Pole Leader - GreenTech Platform (M/F)

Reference : ERIN-2019-050

Type: Engineer
Contract type: Permanent contract
Duration: Permanent contract
Place: Belvaux



The successful candidate will join the Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN) department, within its Environmental Research and Technology Platform (ERTP). With a team of more than 180 scientists and engineers from life sciences, environmental science and IT science, the ERIN department is tackling major environmental challenges our society is facing today: climate change mitigation, ecosystem resilience, sustainable energy systems, efficient use of renewable resources, and environmental pollution prevention and control.

The ERTP makes state-of-the art monitoring, analytical, computational and modelling resources accessible both to ERIN units and to external partners (industry, public stakeholders and academics). It offers a unique combination of high-level expertise, state-of-the art instruments and fully equipped labs for environmental analysis and integrative biology, as well as dense hydro-climatological and biodiversity measurement networks.




Equipment facilities management

The successful candidate will be hired as Pole Leader of the GreenTech platform within ERTP, where advanced plant and microbial bioreactor facilities as well as downstream processing equipment have been recently installed. The GreenTech Platform gathers the equipment and expertise developed at LIST in analytical chemistry, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics, with a special focus on environmental and plant samples. The platform can perform a range of analytical services and relies on its instrumentation, infrastructure and know-how to offer à la carte analyses. The nature of investigated samples is very diverse, including water, soil, plants, microorganisms, cell lines and animal tissues, to name but a few. The bioreactor facilities provide researchers and industrial partners with a research infrastructure for end-to-end bioprocess development (up to TRL5).

Managerial responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities for the instrument park of the platform, the successful candidate will manage a team of around ten highly talented and motivated staff. This will include the responsibility of coordinating their work and allocating their time according to their available working time. Besides the day-to-day management of the team, the successful candidate will be in charge of setting the team’s objectives and evaluating them.
Furthermore, she/he will design and implement a complex sequence of work steps and processes geared towards delivering state-of-the-art knowledge, technology and services.
The selected candidate will collaborate directly with the Head of Platform and will work under her supervision. Moreover, she/he will closely interact with the Observatory pole leader as well as with research groups in the ERIN department and external partners.

Portfolio/project management

She/he will be involved in the design of new interdisciplinary projects - from their early definition - in order to properly assess and align requests and needs expressed by the Principal Investigators with the human resources and infrastructures available.

She/he will be asked to:

  • Manage a project portfolio, building the bridges between a set of projects, including services
  • Work closely with the pole leader of the Observatory to manage common projects and develop the scientific strategy of the platform
  • Identify the viability of projects and define priorities amongst them
  • Ensure project follow-up, outcomes, documentation and reporting
  • Participate in the definition of the list of new equipment to be acquired and the implementation of the equipment validated, in agreement with the unit leaders, the Observatory pole leader and the ERTP leader and in the frame of the strategic development of the department

She/he will contribute to the development of products and reports that will be of direct interest/relevance to the department’s research groups, as well as to public and/or private stakeholders.

Dissemination, valorization and transfer activities

Together with her/his fellow collaborators within the research groups and units of the ERIN department, the successful candidate will contribute to knowledge transfer activities:

  • Publication of peer-reviewed articles in scientific and/or technology journals or technical journals
  • Active participation in international/national workshops or customer fairs to promote the activities of the platform
  • Citizen science and outreach activities

In this context, the candidate’s tasks will also be mainly but not limited to:

  • developing the valorization of the platform’s outcomes in terms of publications, patents, licences
  • defining and proposing to the Head of ERTP an RDI support and service strategy for the platform, aligned with LIST’s missions as an RTO, and participating in its implementation
  • developing external collaborations, partnerships and networks and being open to new service requests

Other foreseen tasks

The selected applicant will also:

  • ensure the financial follow-up of the platform’s performances (usage, equipment use rate, etc.)
  • assist and report to the Head of ERTP (reporting tasks and other administrative activities)
  • ensure that quality and safety rules are implemented by the platform and the laboratories in general
  • continue to build his/her scientific and technological knowledge and contribute directly to projects relying on his/her high level of expertise





  • PhD in the field of chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology or bioengineering disciplines or equivalent experience

Required seniority

  • We are looking for an experienced candidate, with 10 years post-PhD professional experience


  • The position requires interdisciplinary thinking, well-developed oral and written communication skills and a team spirit in order to successfully fit in to the multicultural, multilingual and interdisciplinary work environment at LIST
  • Demonstrated technical expertise in one of the fields cited above
  • Demonstrated expertise in the management of a technological platform/equipment park will be considered an asset
  • The candidate should be highly motivated to develop data management and be pro-active and open to new challenges
  • Experience in the coordination/guidance of a group of staff and/or students will be considered an asset
  • A proven track record in successful project management is an asset


  • English and either French or German are mandatory
  • Luxembourgish is considered an asset


Candidates interested in the above position can apply online on our website www.list.lu.
The application file should include:

  • A CV
  • A motivation letter
  • The names of two or three referees
  • A description (max. 2 pages) describing your experience in equipment park management
  • List of publications, invited talks, patents and granted projects


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Prof. Dr Lucien HOFFMANN
Prof. Dr Lucien HOFFMANN

Director of Environmental Research and Innovation department


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