Agathe SOULIER | Purchasing Officer | VP LIST Staff Delegation

How did you end up at LIST?

When I took up my position in the purchasing department in 2011, I wanted to get closer to the city of Metz (France), where I am from. LIST, and the environment in which it revolves however, was a great surprise for me! I was able to find diversity there and an international side that I appreciated in my previous positions.

As a border worker, how do you manage your journeys?

LIST is located in Belval, I carpool; I think it is really a means of transport to be developed. This is a subject that is one of the recommendations that the Sustainability group, of which I am a member, will shortly be presenting.

When it comes to the balance between my workload, my trips and my private life, I think LIST's flexible working hours system is a chance for the organisation of work. This was particularly illustrated during the lockdown. We were able to quickly work in good conditions from our homes. If distance working can be sustainable after this pandemic, it is certain that as a border worker, my private life / professional life balance could be even more balanced.

What are your main missions in the purchasing department?

As LIST is a public institution, we are subject to laws on public procurement. My main mission is therefore to create and manage the institute's calls for tenders, whether in open procedure or negotiated market. I make sure this is done with the best value for budgets, transparently and in accordance with the law.

What do you like the most about your job?

Due to the nature of my job, but also the multiple research activities of LIST, I have the chance to lead extremely varied and transversal projects while meeting people from all backgrounds. It’s really very interesting and stimulating. I can be in contact with research teams from LIST, or even other Luxembourg players such as LISER, the University of Luxembourg and the Belval Fund, with whom we try to pool our knowledge on public markets.

I am also part of the staff delegation, which allows me to participate actively in the life of LIST. It's a great opportunity to work with management and work together so that everyone can feel good about their job.

If you had to sum up LIST in one sentence, what would it be?

In perpetual motion and constant evolution.

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