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In the last decade, the digitalization considerably evolved to become an integrative part of societies and EU member states governance, economy as well as communication. Highly correlated with these advances, cybersecurity plays a key role as cyberthreats have an increasing impact on our lives.

Cybersecurity is no longer an expert concern, but represents an urgent and major societal challenge, for which it is essential to strengthen its leading capacities in order to ensure digital security and strategic autonomy of the EU.  However, this challenge requires the coordination and collaboration of Europe’s best competences, with common research and innovation goals.


SPARTA is a novel Cybersecurity Competence Network, supported by the EU’s H2020 program, with the objective to develop and implement top-tier research and innovation collaborative actions. For doing so, SPARTA is organized in four research and innovation programs.

In parallel, LIST will be part of the HAII-T program that aims to develop toolkits and frameworks supporting the design, development and verification of security-critical, large-scale distributed systems forming an Intelligent Infrastructure. LIST researchers will identity and specify the key components, their functions and the orchestration framework services needed to ensure predefined security levels, considering the heterogenous setup of Intelligent Infrastructures. They will also evaluate and suggest existing and new cryptographic mechanisms to support the privacy-by-design approach.


Strongly guided by an ambitious Cybersecurity Research & Innovation Roadmap, SPARTA will setup unique collaboration means, leading the way in building transformative capabilities and forming a world-leading Cybersecurity Competence Network across the EU. It will push the boundaries to deliver advanced solutions to cover emerging challenges that EU is facing. By sharing experiences and excellence, challenges and capabilities, SPARTA will make decisive contributions to European strategic autonomy.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 830892

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