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Integration of GECAMed medical office management software into the "eHealth platform"

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Integrated into the services provided by the national eHealth platform, GECAMed, all-in-one medical office management software, simplifies a large proportion of jobs undertaken by healthcare professionals by enabling them to easily find numerous documents, such as prescriptions or medical test results, regardless of whether they or their colleagues arranged them. Reliable electronic organisation of patient data coupled with easy access to platform data make GECAMed a real asset.

Healthcare professionals and patients in Luxembourg have access to a national platform for the exchange and sharing of healthcare related data comprising an electronic health record entitled Dossier de Soins Partagé (DSP) and other electronic services gathering a citizen's heath related medical information. In 2014, firm action was taken by the eHealth Agency (Agence eSanté), which appointed a consortium of five partners led by the IDO-IN and EBRC companies with the aim of implementing this eHealth platform. The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology was included in this consortium as a subcontractor and allows the use of its open source medical office management software, GECAMed, designed for and already widely used by a large number of practitioners in Luxembourg for several years.


Within the scope of this project, LIST researchers will create a new version that integrates patient data from the DSP with data in GECAMed in a user-friendly and transparent way, while complying with the data security and protection guidelines established by the eHealth Agency. New software features are therefore being introduced, such as authentication with a LuxTrust card and the secure publication and exchange of documents using the eHealth platform.


Thanks to the developments made with GECAMed, healthcare professionals no longer have to use the eHealth platform's web interface. They have direct access to all documents from their own patient record into which they can also directly integrate documents from the DSP. Local documents and documents from the eHealth platform can therefore be managed very quickly and easily with GECAMed software.

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Dipl.-Inf. Guido BOSCH
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