Data Science and Analytics

Our world is becoming increasingly digital. Ubiquitous sensors are collecting vast amounts of data about how individuals and groups behave, how machines and equipment work, and how the environment evolves. The DSA Unit supports this digital transformation of our society and our economy by focusing on the interplay between people, data, computers and the physical world.

The DSA Unit carries out impact-driven research by combining the power of computers and human capabilities to take better, faster, more robust, fair and trustworthy decisions in our complex and changing world. We study Cyber-Physical-Social Systems (CPSS) to imagine, design, test and develop the next generation of technologies, where computers and humans are smoothly and fairly working together to tackle challenging issues.

The DSA Unit comprises around 50 scientists, engineers, post-docs and PhD candidates with complementary scientific and technological expertise in:

  • Advanced Analytics and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence
  • Interactive Technologies adapted to humans and to their context
  • Human Modelling, Knowledge Representation and Symbolic Artificial Intelligence

Research groups

  • Interactive visualization and Geocomputation
  • Data Processing and Statistics
  • Embeded assessment
  • Knowledge-based and context aware adaptive systems
  • Multimodal analytics and multi-user natural interaction
  • Business analytics



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