data sheets (SDS) are an essential element allowing the dissemination of information along the supply chain, as well as to the final user (professional user). The SDS assures that manufacturers and importers communicate the necessary information along the entire supply chain, which in turn, ensures that substances and mixtures are used safely. Within companies, they are a necessary and essential source of information for Health and Safety responsible for in the context of chemicals risk assessment.

Within the framework of the Regulation (EU) 2020/868, which lastly amended the annex II of REACH concerning the SDS and came completely into force on January the 1st 2023, the REACH & CLP Helpdesk organizes an information session on SDS regulatory requirements and chemicals risk assessment based on SDS content.

The participants will also have the opportunity to ask their questions to the Helpdesk experts.



This event is addressed for any company concerned by the legislation relating to SDS and Health & Safety of workers regarding chemicals (substances and mixtures).


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Online session "SDS and Chemicals Risk Assesment"


Practical Infos

Date: Tuesday 20 June 2023

Format: Online Conference

Language: French

Schedule: 14:00 – 16:30

Registration fee: the registration is free of charge, but mandatory


 Xavier-François VERNI
Xavier-François VERNI
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