BEE CREATIVE 4 Kids – a maker’s approach to science

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Case studies show that there is a strong need to foster digital literacy at younger ages as exceptional scientific and artistic achievements were made by people who already had the chance to work on the subjects as children. In Luxembourg children start using ICT tools at a decreasingly young age, at an average age of 8 years old, however, the traditional Luxembourgish school system currently lacks a curriculum that fosters the development of digital and scientific skills.  

Furthermore, the efforts towards a better digital literacy shall be completed by transferring both scientific thinking and knowledge of scientific fundamentals. The development of new ICT tools needs creative minds and engineers that are trained in scientific thinking and proceeding.

To respond to the above cited needs, new solutions are needed, therefore, the partners have extended the initial project BEE CREATIVE, focused on raising interest in digital and scientific activities for adolescents from 12 to 18 years old, to 6 to 12 years old children as well, calling this new project BEE CREATIVE4KIDS.


Children by nature have a curiosity and creativity that can be perfectly satisfied in a makerspace, therefore the aim of the project BeeCreative4Kids is to develop a non-formal setting for children aged 6-12, making use of hands-on and fun learning experiences to foster children’s interest in science, new technologies, and entrepreneurial spirit. Within the project children will not only work with the latest ICT tools, but also be able to learn through them.

As a strategic partner, LIST will strengthen the link to the scientific work done in Luxembourg. LIST scientists will be responsible for supervising and developing the scientific contents that will be spread by the project. New tools and platforms will be developed, that will allow coaches to easily use new technologies in the form of do-it-yourself kits and workstations for setting up a creative environment where children can learn about scientific matters by making, experimenting, and observing.


Thanks to this project more children will be reached with a creative approach towards science and technology through innovative tools. Among them, 8 DIY kits will be created, as well as toolkits, a web platform, etc., allowing them an interactive, proactive-oriented and comprehensive pedagogic learning approach. 

In particular, three new local makerspaces in child day-care structures and schools and two national events will be developed per year to promote science and creativity in ICT beyond the network of local makerspaces to a planned scope of ≥ 50% of all targeted children in Luxembourg as well as their parents.

Finally, with the present project, the partners will bring all Luxembourg scientific, educations and children day-care structures together to work on fostering creativity while using a scientific, entrepreneurial approach towards ICT, while promoting Luxembourg’s innovative approach on the international parquet.

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