Student Internship on Financial Innovative Systems - Regulatory & Legal Technologies - Business Analytics (M/F)

Reference : ITIS-Internship-2018-001

Type: Intern
Contract type: Internship
Duration: 6 months
Place: Belval



You will have the chance to work on concrete and value-creation projects led by different
specialists from our institution who are engaged with world-class companies and
enterprises. The Institute is opening a number of internship / trainee positions in its
Information Technology for Innovative Services (ITIS) Department to be part of a deeply
multidisciplinary experience. The trainees can benefit from the experience to participate in
real-life projects and at the same time use the outcome/results as part of different academic
engagements (Master thesis, Bachelor thesis).




This is a learning opportunity for outstanding students formally engaged in university programmes around the world. The topics are all hands-on and practical, covering all forms of analytics, from building complex models from data to using different tools and engineering methods; focusing on one or more of the following domains and industries: legal informatics, data analytics, applied statistics,
machine learning, big data and high performance computing infrastructures (Opensource software solutions, SAP HANA and IBM Bluemix environments leading to cloud deployments); financial services innovative technologies, regulatory technologies, industry 4.0 and digital transformation in manufacturing, algorithms and software prototypes, coding and more.

The topics are also covering GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) for business services and processes. They encompass various techniques and instruments supporting operations in companies, ranging from the design, assessment and improvement of business processes and services, to process-mining and process analytics techniques, automation with decision support system, etc. These techniques and instruments are targeting application domains which are critical for companies such as privacy and procurement, with GRC purposes.

You will not be expected to do all the above areas but you need to be passionate and hard-working, have a serious interest and minimum competence in some industry (finance or manufacturing or information technology or to be an attorney with strong technology interests or ready to address privacy or regulatory compliance in any industry). You need to have a strong career aspiration to work
in some core subjects that emerge in the labour markets around the world, namely, business analytics or legal matters (privacy, regulations for different sectors), or have a strong background in (or learn more) applied statistics or in implementation of software of machine learning or cognitive systems ideas.

The internship program aspires to provide you with a unique opportunity to learn and be of service in concrete activities, working on real-life problems that will help you prepare for your future employment or innovation aspirations (students interested in growing their own start-ups are very welcome too). The spectrum of projects you may be involved comprises customer risk assessment, real time solvency, text analysis/processing for KYC services, fund distribution optimization, timeseries data bases, forecasting techniques for production and design processes, to cite a few.

During the period of your internship, you will be part of several ‘hackatons’ and ‘insightatons’, particularly those of you with the aspirations of working in analytics and applications in financial services and industry 4.0 problems.





Current student in any of the above domains; formally enrolled in a University and to run the last year of their Bachelor’s or the being in Master’s studies in any of the specialities related to the subjects of this call;

Any students engage in PhD program in the above domains are also welcome (but not mandatory).


  • Analytics, Statistical methods, Machine Learning, and strong interest in related business applications and/or infrastructurearchitecture for data analytics


  • Strong interest in application of Semantics Technologies in legal domain, ranging from XML to Rules representation schemes, with a very strong interest in participating in building “documents-to-information” solutions by learning deep and complex XML schema used in the European Union regulatory activities
  • Autonomous and team working, as well as good communication skills


  • Management Science, GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance covering strategy, processes, technology and people), Engineering for services, systems, processes and organizations, Information Systems, and strong interest in related business applications for Procurement, Privacy and Data Protection


  • Full professional proficiency in English is mandatory

All interns receive a monthly compensation of €1000


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