The Role of the Human User in the Cognitive Internet of Things


D. Anastasiou, L. Schwartz, A. Baudet, and Y. Naudet


in the 8th International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction, HAI 2020, Virtual, Australia, 10-13 November 2020, pp. 275-277, ISBN: 978-145038054-6, 2020


This is a concept paper that introduces the Cognitive Internet of Things and particularly the role that human users play in it. The Cognitive Internet of Things, which forms a Collective AI, based on autonomous software agents, with things that can sense, think and act. We address three specific IoT challenges from a human-centred and social way: interaction, user experience, and human models. We have made an extended literature review from 2015 since today, however we present here only a few most current human-centred IoT related works. The keywords we searched for, among others were "Cognitive IoT", "Collective Artificial Intelligence", "Social IoT", "smart/cognitive things", 'CIoT design/usability', etc. The asset of the paper is to provide three open research questions for future investigation pertaining to natural human-agent interaction, design and user experience, and human modeling, and identify literature gaps.



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