Master Student Internship in Transparent acoustic devices made of piezoelectric materials (M/F)

Reference : MRT-2020-Intern-004

Type: Intern
Contract type: Internship
Duration: 6 months
Place: Belvaux



Piezoelectric thin films on silicon have reached technological maturity and can nowadays be found in different electronic devices, such as mobile phones and inkjet printers. At LIST, we have developed a technological platform able to process high-quality piezoelectric thin films on glass by chemical solution deposition. The functional films we develop are oxides from the perovskite family, i.e., materials with largest piezoelectric response. Different devices can be figured out from this technology on glass, such as integrated loudspeaker or microphone, energy harvesters or thermal detectors based on the pyroelectric effect. A very interesting feature of this technology is that it is possible to make it transparent, meaning invisible yet functional.




In this internship, we are interested in investigating transparent piezoelectric devices fabricated on glass substrate. LIST has developed a technology to prepare these piezoelectric films, meaning that the intern will use this existing knowledge. The first devices we want to investigate are transparent loudspeakers and microphones on glass.

The work of the intern will consist in the following tasks:

  • Design of the electrodes deposited on the piezoelectric layer in order to make a loudspeaker and a microphone. This step will be performed by finite element simulation (COMSOL)
  • Fabrication of the devices (deposition of the piezoelectric layer could be part of the internship, depending on the motivation of the intern)
  • Electromechanical characterization of the structures

The intern will have the opportunity to perform multidisciplinary work in state-of-the-art clean room and characterization facilities of LIST. He/she will have access to different processing techniques together with different characterization techniques, including scanning electron microscope, X-ray diffractometer, profilometer, ferroelectric, piezoelectric and vibrometer testers.





  • Be a last year undergraduate student (Master 2) in Electrical Engineering, Microsystems, Physics or Materials Science


  • Strong taste for experiments


  • English (spoken and written) is required


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Dr Emmanuel DEFAY
Dr Emmanuel DEFAY

 Stéphanie LUCADELLO