Junior R&T Associate in Polymer Chemistry (M/F)

Reference : MRT-2018-016

Type: Researcher
Contract type: Fixed term contract
Duration: 2 years
Place: Bascharage



Next generation tires have to meet ever-growing requirements from the automotive industry in terms of low rolling resistance at no drawback in other properties such as wet traction and wear resistance, but also durability. Furthering the understanding of the reinforcement mechanisms of rubber composites both on a molecular as well as a structural scale is therefore of great interest in order to be able to functionally apply said composite structures in high performance tires, thereby enabling the use of lower density reinforcement materials. A well-established class of reinforcing rubber ingredients are reinforcing resins. The most widely used are of the resorcinol/phenol formaldehyde type which are reacted upon tire curing to a 3D network. However, Resorcinol is increasingly subject to REACH restrictions and it is thus desirable to replace Resorcinol. It is envisioned to generate knowledge around the addition of benzoxazine system into rubber formulations, leading to self-reinforcing elastomers.




We are looking for a highly motivated and skilled junior researcher with a PhD in the field of polymer science. The future collaborator is expected to strongly contribute to an ambitious PPP project through the development of new monomer and polymers. More specifically, the candidate will be in charge of the synthesis of benzoxazine monomers, from cardanol or other biophenols with tailored thermal and mechanical properties. The assessment of the structure-to-properties relationship of rubber formulation with the newly synthesized monomers will be performed. Their relevant characterization with focus on their physical-chemical properties will be performed in the overall context of the LIST/Goodyear collaboration.





  • PhD in Polymer Chemistry (obtained in the last 3 years)
  • MSc in Polymer Chemistry

Required seniority

  • First experience as a PostDoc in Polymer Chemistry mandatory


  • Organic synthesis, in particular synthesis of benzoxazine monomers and chemical modifications of cardanol
  • Polymer synthesis (radical and anionic polymerizations and polycondensation)
  • Organic and polymer characterizations (MALDI-Tof/MS/ NMR/ SEC)
  • Thermo-mechanical characterization of polymers (DMA, DSC, TGA, rheology, etc.)


  • Fluency in English (both writing and speaking)
  • Knowledge of French and/or German (speaking) would be an asset


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