General terms and conditions

Event Management


These terms and conditions apply to all conferences and related activities organized by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), hereafter “Event”. Specific conditions published on the site may however be applicable to certain events. In the event of a contradiction between these general conditions and the specific conditions, the specific conditions shall prevail. No other text, and in particular the purchasing conditions of the Client, is binding for LIST, except for a contract drawn up and signed by an authorized representative of LIST. 

Event costs

The participation cost for an Event is that indicated on the site at the time of registration. Registration fees are quoted excluding VAT (VAT 3%) and per participant, unless expressly specified otherwise.

Payment methods

In general, payments must be made by credit/debit card. In certain cases, payment may however be made via transfer. In the event of a transfer, the payment must be made to the order of LIST, mentioning the name of the company of the participant(s), the name of the participant(s) and the invoice reference. The payment must be made on receipt of the invoice and at the very least, at the latest before the Event.

For all registrations, an invoice will be issued and communicated to the Client.

In the absence of payment or if the payment is made late by the Client, LIST is authorized to cancel the registration without formality or warning.

Invoicing of absences and cancellations

LIST must be informed of all absences/cancellations in writing as soon as possible by sending a mail to In the absence of different specific conditions, all cancellations are free up to 14 days before the Event. All cancellations made after this deadline shall result in the payment of a sum calculated in the following way  :

Number of days before the Event Fees payable by the Client
14-5 50% of the registration fee
4-1 80% of the registration fee


Up to 48 hours before the start of the Event, the Client may, without any additional fees, substitute one person that it has registered with any other person of its choice by informing LIST in writing at the following address:

Cancellation of an event and changes

LIST reserves the right to cancel an Event if there are not enough participants or for another unforeseeable reason. In this case, LIST will contact all persons registered in order to inform them either of the postponement of the Event to a future date or of its cancellation. If the Event is cancelled, the registration fees already paid will be reimbursed in their entirety. Although LIST endeavours to be as accurate and exact as possible concerning the content and terms and conditions of the Event, changes may occur. LIST reserves the right to change the content, programme, speakers and location of the Event at its discretion. LIST may also decide to hold the Event virtually when preferable for epidemic and pandemic reasons or for any other justified reason when it is in the best interest of all parties.

Intellectual property of the content

The content of the presentations made by the speakers at the Event is the exclusive property of the speakers or of their employers. On this basis, any reuse, even partial, of this content for commercial gains is forbidden, except where specific prior authorization is given by LIST. 


Within the limits of the law, LIST cannot be held responsible concerning the Client and/or the participants for any direct or indirect prejudice resulting from the fulfilment of the Event, the behaviour of the other registered participants and any other events occurring once the participants have left the location of the activity. Assuming that LIST is held responsible, this responsibility is limited to the price paid by the Client to LIST to participate in the Event.

The Client accepts the responsibility for the respect of these conditions by its participants.


The participant in the Event guarantees being covered by a public liability insurance covering physical, material, immaterial, direct and consequential damages, likely to be caused by its doings, to the disadvantage of a third party. 

Settling of legal disputes

These general terms and conditions are subject to Luxembourgish law.

In the event that a disagreement between the contracting parties cannot be resolved amicably, all legal proceedings concerning these general terms and conditions and the organization of the Event will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Luxembourgish courts.


In the event of a request to change the invoicing address or name of the company after the creation of the first invoice, LIST reserves the right to demand an additional fee of €50 excl. VAT.

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