XAI: Using Smart Photobooth for Explaining History of Art


Najjar A., Hosseini-Kivanani N., Tchappi Haman I., Mualla Y., Van Der Peijl E., Karpati D., Schommer C.


HAI 2022 - Proceedings of the 10th Conference on Human-Agent Interaction, pp. 256-259, 2022


The rise of Artificial Intelligence has led to advancements in daily life, including applications in industries, telemedicine, farming, and smart cities. It is necessary to have human-AI synergies to guarantee user engagement and provide interactive expert knowledge, despite AI's success in "less technical"fields. In this article, the possible synergies between humans and AI to explain the development of art history and artistic style transfer are discussed. This study is part of the "Smart Photobooth"project that is able to automatically transform a user's picture into a well-known artistic style as an interactive approach to introduce the fundamentals of the history of art to the common people and provide them with a concise explanation of the various art painting styles. This study investigates human-AI synergies by combining the explanation produced by an explainable AI mechanism with a human expert's insights to provide reasons for school students and a larger audience.



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