Standardized Vocational Education and Training for BIM in EU

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is in the process of rapidly changing the way in which construction projects are obtained, designed, constructed and managed throughout the lifecycle of a building. While new skills are necessary, the project addresses the urgent need to devise a skills matrix, which is transparent and unified for BIM actors throughout Europe, to standardize BIM tasks and processes within the European Union, taking existing international developments into account, and to classify and standardize BIM training programme and certification schemes.


Within the BIM4VET framework, LIST, which is also a coordinator of this European project, will develop a European skills matrix for BIM actors and a method for assessing the maturity of skills using a tangible interface. This will enable BIM skills to be assessed collectively and individually for the actors that work together on a digital model project using BIM processes.

To ensure the recognition and validation of the project results at a European level, all interested parties are invited to become members of the BIM4VET expert committee. These experts will guarantee the quality of the results with their comments on the project's productions and their participation in the skills assessment test. The experts are European actors acting either in their own name, expressing their personal points of view, acting independently, or are representatives of private and public organizations, research organizations, professional associations, etc.


The expected impacts of this project are the definition of a European skills matrix for BIM actors, the development of their skills via a recommendation of training courses to attend following a skills' assessment, as well as the development, or indeed the improvement, of BIM training courses for construction sector professionals.

From a more long-term point-of-view, the project results, and the uses that will be made of them, should contribute to increasing the recognition and certification of BIM actors, as well as their mobility in Europe.

This project is co-financed by the European Commission. This communication reflects only the point of view of its authors and the Commission cannot be held responsible for the use of the information that it contains.


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