Workshop “Empowering Farmers with Digital Technologies”

Organised by the Lux5GCloud Project, co-funded by the Ministry of State, Department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy (SMC).

Digital transformation is going to play a very important role in the future of agriculture, and contribute increasing resilience, sustainability, and competitiveness of rural communities. Digital technologies, like Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, edge and cloud computing, artificial Intelligence (AI), will enable new services and business opportunities for farmers.

Due to climate change agricultural areas are facing new pressures such as critical weather events (like droughts and floods), for which farmers need accurate and real-time monitoring to manage their crops.

The Lux5GCloud project, co-funded by the Department of Media, Connectivity, and Digital Policy (SMC) as one of the 5G Pilot Projects in Luxembourg, has developed high spatial and temporal resolution products for soil moisture and drought monitoring by combining data from multiple and diverse systems.

Lux5GCloud provides soil moisture and drought monitoring in real time, complementing the information extracted with Machine Learning Algorithms from SAR and optical satellite data, with the data collected in the field, from soil-moisture sensors, a weather station, and two advanced cameras, enabled with 5G connectivity. A pilot was deployed in a field study in Waldbillig.


The aim of the workshop is twofold:

  • First to educate farmers toward digitalisation,
  • and second to collect their feedbacks for improving the proposed system and application and ensuring future adoption by meeting their real needs.


Who should attend the workshop? Farmers, farmers associations, and advisors, representatives from the private and public sectors, institutional entities, academia, any stakeholder involved in the smart agriculture value chain.


Download the presentations in PDF here

Provisional programme

12.00-13.00 - Registration and networking lunch

13.00 - Welcome
Maria Rita Palattella, Senior R&T Associate, Lux5GCloud Coordinator, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

13.07 - 5G strategy in Luxembourg
Eric Krier, Policy Advisor / Digital Enabler, Department of Media, Connectivity and Digital Policy (SMC)

13.15 - 5G for enabling new services in rural remote areas
Glenn Van Bost, Project Manager, POST Technologies

13.30 - The Lux5GCloud approach
Maria Rita Palattella, Senior R&T Associate, Lux5GCloud Coordinator, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

14.00 - Demo and workshop (Interactive section, with Q&A)
Lux5GCloud Team

15.00 - Coffee break

15.30 - Conclusion, lesson learnt and next steps


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Workshop “Empowering Farmers with Digital Technologies”

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Practical Infos

Date: October 25, 2022

Languages: English with translation in German

Duration: 1 day

Venue: NEXT, 10, rue Emile Bian, L-1235, Cloche d’Or, Luxembourg

Registration: free of charge - Registration mandatory prior to October 23, 2022


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