Sustainable Composite Materials & Manufacturing (SCMM) Innovation Centre

The transport sector is on the cusp of an exciting transformation that will shape the next three decades: Electric cars, hydrogen-powered vehicles and aircraft, urban air mobility and space transport of the future will all rely on ultra-lightweight, recyclable structural materials with a low carbon footprint. 

The Sustainable Composite Materials & Manufacturing (SCMM) Innovation Centre of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) aims to develop, process and design composite materials with a very low carbon footprint and to demonstrate their benefits using specific application demonstrators in the automotive, rail, space and aeronautics sectors, as well as in future urban air mobility.

A one-stop-shop to shape the vehicles of the future

Thanks to its comprehensive and integrated Research and Innovation approach to sustainable composite materials and manufacturing, the SCMM tackles one of the weak spots of European industry — the rapid transition from research results to the real economy.

This innovation centre aims at accelerating the use of bio-based and/or recyclable materials for ultra-lightweight functional parts, and at developing more efficient and environment-friendly industrial processes which reduce energy and materials consumption, ban harmful chemicals and limit the generation of waste. These technological bricks developed and tested in laboratory are then integrated in the form of SCMM demonstrators, built and tested in close collaboration with LIST and the members of the SCMM. 

Thanks to the skills of LIST researchers and engineers, SCMM offers innovative materials solutions throughout the entire composites value chain, including the synthesis and directed formulations of polymer-based resin systems to meet application requirements, customized engineering of additives and fibres to improve the performance and processability of polymer matrices, their efficient combination through industry-relevant processes carefully selected to fulfil technical and economic criteria requested by SCMM partners, as well as efficient disassembly and recycling routes.

From concept to prototype thanks to a cutting-edge infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art research infrastructure enables to cover the whole composites value chain, from the synthesis of new polymers to the manufacturing of composite parts, with extensive capabilities in terms of advanced characterization and testing, including non-destructive investigation.


The advanced Composite Manufacturing platform is equipped with pre-industrial manufacturing technologies (Liquid Infusion, Resin Transfer Moulding, Thermoforming, Robotic Filament Winding, IR welding), enabling the manufacturing of composite parts with qualified processes in the automotive, aeronautics and space sector, up to the relevant scale. Having access to such amenities in a single location saves time and resources for researchers and industry partners.


Bringing sustainable composites research from lab to market

SCMM proposes an efficient and open approach allowing the rapid transition of research outcomes to the real economy by bringing together LIST researchers with end-users (Original Equipment Manufacturers or the OEMs) and national and international stakeholders who are active throughout the composite value chain (from raw materials to tier suppliers).

The Research and Technology projects cover various aspects such as material development and characterization, design and process optimization, prototype manufacturing, performance testing, end-of-Life management and life cycle assessment.

They are carried out by LIST in close collaboration with SCMM members from the industry, who can purposely test the relevance of their technologies being integrated into the SCMM’s demonstrators. It is possible thanks to a comprehensive approach, which allows researchers and industry partners to find solutions for their specific needs within a single institution.

Creating an ecosystem focused on sustainable composites

The SCMM acts as a hub for collaboration among academia, industry, and government organizations. It fosters partnerships and knowledge exchange, allowing stakeholders to access a broad network of experts, resources, and facilities. This collaborative environment helps to accelerate the development and adoption of sustainable composite materials and manufacturing technologies.

By combining these elements, the SCMM offers a comprehensive ecosystem that covers the entire value chain of sustainable composite materials and manufacturing. The SCMM is actively supported by key international players, who participate in the definition of the long-term research and innovation agenda and support the design and manufacturing of demonstrators built by LIST and its partners.

Earlier this year, LIST entered into a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Luxinnovation, solidifying a collaborative effort to advance the growth of the Centre. This partnership involves an array of proactive measures such as awareness raising and promotion, market intelligence, and support to R&D and innovation project submissions to existing funding schemes. Luxinnovation will also facilitate interactions between the centre, industry players and the Ministry of the Economy, support the organization of bi-annual partnership days, and share in-house expertise and insights from the manufacturing ecosystem mapping.

Acting as a key player for Luxembourg

The SCMM is strongly supported by the Luxembourg Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of the Economy and the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER). These entities recognize the SCMM as an innovative centre capable of making significant contributions to address the challenges of tomorrow for a more sustainable world.


The Sustainable Composite Materials & Manufacturing (SCMM) Innovation Centre is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which is designed to strengthen economic, social and territorial cohesion in the European Union.

The Sustainable Composite Materials & Manufacturing Industry Day

The Sustainable Composite Materials & Manufacturing Industry Day is an annual event focusing on sustainable materials, manufacturing technology, and zero emission mobility. The half-day event is the top-level platform to connect with experts and decision-makers driving innovation in the transport sector and beyond.

Together with key materials innovations enabling your future industrial leadership, you will get an in-depth look at the Sustainable Composite Materials & Manufacturing Innovation Centre (SCMM), including its framework, demos, and insights from industry leaders.


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