Master Student Internship in Data Analysis and Visualisation in Smart Waste Collection Systems (M/F)

Reference : ITIS-2019-Intern-001

Type: Intern
Contract type: Internship
Duration: 6 months
Place: Belval



You will have the chance to work on concrete and value-creation projects led by different specialists from our institution who are engaged with world-class companies and enterprises. The Institute is opening a number of internship / trainee positions in its Information Technology for Innovative Services (ITIS) Department to be part of a deeply multidisciplinary experience. The trainees can benefit from the experience to participate in real-life projects and at the same time use the outcome/results as part of different academic engagements (Master thesis, Bachelor Thesis).




The purpose of this internship is to retrieve and pre-process databases imported from a waste management company in order to analyse the current waste collection processes. The activities include the preparation of various datasets for efficient processing and analysis by cleaning and integrating them into a unified platform.

During this internship, the selected student will have to:

  • Analyse spatial and temporal distributions of end-users’ needs in terms of waste collection. This will serve as a valuable input to schedule optimised collection paths.
  • Investigate and implement data anonymisation techniques and personal data protection issues.
  • Design a visualisation tool enabling a deeper data analysis (e.g. detection of periodic behaviours per customer and more generally customer characterisation/fingerprint based on temporal distribution of waste collection needs).
  • Perform initial deployment and test of ultrasonic sensors that will be used to monitor in real-time the fill-level of smart bins.





  • Master/Engineering student in Computer Sciences


  • Background in statistics and modelling. Experience with R is an advantage.
  • Solid development skills. Experience with Python is an advantage.
  • Experience in data processing.
  • Good knowledge of Linux based operating systems.


  • Working language is English or French


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Dr Sébastien FAYE
Dr Sébastien FAYE

 Stéphanie LUCADELLO