Materials Characterization and Testing Platform

The Materials Characterization and Testing Platform supports both MRT Department's R&D and companies in its research and innovation projects by:

  • Providing a unique and optimum combination of advanced characterization facilities and mechanical testing to respond to the needs of internal and external researchers and industries,
  • Developing and maintaining leading-edge expertise and methodologies in characterization and mechanical testing.

We work:

  • From bulk to surface sample,
  • From the macroscopic to the nanoscopic range,
  • From one-time analysis to quality control or contractual research,
  • For a broad range of industries, R&D actors and research institutions.

We are committed to excellence in our professional practices, willing to give the best support to our customers and partners by providing high quality analysis or testing results within a short timeframe. Thus, our platform is engaged in an accreditation process (ISO 17025) that leads it to a continuous improvement spirit.

Access to services in:

Molecular Analysis  /  Elemental and Isotopic Analysis  /  Structure, Morphology and Topography  /  Mechanical Testing and Accelerated Ageing  /  Fire Testing  /  Thermal Analysis

Key clients

Industries, R&D laboratories and institutional research centres in the fields of manufacturing, building, packaging, automotive, aeronautic, cosmetics, and medicine.

See the platform's general terms and conditions.


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