Our Tech Day leitmotiv: think outside the box and bring your ambitions to life!

Join us on 22nd September 2021 for a journey to the heart of innovation and discover our latest technological advances for high-impact solutions building tomorrow’s society.

Tech Day is about passion for impact.

So, let's tackle the challenges of our society, environment, and economy together. Our three pillars: resilience, digitalisation, and sustainability.

We continuously push the frontiers of research to draw for and with you, cutting-edge technologies that unlock the potential of your strategies and bring you to the forefront of the international scene.

As a trusted partner for business leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, investors, and early adopters from all over Europe, we aim to become an accelerator of international change.

But basically, what can you expect from our Tech Day?

  • A Tech Summit with inspirational speeches from renowned innovation players worldwide, creating synergies between the fields of information and communication technologies, environmental technologies, and advanced materials.
  • A Tech Village that will showcase demonstrations of some nine flagship technologies developed at LIST, presented by the researchers involved.


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22nd September 2021

Maison des Arts et des Etudiants

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