Internship in Advanced Communication Networks for Cooperative, Connected and Automated mobility (M/F)

Reference : ITIS-2020-Intern-007

Type: Intern
Contract type: Internship
Duration: 6 months
Place: Belval



With a team of more than 100 highly skilled researchers and engineers from various disciplines, the ITIS Department addresses the technological, organizational, human and economic aspects of innovative IT services. Research areas are based around the innovation of services with a high level of information intensity and a level of quality allowing trust to be gained in their use and value to be generated around new business models.

The successful candidate will actively contribute to the research and technological activities in an interdisciplinary research unit, BART (Business Analytics and Regulatory Technology).

The Business Analytics Team (IT for Innovative Services Department) is focused on applied science and builds innovation for a number of business-driven companies. The core activity the team deploys is mainly on Analytics and ML/AI, working with real data from Industry 4.0, Finance or Satellites. Questions range from ML/AI topics to Data Science and Applications, e.g. identifying patterns, extracting business intelligence insights or forecasting.

The team is well balanced in terms of young vs more experienced researchers, with very diverse backgrounds, including both business and research. We offer a great work environment where we foster original thinking, encourage exploring and provide strong support for personal development.




Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems have an increasing need for low latency wireless communication technologies, as provided by 5G or fully distributed networks. At the same time, deploying such networks is not an easy task – several parameters need to be considered, ranging from the antenna type and frequency, and of course the deployment environment (buildings, regulations, etc.).

In this context, LIST's Data Intensive Systems group (DAISY) is looking for an intern who will investigate these hot research topics by examining intelligent transport systems (ITS) and connected mobility deployment scenarios, with the aim of understanding the impact that different communication technologies can have on them. Two successive phases are foreseen:

  • In the first phase, and with the objective of exploring this broad topic, a demonstrator will be developed by confronting a simulator with real vehicle data. The intern will use this simplified approach to understand, document and develop different communication strategies and compare their performance so as to meet the needs of a connected mobility application
  • In the second phase, based on the first experiences, a more complex and realistic case study will be investigated, using the conclusions and research directions already identified as an input. Various datasets will be made available, including vehicle data extracted from OBD readers, network and road traffic data





  • Master/Engineering student in Computer Sciences or equivalent


  • Strong Development skills
  • Experience with Python is an advantage
  • Good knowledge of Linux based operating systems
  • Background in V2X communication networks, ITS or vehicle data analytics is an advantage
  • Experience in developing 3D interfaces is an advantage


  • English or French


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Dr Sébastien FAYE
Dr Sébastien FAYE