Share-PSI 2.0

The network for innovation in European public sector information

Past project


The re-use of public sector information, which consists of digital data produced by a public sector body within its mandate, can be of a great added-value. It can offer new opportunities and development potential for both the public sector and the business community respectively seeking to make efficiency gains or provide new and innovative services. In order to have a clear and efficient re-use approach, common best practices need to be identified: what does and doesn’t work, what is and isn’t practical, what can and can’t be expected of different stakeholders. The project therefore focuses on the practical and technical challenges poses by the European Directive PSI 2013/37/EC on the re-use of public sector information, entered into force in 2003 and revised in 2013, that encourages public sector agencies to make their information open and reusable.


Share-PSI 2.0 is the European network for the exchange of experience and ideas around implementing open data policies in the public sector. A series of workshops around Europe are organized so to help stakeholders to reach consensus on best practice and technical standards, complementing existing and ongoing initiatives in the re-use of public sector information. The network's focus is on implementing the revised PSI Directive and includes government agencies and ministries from a variety of member states as well as standards bodies, academic institutions, commercial companies working in the field, and organisations that effectively interface between government and citizens using open data as the medium.
Within the project, LIST is mainly in charge of the edition of the Share-PSI localized guide for Luxembourg. It will therefore bring its expertise in open data and data-driven innovation.


At the end of the project, national, sectoral and community guidelines around the sharing of public sector information will be created, or updated. More than 20 guides will be prepared amongst the Share-PSI partners, in each of the country involved. They all will take into account local legislation and infrastructures and will promote interoperability and consistency, and thereby increase confidence amongst potential re-users of public sector information.

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