Master Student Internship in Consequential and Territorial LCA using system dynamics modelling (M/F)

Reference : ERIN-2019-Intern-001

Type: Intern
Contract type: Internship
Duration: 6 months
Place: Belvaux



The successful candidate will join the “Environmental Research and Innovation” (ERIN) department. With a team of more than 170 scientists and engineers from life science, environmental science, and IT science, the department has the necessary interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to tackle major environmental challenges our society is facing today: climate change mitigation, ecosystem resilience, sustainable energy systems, efficient use of renewable resources, environmental pollution prevention and control.

The "Environmental Research and Innovation" (ERIN) department of LIST has an opening for an Intern position. The intern will be integrated in the Environmental Sustainability Assessment and Circularity (SUSTAIN) Unit. The latter includes 35 researchers developing knowledge, transferable (software) technologies and practical methods for the integrative evaluation and management of the sustainability, toxicological risks and regulatory frameworks applied to human-driven systems, with the aim of supporting industrial and public policy making.




The intern will conduct a research project on using the system dynamics (SD) concept and modelling framework to address some methodological questions in the fields of Consequential LCA and Territorial LCA. One of the advantages of SD modelling is the deterministic nature to simulate future scenarios for systems that have complex internal cause-effect feedback loops. Accordingly, SD may allow for more complete and representative system boundary definitions when dealing with allocation and system expansion issues. This may provide more robust environment impact assessments. By using specific SD and LCA tools belonging to the SUSTAIN Unit, the intern will develop a proof-of-concept model to simulate future environmental impacts associated with defined economic processes and spatial plans. The intern will work with, and be supported by, two PhD students of SUSTAIN conducting research on a related topic.

The long-term aim of the internship project is to provide the methodological basis for future research and development activities of SUSTAIN towards the integration of SD modelling with environmental sustainability assessment tools, like LCA. In particular, the following specific tasks will be performed by the trainee:

  • Literature review of consequential and territorial LCA methods suitable for integration with SD modelling
  • Experimentation with LCA-SD method integration
  • Application of advanced consequential LCA-SD models to a territorial scale case study





  • Bachelor degree (e.g. BSc or BEng)


  • Currently enrolled in a Master degree within Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Ecology, Ecological Economics or equivalent
  • Knowledge of Life Cycle Assessment
  • Knowledge of statistical and modelling methods
  • Knowledge on Geographic Information Systems or demonstrable interest
  • Knowledge on land/territorial environmental impact assessment


  • English is required


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