Electromobility solutions targeting the Nordstad region

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Local interest in e-mobility is growing, and a number of new projects are being organised across the country. The Nordstad-eMovin project will make Nordstad the first region in Luxembourg to provide electric car and pedelec (electric power-assisted bicycles) sharing to its residents with the installation of a network of public charging stations, and will help inspire other regions to follow suite. Providing new options for travel over short distances, the network will be integrated with the public transportation system.


With six communes north of Luxembourg City, Nordstad’s administration wanted to make it easier and more attractive, as well as more environmentally-friendly, for residents and tourists to move within the region. This led to the development of the Nordstad-eMovin demonstration project, which will install infrastructure for electric car and pedelec sharing at strategic central locations in the five communes of Bettendorf, Colmar-Berg, Diekirch, Ettelbruck and Schieren.


Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) will provide support to Nordstad during the installation of the customised infrastructure as well as provide IT services for the charging stations. Each station will provide charging facilities powered by green energy for two e-cars and four pedelecs, with a total fleet of around thirty e-cars and thirty pedelecs. The 24/7 short-term rental service will be designed to be practical, affordable and flexible for both residents and visitors. As one of the first e-mobility projects at LIST, and in Luxembourg,  aiming at installing citizen-focused electromobility infrastructure, Nordstad-eMovin will showcase LIST’s expertise in this domain and lead to other mobility projects in the future.




The project will provide a practical demonstration of the viability of e-mobility and benefit both citizens and local commerce, as it will become easier and more attractive to move from town to town within the region. Nordstad-eMovin will not only bring greater visibility to the Nordstad region but also act as a first step to wider implementation of e-mobility infrastructure across Luxembourg. The insight into citizen mobility gained during the demonstration project will enable Tudor to provide recommendations and advice to other administrations and national bodies interested in implementing similar electromobility infrastructure in other regions. Contributing to the eventual widespread use of clean vehicles (zero CO2 emissions), Nordstad-eMovin will help improve mobility and quality of life in Luxembourg.

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