Post-Doctoral position in Vehicle Data Analytics (M/F)

Reference : ITIS-2019-018

Type: Researcher
Contract type: Fixed term contract
Duration: 28 months
Place: Belval



LIST is looking for a highly motivated candidate with proven skills in mobile analytics to work on a EU-funded project.




In a context where environmental issues are becoming increasingly important, the main mission of the candidate will be to advance the state-of-the-art in this field by exploring new ways to understand and influence mobility and driving habits. This will lead the candidate to work on capturing data from vehicles and other connected devices, like smartphones. Exploring potential datasets collected from, e.g. EOBD devices, accelerometer sensors or network traces, will all be possibilities that the candidate may be able to investigate. New filtering and processing techniques will be evaluated to get a better grasp of people’s driving habits. These models will be validated by implementing decision-making systems, intended for real-world use, in the form of mobile applications. The candidate will naturally have to work on complementary topics, such as the study of correlations between different data series, the creation of pattern recognition models and anomaly detection. The candidate will also be in charge of disseminating and promoting the research activities that will be carried out, whether through publications, patents, prototype development or technical reports.





  • PhD in Computer Sciences


  • Competences in mobile computing and IoT. Experience with vehicle-centered devices considering, for example, the EOBD protocol, is an advantage
  • Background in statistical computing and data analysis. Experience with R or Python is an advantage
  • Solid development skills. Proven experience with Android and/or iOS systems is an advantage
  • Good knowledge of Linux based operating systems will be considered as an asset


  • Fluency in English is mandatory
  • French is an asset


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 Pascal LHOAS
Pascal LHOAS

 Nathalie DESSOY
Nathalie DESSOY

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