Human-Social Robots Interaction: The Blurred Line between Necessary Anthropomorphization and Manipulation


Carli R., Najjar A., Calvaresi D.


HAI 2022 - Proceedings of the 10th Conference on Human-Agent Interaction, pp. 321-323, 2022


In the context of human-social robot interaction, it has been proven that an affable design and the ability to exhibit emotional and social skills are central to fostering acceptance and more efficient system performance. Nevertheless, these features may result in manipulative dynamics, able to impact the psychological sphere of the users, affecting their ability to make decisions and to exercise free, conscious will. This highlights the need to identify a legal framework that balances the interests at stake. To this end, the principle of human dignity is proposed here as a criterion to ensure (i) the protection of users' fundamental rights, and (ii) an effective and truly human-friendly technological development.



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