Intelligent Transportation Systems in Developing Countries: Challenges and Prospects


Diderot C.D., Bernice N.W.A., Tchappi I., Mualla Y., Najjar A., Galland S.


Procedia Computer Science, vol. 224, pp. 215-222, 2023


Developed countries have paved the way for the implementation of intelligent transport systems to improve the safety, efficiency, and environmental impact of transport. With developing countries entering the fray, the question is: Is ITS as implemented in developed countries relevant to developing countries? This research question is discussed in this paper for the case of sub-Saharan countries that are among the poorest countries worldwide. To this end, the paper outlines the main differences in transportation scenarios between developed and sub-Saharan countries, and then considering the main constraints of sub-Saharan countries, a guide towards an affordable intelligent transportation system in these countries is discussed. Finally, the paper proposes two main novel ideas for the deployment of intelligent transport systems on dirt roads.



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