Internship in Application of NLP techniques on financial text (M/F)

Reference : ITIS-2020-Intern-005

Type: Intern
Contract type: Internship
Duration: 3-6 months
Place: Belval



With a team of more than 100 highly skilled researchers and engineers from various disciplines, the ITIS Department addresses the technological, organizational, human and economic aspects of innovative IT services. Research areas are based around the innovation of services with a high level of information intensity and a level of quality allowing trust to be gained in their use and value to be generated around new business models.

The successful candidate will actively contribute to the research and technological activities in an interdisciplinary research unit, BART (Business Analytics and Regulatory Technologies).

The Business Analytics Team (IT for Innovative Services Department) is focused on applied science and builds innovation for a number of business-driven companies. The core activity the team deploys is mainly on Analytics and ML/AI, working with real data from Industry 4.0 and Finance. Questions range from ML/AI topics to Data Science and Applications, e.g. identifying patterns, extracting business intelligence insights or forecasting.

The team is well balanced in terms of young vs more experienced researchers, with very diverse backgrounds, including both business and research. We offer a great work environment where we foster original thinking, encourage exploring and provide strong support for personal development.




As an intern in the Business Analytics and Regulatory Technologies Unit, you will work closely with a team of researchers and domain experts on ongoing funded projects in the digital transformation area.
The primary focus of your work will be application of NLP techniques on financial text. This would include scoping the evolution of NLP techniques, including a review of the state of the art and existing frameworks. The application would be on two subjects:

  • Using financial news from public sources and API to predict financial indicators of interest for ex. S&P 500, Sovereign Bond downgrades, etc.
  • Using OCR to capture information from financial documents such as KYC documents and regulatory documents
  • Working on commercial databases to extract relevant data and assist in ongoing projects





  • Applied AI Internship


  • Good understanding of NLP; having worked in the financial domain or a background in machine learning algorithms and/or statistical concepts can be a plus but is not mandatory
  • Have a strong interest in data science, exploring the state of the art and experimenting in different setups and/or with various frameworks
  • Good knowledge of Python / R
  • A keen interest in application of above mentioned techniques in the financial domain
  • Experience of working on commercial databases such as Bloomberg is an added advantage


  • English is required


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 Ankit ARORA