Engineer in agronomy with a specialisation in Weed Control (M/F)

Reference : ERIN-2016-066

Type: Engineer
Contract type: Permanent contract
Duration: CDI
Place: Belvaux



The successful candidate will join the Agro-Environmental Systems group of the “Environmental Research and Innovation” (ERIN) department. With a team of more than 170 scientists and engineers from life science, environmental science, and IT science, the ERIN department has the necessary interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to tackle major environmental challenges our society is facing today: climate change mitigation, ecosystem resilience, sustainable energy systems, efficient use of renewable resources, environmental pollution prevention and control. The RDI activities of the Agro-Environmental Systems group team relate to the development and dissemination of models for reducing pesticide use in cereals, rapeseed and vine based on environmental, agronomic and molecular data. The team operates a pest and disease warning platform for the national agricultural community. The team comprises specialists in phytopathology, entomology, and viticulture able to address the most important crop protection issues in Luxembourg. 




The successful candidate is expected to:

  • carry out a weed monitoring service and communicate recommendations for weed control to the national agricultural communities on a regular basis
  • participate in the development of new technologies in the domain of precision agriculture focussing on weed management and control
  • participate in herbicide reduction efforts
  • participate in the data management of the group and the department

The candidate will also be in charge of disseminating, valorising and transferring RDI results (patents, licenses, prototypes, publications, technical reports, participation in conferences and fairs).




  • Master degree in agriculture or a related field with a strong bio-engineering curriculum
  • An authorization to use pesticides from a EU country will be considered as an asset


  • At least 3 years of experience as an agricultural advisor, as a researcher in weed science / crop science / agronomy in a public or private research environment. Prior working experience in an operational weed management team would be considered as an asset
  • Capability to identify weeds visually in the field
  • Understanding of traditional weed control systems
  • Understanding of herbicide resistance in weeds
  • Knowledge of herbicide products used in major agronomic crops such as wheat, barley, rapeseed or maize
  • Good knowledge of non-chemical (for instance mechanical and thermal) weed control
  • Experience with precision agriculture technologies for weed control (e.g. use of remote sensing data for weed mapping, use of field robotic equipment for weed management) will be considered as an asset
  • Experience with geographic information systems will be considered as an asset
  • Interdisciplinary thinking and team spirit to successfully integrate into the multicultural, multilingual and multidisciplinary work environment at LIST
  • Well-developed oral and written communication skills to successfully interact with farmers and other stakeholders of the agricultural sector
  • The candidate should be highly motivated, pro-active and open for new challenges


  • Fluency in English and German or French (spoken and written) is mandatory

Other requisition

  • Class B driving license


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Prof. Dr Lucien HOFFMANN
Prof. Dr Lucien HOFFMANN

Director of Environmental Research and Innovation department

Dr Marco BEYER
Dr Marco BEYER