Contributing to the European visualisation research landscape

Published on 25/08/2022

Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. In the spotlight is the book Visual Analysis of Multilayer Networks by Fintan Mc Gee, together with Mohammad Ghoniem, Benoît Otjacques and international colleagues.

Network and graph data is omnipresent in science, engineering and business. How to analyse and visualise large graphs often remains a challenge. This is why a team of LIST visualisation researchers has published a comprehensive book on visualising multilayer networks together with international colleagues. Entitled Visual Analysis of Multilayer Networks, this book is the work of Fintan Mc Gee, with contributions from Mohammad Ghoniem and Benoît Otjacques, three LIST data visualisation researchers. By identifying research opportunities and examining the challenges to be tackled in terms of visualising multilayer networks, potential solutions and future research directions to resolve these, this book shows that LIST is regarded as a valuable contributor to the European visualisation research landscape.

Discover more success stories in the digital version of the LIST 2021 annual report, including videos, podcasts and links to more information, or download the PDF version, in English and French.

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Dr Fintan MC GEE
Dr Fintan MC GEE
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