Research engineer in Model Driven Software (M/F)

Reference : ITIS-2019-016

Type: Engineer
Contract type: Fixed term contract
Duration: 12 months
Place: Belval



The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is appointing a Research engineer for the RDI Unit “Trusted Service Systems (TSS)“, which is part of the “IT for Innovative Services” (ITIS) Department.

The TSS unit is a multidisciplinary team performing applied research in the field of building trustworthy service systems (e.g. logistics and supply chain management) from the perspectives of big data, optimisation, and security protection. The successful candidate will join the “informed Systems Engineering” (iSee) research group, which focusses on the development model-driven (IT-powered) instruments for informed decision-making in systems engineering




LIST is looking for a highly motivated candidate who will join the ValCoLa project. The focus of the ValCoLa project is the development of a modelling framework for value co-creation. With the maturation of the service economy, also comes a shift from what is called a goods-dominant (G D) logic, to a a service-dominant (S-D) logic, when designing and developing services. The cornerstone of this emergent S-D logic of economic exchange is the (co-)creation of value among providers and customers that recognise the value of a service in use rather than in the exchange of goods among economic actors. For example, airlines are no longer buying jet turbines but they buy airtime since they are not interested in owning jet turbines.

The candidate will take the responsibility of developing case studies in value (co-)creation for concrete cases, in particular in the context of smart cities, including waste management and collaborative health care networks. The aim of these case studies is to development / validation of the needed value (co)creation modelling languages (and associated tools), including e.g. SEAM and e3Value.





  • Master/Engineering diploma in Business Informatics or Computer Sciences


  • Experience in relevant modelling languages (and associated tools), including e.g. ArchiMate, SEAM, DEMO, i* and / or e3Value
  • Good communicative skills


  • Excellent command of English


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Prof. Dr Erik PROPER
Prof. Dr Erik PROPER

Head of Academic Affairs

 Nathalie DESSOY
Nathalie DESSOY

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