Visualization Wall

The Visualization Wall offers a cutting-edge environment for large-scale interactive data visualization. It consists of a huge high-resolution display with 50 million pixels to accommodate unprecedented amounts of data using multiple synchronised data visualizations. This 7-metre wall-sized display affords collaborative decision-making for complex analytical tasks. The VisWall comes with a powerful computer cluster to perform on-the-fly computations triggered by user interactions and provide immediate feedback. Users get an immersive data experience thanks to the numerous ways of interacting with the VisWall, including multi-touch, motion-tracking based on commercial and custom 3D-printed interaction devices for navigation in large data spaces, orchestrated to meet their needs. A wide range of applications involving the exploration and analysis of large and/or complex data sets can be supported. Contact us to discuss your needs!

Applications and key expertise

Key expertise Application domains

Interactive Data Visualization

Visual Analytics

Space applications, biotechnologies, engineering, material science


Space, construction, engineering, energy, Mobility, Logistics, Smart agriculture


Engineering, Architecture, Construction

Decision support

Digital Twin, Smart city, Crisis management



  • 24 high-resolution 46-inch screens (Planar Clarity Matrix G3 LX46U)
  • Total area: 7m (width) x 2m (height)
  • Total resolution: 13152x3872 pixels
  • 3 different presets available:

    • Mosaic: with 12 Linux nodes
    • Linux full screen
    • Windows full screen

Interaction components/devices:

  • Multi-touch overlay mounted on the wall allowing up to 32 touch interactions at the same time
  • Tracking positioning and orientation system offering high precision thanks to eight vicon cameras. This system allows multiple interaction possibilities with the wall
  • Interactive touch table that allows content to be shared to the wall.
  • Spatial sound and professional mixing console


  • 20 compute nodes Dell Precision 7920 Rack
  • Compute nodes are servers with great capabilities of computing power, in terms of CPU, GPU and RAM. Detailed configuration for each node:

    • 2 Intel Xeon Silver 4114 2.2 Ghz
    • 96 Gb Ram
    • 2 Nvidia Quatro P5000
    • 3512 Gb SSD
    • Linux CentOS

This equipment, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, has no equivalent in a 400 km radius.

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Dr Mohammad GHONIEM
Dr Mohammad GHONIEM
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