Web Front-End Developer (M/F)

Reference : ITIS-2018-011

Type: Support staff
Contract type: Fixed term contract
Duration: 6 months
Place: Belval



The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is appointing a Web Front-End Developer for the “Service Innovation Accelerator Platform”, which is part of the “IT for Innovative Services” (ITIS) Department.

This position is opened in the context of TIPA®: a generic process assessment framework, developed by the LIST. It is based on an ISO standard on Process Assessment and allows assessing any quality characteristic of processes in any domain. This framework is used by more than 280 assessors, across 25 countries, to assess the capability of ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library, dealing with IT Service Management best practices) processes.

The TIPA Framework is composed of several assets including some guidance that were based initially on MS Office documents and templates. This guidance toolset is being replaced by a cloud-based software solution called “TIPA® as a Service” (TaaS). This Software-as-a-Service solution aims to deliver to the TIPA users a set of secured, robust, and integrated cloud-based IT services supporting the TIPA® framework. This technical solution provides functionalities for defining and maintaining Process Assessment Models, Measurement Frameworks, and Assessment Questionnaires. It also brings value to TIPA Assessors by supporting the whole lifecycle of a TIPA assessment.




LIST is looking for a highly motivated Web Front-End Developer (M/F) to perform a key role in this project. She/He will be in charge of:

  • Analysis of existing Web information systems (Legacy IS), more specifically their front-end architectures and technology stacks;
  • Definition and development of user interfaces (UI);
  • Design and creation of user ergonomics, graphical layout, and contents compliant with standards (e.g. W3C); present and advocate using these standards to other members of the Development Team.





  • Bachelor or master degree in Computer Sciences.


  • In-depth knowledge of Web-distributed system design and production, specifically the front-end architecture and development based on Angular 1.0 (required) and later versions, and ES2015/6/7; knowing Angular 7 and ReactJS is an advantage;
  • Knowledge of ergonomics regarding human / machine interaction and interfaces;
  • Knowledge of Web technologies and W3C standards (e.g. HTML, XML);
  • Knowledge of modelling tools (e.g. UML);
  • Rapid self-starting capability and experience in team working with Agile;•    Mastery of CSS3 and sound expertise in CSS compilers (e.g. SASS), templating (e.g. Mustache, eJS), Web Design principles and rules, delivery process (i.e. Babel, JSLint, Git, webpack), and layout frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap, Grid960) is mandatory;
  • Sound development skills (in JS / nodeJS) and graphical tools use are required.


  • Ability to take part in multilingual meetings (English-French)


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 Nathalie DESSOY
Nathalie DESSOY

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